CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 63 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 17.5.2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 63 – Diary of a Self-Isolator 17.5.2020 BLOG 19th May 2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 63 – Diary of a Self-Isolator Sunday 17th May 2020

You would have thought as we were in lockdown the powers at be would have spared us Eurovision this year. But no, we still got a dose. But it was served up slightly differently. I should have told you this yesterday as it was broadcast on Saturday Evening. The traditional Eurovision Night. So what happened instead of Eurovision?

UK viewers vote Abba’s ‘Waterloo’ as their favourite performance in Eurovision history

Simulcast special showcases all 41 entries for this year’s cancelled contest

Graham Norton steals show by hilariously helming three-and-a-half hours of festivities

With the Song Contest cancelled due to coronvirus, this was a Eurovision year like no other. In an evening of Eurovision-themed entertainment, Abba’s Waterloo was crowned the best Eurovision song ever by the British public, while the 41 contestants that would have performed in 2020 were honoured and all performed a cover of Katrina and the Waves’s winning 1998 entry Love Shine a Light. What a nostalgia-packed evening.

This is what was voted as the Top Ten of winners of Eurovision on Saturday in reverse order:


  1. “Molitva” – Marija Šerifović (Serbia, 2007)


  1. “Hard Rock Hallelujah” – Lordi (Finland, 2006)


  1. “Hold Me Now” – Johnny Logan (Ireland, 1987)


  1. “Fångad av en stormvind” – Carola (Sweden, 1991)


  1. “Making Your Mind Up” – Bucks Fizz (United Kingdom, 1981)


A high energy pop song with colourful young performers and fun choreography – “Making Your Mind Up” is the stuff that Eurovision is made of. The famous moment when the boys ripped off the girls’ skirts only to reveal shorter skirts beneath them is one of the competition’s most famous moments. A number one hit record across Europe that year, the song remains as infectious today as ever.


  1. “Ne partez pas sans moi” – Céline Dion (Switzerland, 1988)


Celine Dion was just 20 years old when she came to international attention with this performance. The song itself is excellent – a French chanson worthy of Edith Piaf, with a slightly twee drum machine stepping up the beat for a bop of a chorus. This all took place before Celine was transformed into an ageless power ballad queen (see the pageant-esque hair and outfit), but it’s thrilling to hear how her vocals were sheer perfection even then. Oh, and the arm choreography was well on its way too.


  1. “Love Shine a Light” – Katrina and the Waves (United Kingdom, 1997)


The beautiful fusion of hammond organ, tambourines, hand clapping and the quasi-spiritual lyrics themselves make this feel like a glorious hymn – and Katrina really takes it to church. One of the highest scorers in modern times, this was the last time the UK won the competition, and it came the day after Labour’s landslide 1997 election victory. What a time to be alive.


  1. “Rise Like a Phoenix” – Conchita Wurst (Austria, 2014)


Conchita’s performance had everything you could want in a Eurovision performance. Elegant and fierce all at once, “Rise Like a Phoenix” could match the finest Bond theme, and is easily one of the most timeless of all the winners. The big band adds to the glamour of it all, and brings the goosebumps on that dramatic orchestral rise towards the final chorus. It was a powerful moment for LGBT+ visibility, too; the song’s theme of triumph over adversity secured it as an anthem for life’s survivors.


  1. “Euphoria” – Loreen (Sweden, 2012)


It’s hard to pick any other recent winner that comes as close to contemporary chart toppers as “Euphoria” – a dance hit that many contemporary pop stars would kill for. Written by Sweden’s Thomas G:son – who has produced more than 90 songs for Eurovision competitors across multiple countries – ”Euphoria” is built on clever pop formulas. The chorus itself is anthemic perfection, but when Loreen tacks on: “We’re going up, up, up…” it strikes gold. The Kate Bush-esque performance was an added bonus.


  1. “Waterloo” – ABBA (Sweden, 1974)


ABBA burst onto the stage at the 1974 competition, kickstarting Sweden’s international reputation as masters of pop. Early adopters of the kind of kitsch which would come to typify the show, ABBA used their platform to offer a taste of the cultural phenomenon they would go on to become. From the opening piano build to the switch between a minor bridge and major chorus, to the catchy hooks littered throughout, “Waterloo” is a masterclass in how to write a hit, and the song rightly went on to become one of the best-selling singles of all time. ABBA continue to influence Eurovision contestants to this day, and while you may have another favourite, ”Waterloo” is a song on which most people can agree is a solid gold classic. We promise to love you forever more.

Some of this year’s songs would have been eliminated at the semi-finals, where the entrants are normally whittled down to 26 but the semis were also cancelled.

Saturday night’s event was hosted from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where the contest was due to take place, while Norton popped up again as the UK’s commentator, and acts appeared in various forms online from across the continent.


And for your fun and enjoyment a list of each year’s UK entry.


Here is a look back at every UK entry of the year – how many do you remember?

