CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 9 – Diary of a Self-Isolator

CORONABOBS ISOLATION DAY 9 – Diary of a Self-Isolator BLOG Thursday 26th March 2020

CORONABOBS ISOLATION – Diary of a Self-Isolator – DAY 9 Tuesday 24th March 2020

Many sites on the internet have listed things to do to pass the time whilst in self-isolation.

Some have targeted the Over 70s, as with this Origami article.

“Things to do at home for the over-70s – from origami to the Open University

From a simple piece of paper, the possibilities are endless. Folding is a way to become completely engrossed to create something beautiful, encouraging personal qualities of persistence and playfulness to overcome challenges. Origami offers a structure to embark on a journey to make something special and symbolic.

I asked members of the British Origami Society how this art form helps, and loosely found three ways: for creativity and self-expression, relaxation, and connection with others. Origami is passed from one to another without the need for physical contact. YouTube videos are a great way to learn, through watching hands, which is calming. If you’re restless, why not try this new challenge, and bring back happy memories of making paper aeroplanes or chatterboxes with friends. Find an online origami tutorial for something you would really like to make – and give it a go.
Dr Lizzie Burns – University College London hospitals NHS trust

Given the government pronouncement on self-isolation for the over-70s, might it not be an ideal opportunity to look into the potential of Moocs – massive open online courses? These are free and open to all, and cover a myriad of topics to cater for all interests. Two platforms I have used are Futurelearn and Coursera, but these are not the only ones. In addition, might I suggest the Open University, which makes some of its courses available at more flexible enrolment dates and at reduced prices. This would make a very positive contribution to the wellbeing of many over-70s at this difficult and stressful time.
Peter Humphreys”

Ok, the origami like jigsaws may be ok for some over 70s, and I can admire the end product, but it is not for me.

So, I took time out to research a more upbeat list. Here’s my Top 50+ suggestions of activities whilst in isolation:

1 Read, read, read and read – anything preferably books but magazines, newspapers, items on the internet and even more books
2 Write, write and write – it is cleansing anf good for the soul
3 Music, music, and more music, very soothing! Think of playlists
4 Read a book. Reading is fun! It’s educational and passes time quickly! Start a book that you think you won’t like, you could find yourself wanting more! Books can take you on a whole new world. You could also read books that you think are interesting, not a book you don’t want to read.
5 Create a COVID-19 playlist and have a dance part
6 Create a time capsule – This is a pivotal time in human history and someone, someday would be intrigued by the way you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing!
7 Take a nap. It may sound pretty boring, but your dreams can be interesting and sleeping makes time pass very quickly. You’ll also feel more refreshed and ready to go!
8 Reorganise your bookshelves putting all your books in to strict surname of author alphabetical order within genre.
9 Listen to audiobooks – there are some free ones on the internet
10 Go through old photographs hard copies, on the phone and on the computer and organise them
11 Reorganize your movie shelf. Reorganize your movies by genre, title, or even spine color. If you don’t have your movies nearby, just rank your favorite movies in your head.
12 Write a song. Write a song about your favorite activity. If you can’t come up with a melody, set it to the tune of your favorite song!
13 Make up your own language. Make up and start speaking your own language. Try to convince other people that it’s a real language. You might need to write down some of the basic rules of your language in order to remember them
14 Assign superpowers. Decide what super powers your family and friends would have. Try to be creative but keep the powers useful. Then, decide what their superhero names would be.
15 Imagine a whole new world. Imagine the world as it is now but with some vastly different change. For example, what would your life be like if you lived in a world where there was a curfew? What about if whales could talk?
16 Start a new TV show. Watch a TV show you’ve never seen before and never really thought about watching.
17 Dream the dream. Make your top ten list for what you want to do with your life. Try to be creative. Have a few crazy dreams and a few realistic options that would also make you happy.
18 Watch this old video of Celine Dion’s most beautifully bananas moments and realise she’s always been like this.
19 Open the windows – Look out of the windows
20 Shop and Order online
21 Yoga – find instruction videos on line
22 Spring clean – a really good spring clean: tidying, hoovering, dusting, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen and even cleaning the windows (you don’t realise how much this needs doing until you do it!).

