CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 7 – Diary of a Self-Isolator

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 7 – Diary of a Self-Isolator BLOG Tuesday 24th March 2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 7 – Diary of a Self-Isolator – Sunday 22nd March 2020

Day 7 was Mothering Sunday and Boris said, “Do not go and see your mothers in case you give them a gift they do not want”.

To be honest it did not affect me. I am not a mother. My own mother is dead. And my two daughters are old enough to buy their own Mother’s Day gifts and cards. I do not have to do it for them, like I used to do when between the ages of birth to 21 years old.

Sadly, Mamma was affected by it big time. But our daughters did all they could to make up. Even doing a Whatsapp Video call. So, it ended up fun in the end.

I know the birds (and the bees) and all wildlife are not supposed to be affected. But as I observe nature from my garden, I think overall they are taking no chances. I think they do not have Coronavirus because they are strictly observing the self-isolation rules.

A lone robin keeps bobbing into the garden. He seems to avoid all other birds. But I think that is the nature of a robin. The blackbirds have built a nest. Mummy Blackbird is self-isolating by sitting on the nest whilst Daddy Blackbird is on supermarket duty, catching worms. You should see the look of relief on his face that they don’t need toilet paper. Maybe we should take some lessons from them. Just do it and don’t worry where or on what or who it drops and just shake but not wipe afterwards.

The blue tits nesting in our neighbour’s nest box seem to be quite happy self-isolating.

The bees are conspicuous by their absence. But it could spread like wildfire through a hive. You cannot afford for the queen to get it.

Things must be bad because I have not seen the grey squirrels, and nothing usually scares them off.

I’ve not seen the hedgehogs for a while. They are probably self-isolating – hibernating I think they call it in hedgehog language. Or ling low, under a car wheel.

The mice have up and gone. None in the mousetraps anymore. Although they say the wildlife cannot catch Coronavirus the mice are taking no chances. The other thing that worries the mice is they know they are frontline of the effort to find a cure and vaccine. They will be called upon to sacrifice their lives in tests. And they are not too sure about that.

The worms and the snails are definutely not self isolating. The snails sit in groups on all my plants and the worms are all entangled. They seem to think they are the invincible ones that Boris will  legislate against.

Finally, there is the pigeons. There are lots in the field at the back of us. Strangely enough most look as though they are taking Boris’ advice and keeping the regulatory 2 metres between them, just in case. But it is the mating season, and I have seen many female birds desperately trying to keep 2 metres away from the males as the males try to jump on the females’ backs.

As you can see Day 7 we spent in the garden, mowing lawns and being at one with nature.

Mamma sorted the garden pots and performed an operation she called “dead-heading”. That was basically clearing the garden of every form of vegetation.

Gardening was good. Usually I rush around squeezing in mowing the lawns between other jobs. But I took it leisurely, soaking in the sun topping up my vitamin ‘D’. I ended up feeling very relaxed.

What a wonderful life self-isolation is!




“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.” – Robert Frost


Happiness is…a sunny back garden



No matter how much you push an envelope it will still be stationary.


Love is… when actions speak louder than words




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