CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 59 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 13.5.2020 BLOG 15th May 2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 59 – Diary of a Self-Isolator Wednesday 13Th May 2020

If I am talking about what happened during Day 59 of Self-isolation, I need to tell you that Garden Centres re-opened to most people’s relief and I spent the day preparing some accounts. That’s enough to put you off if it’s not done so already. So, let’s talk about music. We’ve not done that for a while. That should liven things up.

What was the best year for music?

The Beatles, Madonna, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have all racked up impressive streaming numbers

From the swinging 60s to punk, acid house to Britpop, everyone has a favourite era in music.

But is there a single year where rock and pop peaked?

Maybe it came with The Beatles’ mould-breaking sonic experiments of 1968, or the mid-80s purple patch where Prince, Madonna and Michael Jackson pushed each other to ever-greater heights.

If you ask most people to choose a defining year in music, they’ll almost certainly name one of their teenage years.

In adolescence, our brains are more active, we have more time to listen to music and we’re experiencing a lot of things for the first time – all of which makes songs from that period more memorable.

When economist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz analysed Spotify data on people’s listening habits, he found that if you were a teenager when a hit song was first released, it remained popular in your age group 10 years later.

Radiohead’s Creep, for example, is a favourite amongst 40-year-old men. For people in their 20s, it doesn’t even reach the top 300. For millennials, Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe has a similar resonance.

But psychologists believe there’s a deeper reason why we cling to those pieces of music.

“It is during these formative years that we make many crucial life-changing decisions, initiate significant long-term relationships and establish the cultural and political beliefs which form our identity,” cognitive neuropsychologist Dr Catherine Loveday told BBC Radio 3.

“Music has an intrinsic capacity to regulate emotions [so] these songs naturally become embedded in our important memories, both positive and negative.”

The UK’s most-streamed songs may surprise you

All of which is fascinating – but it still won’t help us decide empirically which year produced the best music. Luckily, new research from music industry body the BPI helps narrow down the field.

By analysing all the music we streamed in the UK last year, they’ve drawn up a list of the most popular musical year for every decade of the rock and roll era.

So now we know that people have greater affinity for 1984 (Purple Rain, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go) than 1989 (Like A Prayer, Ride On Time). We also prefer the hits of 1977 (We Will Rock You, Stayin’ Alive) to those of 1971 (Brown Sugar, Get It On).

2019 was the most popular year overall – but only because current chart hits account for a fifth (21.1%) of all streaming activity.

Here are the top 10 songs from each of those eras, revealed exclusively on the BBC before they appear in the BPI’s yearbook: All About The Music 2020, which is released later this month.


The most-streamed songs of 1969

Title                                        Artist                                                      Streams (m)

1) Here Comes The Sun     The Beatles                                           25.3

2) I Want You Back           Jackson 5                                              21.1

3) Sweet Caroline                Neil Diamond                                      17.8

4) Come Together               The Beatles                                           12.5

5) Suspicious Minds           Elvis Presley                                         11.2

6) Fortunate Son                  Credence Clearwater Revival           10.7

7) Gimme Shelter                Rolling Stones                                      10.5

8) Space Oddity                   David Bowie                                         9.9

9) The Boxer                        Simon & Garfunkel                            7.2

10) Bad Moon Rising          Credence Clearwater Revival           7.1

Source: BPI Yearbook


The most-streamed songs of 1977

Title                                        Artist                                                      Streams (m)

1) Mr Blue Sky                                    ELO                                        31.0

2) The Chain                                        Fleetwood Mac                    27.4

3) Dreams                                             Fleetwood Mac                    24.2

4) We Will Rock You                         Queen                                    23.1

5) We Are The Champions               Queen                                    18.1

6) Three Little Birds                            Bob Marley                          13.9

7) Lovely Day                                      Bill Withers                           12.6

8) Stayin’ Alive                                     Bee Gees                               12.4

9) She’s Always A Woman               Billy Joel                               10.9

10) Easy                                                The Commodores                               10.8

Source: BPI Yearbook


The most-streamed songs of 1984

Title                                        Artist                                                      Streams (m)

1) Last Christmas                                Wham!                                  42

2) Do They Know It’s Christmas      Band Aid                               30.2

3) Take On Me                                     A-ha                                       25.3

4) Summer Of ’69                                Bryan Adams                       25.2

5) I Want To Break Free                    Queen                                    20.9

6) Radio Gaga                                      Queen                                    20.3

7) Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Wham!                                  19.5

8) Footloose                                          Kenny Loggins                     18

9) Dancing In The Dark                     Bruce Springsteen                14.8

10) Purple Rain    P                              rince & The Revolution     13.5

Source: BPI Yearbook


The most-streamed songs of 1999

Title                                        Artist                                                      Streams (m)

1) Dancing In The Moonlight           Toploader                             27.3

2) No Scrubs                                         TLC                                        24.7