1957 – Patricia Bredin – All (7th place)

1959 – Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson – Sing Little Birdie (2nd)

1960 – Bryan Johnson – Looking High, High, High

1961 – The Allisons – Are You Sure? (2nd)

1962 – Ronnie Carroll – Ring-a-ding Girl (4th)

1963 – Ronnie Carroll – Say Wonderful Things (4th)

1964- Matt Monro- I Love The Little Things (2nd)

1965 – Kathy Kirby – I Belong (2nd)

1966 – Kenneth McKellar – A Man Without Love (9th)

1967 – Sandie Shaw – Puppet On A String *winner

1968 – Cliff Richard – Congratulations (2nd)

1969 – Lulu – Boom Bang-a-bang (1st)

1970 – Mary Hopkin – Knock, Knock (who’s There?) (2nd)

1971 – Clodagh Rodgers – Jack In The Box (4th)

1972 – The New Seekers – Beg, Steal Or Borrow (2nd)

1973 – Cliff Richard – Power To All Our Friends (3rd)

1974 – Olivia Newton-John – Long Live Love (4th)

1975 – The Shadows – Let Me Be The One (2nd)

1976 – Brotherhood of Man – Save Your Kisses For Me *winner

1977 – – Lynsey de Paul and Mike Moran – Rock Bottom (2nd)

1978 – Co-Co – The Bad Old Days (11th)

1979 – Black Lace – Mary Ann (7th)

1980 – Prima Donna – Love Enough For Two (3rd)

1981 – Bucks Fizz – Making Your Mind Up *winner

1982 – Bardo – One Step Further (7th)

1983 – Sweet Dreams – ‘m Never Giving Up (6th)

1984 – Belle and the Devotions – Love Games (7th)

1985 – Vikki – Love Is… (4th)

1986 – Ryder – Runner In The Night (7th)

1987 – Rikki – Only The Light (13th)

1988 – Scott Fitzgerald – Go (2nd)

1989 – Live Report – Why Do I Always Get It Wrong (2nd)

1990- Emma – Give A Little Love Back To The World (6th)

1991 – Samantha Janus – A Message To Your Heart (10th)

1992 – Michael Ball – One Step Out Of Time (2nd)

1993 – Sonia- Better The Devil You Know (2nd)

1994 – Frances Ruffelle – Lonely Symphony ( 10th)

1995 – Love City Groove – Love City Groove (10th)

1996 – Gina G – Ooh…Aah…Just A Little Bit (8th)

1997 – Katrina and The Waves – Love Shine A Light *winner

1998 – Imaani – Where Are You? (2nd)

1999 – Precious – Say It Again (12th)

2000 – Nicki French – Don’t Play That Song Again (16th)

2001 – Lindsay D – No Dream Impossible (15th)

2002 – Jessica Garlick – Come Back (3rd)

2003 – Jemini – Cry Baby (26th) *nil points

2004 – James Fox – Hold On To Our Love (16th)

2005 – Javine – Touch My Fire – (22nd)

2006 – Daz Sampson – Teenage Life (19th)

2007 – Scooch – Flying The Flag (for You) (22nd)

2008 – Andy Abraham – Even If (25th)

2009 – Jade Ewen – It’s My Time (5th)

2010 – Josh – That Sounds Good To Me (25th)

2011 – Blue – I Can (11th)

2012 – Engelbert Humperdinck – Love Will Set You Free (25th)

2013 – Bonnie Tyler – Believe In Me (19th)

2014 – Molly – Children of the Universe (17th)

2015 – Electro Velvet – Still In Love With You (24th)

2017 – Lucie Jones – Never Give Up On You – 15th

2018 – SuRie – Storm (24th)

2019 – Michael Rice – Bigger Than Us (26th)

James Newman was due to represent the UK at this year’s contest

He said the staging had already been planned and showed an image of an underwater scene leading down from some steps.

Newman added that his favourite Eurovision entry this year was Iceland’s – it was one of the favourites to win had the competition gone ahead, according to recent Spotify streaming figures.

Later on, the BBC also joined with other European broadcasters for Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light, to honour all 41 songs which would have competed this year.

Sunday was cold with sunny periods. I had a day I don’t like in lockdown where I was working with the computer all day and can’t remember what I did. Bad day, poor day.

Having said that my best mate of some 60 years gave me a call as he often does and that was real good and uplifting even though our conversations tend to be full of illnesses and ailments  and forgetting or trying to forget birthdays, these days.





Just look around, so many tiny but good things happening in front of you!


Happiness is…a true Eurovision winner


Why did the boy eat his homework?

Because his teacher said it was a piece of cake!


Love is…thanking you for being you

5 Things To Be Grateful For During Lockdown/Coronavirus

We are grateful  Lockdown gives us  a time…

  1. A time to do a Tesco online order…A time to visit the store
  2. A time to work in the garden…A time to relax with a cup of tea in the garden
  3. A time to plant seeds…A time to reap the harvest see the beautiful blooms
  4. A time for quite…A time to listen to your favourite music
  5. A time for your favourite playlist…A time for a random new playlist


DAY 43        18 Times – 162 Feet Cumulative Total 6,453 Feet



Country                 Confirmed cases  Deaths

1              US                          1,508,957              90,369

2              UK                         247,709                 34,876

3              Italy                      225,886                 32,007

4              France                   177,678                 28,196

5              Spain                     231,606                 27,709

6              Brazil                    255,368                 16,853

7              Belgium                55,791                   9,108

8              Germany              177,289                 8,060

9              Iran                       124,603                 7,119

10           Canada                 79,411                   5,960


UK deaths yesterday 160


Global cases         Updated 19 May at 14:12 local

Confirmed            4,805,430              +94,816

Deaths                   318,554                 +3,531

Recovered             1,787,539              +55,195


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