22a Dejunk your home. Really clear out all your junk finally turning it into that minimal junk free home you’ve always dreamed. I’ve noticed many neighbours obviously doing it as many bags for charity collectors are appearing bulgig at everyone’s front gates.
23 EBAY – Sell, sell, sell  on Ebay. As much as possible sell all the junk from 22a on Ebay. Turn yourself into a millionaire during the 12 weeks of self-isolation.
24 Radio – I’ve always loved having the radio on for company when I’m pottering about in the kitchen, but it’s been especially good during isolation. Radio 4 is my station of choice, and I would particularly recommend Desert Island Discs – there are loads of episodes available online.
25 Read your MP’s manifesto promises, write them a letter.
26 Scrapbook – Make scrapbooks on any subject
27 Research future trips – travelling might be on hold for now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning future trips. I’ve got my eye on Egypt, South Africa and Australia once all this madness has blown over.
28 Produce a 5 year, 10 year or lifetime plan for when this party is over
29 Plan your next projects – it’s not just trips that you can take this time to start thinking about. If there’s another project you’ve always thought about but never had time to devote to, now’s a great time to start planning it – whether it’s setting up your own business, writing a novel or even changing your life…
30 Keep a gratitude journal. Each day write down 1 or 5 or 10 great, positive things about yesterday and you, your family, friends and the world to focus on. You’ll be amazed how positive you will eventually become built on the little joys.
31 Life admin – now’s a great time to tackle all that life admin you’ve been putting off. For me, it’s sorting out a few more bits of name change admin, like updating my passport.
32 Garden – plant seeds and your nurture plants.
33 Watch a funny video or TV series or box set – anything on the comedy lines
34 Give your home a makeover, redecorate every room
35 Create a budget.
36 Write a poem about anything or just capture the mood of the world right now
37 Write a screenplay of your life – will it be a tragedy, romance, drama , comedy or action movie? I can’t wait to see it!
38 Choreograph a dance (Yes, TikTok can count here!).
39 AND ONE FOR THE GUYS… Create new outfit combinations with the clothes in your wardrobe, style your hair a different way or master a new make-up look. You could even completely reshape your eyebrows and if you don’t like them, they’ll have grown back by the time you’re out of isolation!
40 Document old memories by creating a physical photo album or scrapbook.
41 Write a bucket list of things you want to do once this pandemic is over.
42 Create a vision board by collaging together inspiring images.
43 Read the biography of someone whose life inspires you.
44 Learn about human psychology to protect your mind during isolation and help you better relate to others.
45 Play with a skipping rope or hula hoop.
46 See how long you can hold a handstand against the wall.
47 Make lists – about anything!
48 Learn to count to 10 in 10 languages.
49 Take your coding skills past MySpace level and learn Python in four hours
50 Try and limit your talk about the virus, unless it’s breaking news. Hearing all the negativity, panic and rumours surrounding the virus on social media will just make things and your mental health worse. Stay safe and informed, but don’t let it control your life.

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BONUS:  Binge watch box sets on TV

BONUS:  Give thanks for the BBC and their incredible plan to educate, entertain and inform the nation during unprecedented times. Take advantage of their offerings.


Did you see where JD Sports who think they are above us all had decided to stay open after non-essential retailers were advised to close. YouGov did a poll about their decision and 88% of those taking part in the poll said they were wrong to stay open. That is a bit of an overwhelming response.

On Day 9 I was mainly writing the Coronabobs Times the 20-page weekly comic I am publishing and sending to my grandchildren for them to receive on a Wednesday.

This week the main story about them hinges around a magic computer programme that enables them to get to the moon. But they find it is even worse than earth with Coronavirus. But they struggle to return.

No new rules just emphasis of ones already given and an appeal for 250,000 volunteers for NHS


Life is like a ten-speed bike. Most of us have gears we never use. Charles M. Schulz
Happiness is…being in a position where I have too much to do in Self-Isolation
Never tell a secret to a pig, it may squeal.
Love is… your comfort zone

©2020 Phil M Robinson



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