3) I Want It That Way                        Backstreet Boys                   22.4

4) Say My Name                                 Destiny’s Child                     19.4

5) All Star                                             Smash Mouth                       16.0

6) Californication                                Red Hot Chili Peppers        15.6

7) Still D.R.E.                                       Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg         15.5

8) All The Small Things                     Blink-182                              14.7

9) Forgot About Dre                            Dr Dre ft Eminem               14.2

10) Keep On Moving                          Five                                        10.9

Source: BPI Yearbook


The most-streamed songs of 2006

Title                                        Artist                                                      Streams (m)

1) Naïve                                                The Kooks                            27.4

2) Chasing Cars                                   Snow Patrol                          26.6

3) She Moves In Her Own Way       The Kooks                            21.8

4) Hips Don’t Lie                                 Shakira ft Wyclef Jean       18.2

5) Mardy Bum                                     Arctic Monkeys                   18.2

6) How To Save A Life                      The Fray                                18

7) When The Sun Goes Down          Arctic Monkeys                   17.7

8) Last Request                                    Paolo Nutini                          17.5

9) I Write Sins Not Tragedies           Panic! At The Disco            15.5

10) Chelsea Dagger                             Fratellis                                  15.2

Source: BPI Yearbook


The most-streamed songs of 2017

Title                                        Artist                                                      Streams (m)

1) Bruises                                              Lewis Capaldi                      85.2

2) Perfect                                               Ed Sheeran                           60.2

3) This Is Me                                        Keala Settle                           55.5

4) Body                                                 Loud Luxury ft Brando      53.3

5) Leave A Light On                           Tom Walker                         52.5

6) Baby Shark                                      Pinkfong                                50.8

7) Lost Without You                           Freya Ridings                       50.7

8) Shape Of You                                  Ed Sheeran                           49.1

9) Truth Hurts                                      Lizzo                                      43.6

10) The Greatest Show                       Hugh Jackman                    41.9

Source: BPI Yearbook

Interestingly, the most-streamed songs from those years don’t always correlate to the hits of the era.

Wings’ Mull Of Kintyre, which was the biggest-selling single of 1977, is nowhere to be found in that year’s streaming data.

Meanwhile, Smash Mouth’s All Star, which only reached number 24 in 1999, leaps into that year’s most-streamed chart, having become a karaoke standard after being featured in the first Shrek film.

The most-played song of 1999, however, was Toploader’s cover of Dancing In The Moonlight.

“It’s one of the go-to happy songs, I think,” said singer Joe Washbourn, explaining the track’s enduring success.

“It still out there on the radio and getting streamed all over the world.

“People know the song more than the band, to be honest.”

Queen are well-represented in the charts, thanks to the success of their Bohemian Rhapsody soundtrack, while the back catalogues of The Beatles, Wham! and Fleetwood Mac also remain popular.

Songs released in 2019 were discounted to stop recent hits flooding the data set, but the late-blooming success of 2017 recordings by Lewis Capaldi, Tom Walker and Lizzo (all of which hit the charts in the last 12 months) made that year the dominant player of the 2010s.

A separate chart of last year’s most popular songs sees Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s I Don’t Care take first place.

All of the top 10 were streamed more than 100 million times.

The most-streamed songs of 2019

Title                        Artist                                                                      Streams (m)

1) I Don’t Care                     Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber               138.8

2) Bad Guy                           Billie Eilish                                           137.1

3) Vossi Bop                        Stormzy                                                 121.3

4) Location                           Dave Ft Burna Boy                             120.4

5) Giant                                 Calvin Harris & Rag ‘N’ Bone Man 115.7

6) Piece Of Your Heart      Meduza Ft Goodboys                         110.5

7) Don’t Call Me Up           Mabel                                                    107.4

8) Ladbroke Grove              AJ Tracey                                             106.7

9) Senorita                            Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello   106.5

10) Dance Monkey             Tones And I                                          105.8

Source: BPI Yearbook


The popularity of streaming has been a lifeline for the music industry, after years of piracy and falling CD sales.

According to the Entertainment Retailers Association, people in the UK spent £1bn on music subscriptions last year, a rise of 23.5%, and played a total of 114bn songs.

By contrast, physical sales of CDs fell 17% to £318m – two-thirds smaller than the £873m market of 2010.

By Mark Savage BBC music reporter






Never give up on your dreams.

When you cease to dream you cease to live. —Malcolm Forbes


Happiness is…music from your teens


Some people are so poor, all they have is money.


Love is…just going with the flow


5 Things To Be Grateful For During Lockdown/Coronavirus

  1. The Tesco delivery man
  2. Clapping for the NHS 8.00pm Thursday
  3. Sunshine
  4. Some beautiful sunsets
  5. BBC & ITV & Sky& Channel 4 News


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