CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 8 – Diary of a Self-Isolator

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 8 – Diary of a Self-Isolator BLOG  Wednesday 25th March 2020 

CORONABOBS ISOLATION – Diary of a Self-Isolator – DAY 8 Monday 23rd March 2020

We’ve been self-isolating for a week. We are now Day 1 of the second week or so we thought. But is it?

There is talk of the measures lasting as long as a year. I guess we’ll continue thinking it is 12 weeks from 16th March. Until we have more information to base our assessments on. That is easier to digest.

Today was the first day of school closures and is the start of Schooling at home.

On that subject I was sent this table which I thought was a good timetable for Schooling at home.

I have been putting some serious thought and I guess not so serious thought into the Coronavirus. I have come up with this conspiracy theory. I think the Coronavirus pandemic has been started by the top media companies. I think they put a consortium together. They raised billions of dollars. Went to the top germ warfare experts and asked them to start a pandemic.

Just think about it. They have no Brexit to report on anymore. They have covered every conceivable angle on war for year after year after weary year. The same with illegal immigrants and displaced people. Global warming was getting tiresome and repetitive.

They needed something uniquely new and different that they could really get their teeth into. Giving them miles and miles of newsprint and hours of analysis and unique photo opportunity they’d never had before.

The last time the UK had seen anything like this with illness and death and on this scale was The Black Death in 1348 to 1350 and then The Great Plague February 1665 until February 1666. There has been no history of any media coverage on such matters for 354 years, except for a bit of a Spanish flu surge – how brilliant.

Looking at the duration of both those outbreaks I go back to the second opening paragraph and it makes me think 12 months is nearer the mark.

Please note, that was just a bit of random fictional humour. Satire. It is not intended to be offered as true or even fake news. Just random silly thoughts. So, please, don’t take it seriously.

I saw a BBC News item yesterday where a Cambridge testing laboratory were looking to take on folk next Monday to test a medicine for Coronavirus. If you got one of the jobs you are kept in isolation in their lab for two weeks. You are infected with Coronavirus. Then given the miracle medicine. You then have to wait to see if it cures you and you have to see if there are any side effects. For this you are paid £3,000.

May as well do it as we are in isolation anyway. Why not be paid for the privilege.

During Day 8 I again spent time in the garden. I assisted with a little home schooling. My garden is like a worm farm. Come this time of year after a very wet winter there are thousands of huge juicy worms for birds to feed upon to give them nutrition to breed healthy families.

Normally me and my grandsons go on a worm hunt and dig to see how many we can catch.

Sadly, I did it by myself today but made a video link to my grandchildren so that they could see.

I have found the constant rain and grey days of January, February and part of March so unpleasant. Those affected by floods will be so depressed by it all, too. But oddly enough since the “Isolation” most days have been brilliantly sunny. And what a difference that makes to the way you feel.

You still feel sad not seeing and socialising with grandchildren and their parents and our friends. But it is lovely to get in the garden and feel the sun topping up the vitamin ‘D’.

Boris stepped up measures last night, closing non-essential shops and explaining we had to stay at home. We can go out to get food and medicines and for essential work. We are allowed one walk or run a day but we have to make sure we stay 2 metres from anyone else. He was enforcing it because too many people had been out and in groups on Sunday.

The police have been given extra powers to deal with anyone not conforming. I was shocked by that. I didn’t realise we still had policemen anymore. It is ages since I saw one. So, I am not sure how that will work.




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