Day 10 10th December 15 Sleeps until Christmas

Day 10   10th December   No of Sleeps until Christmas:  15

  1. Christmas Track:                                    Listen to: Step Into Christmas – Elton John
  2. Christmas Carol:                                     O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  3. Christmas Film:                                       Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
  4. Something to Prepare:                           Write to Santa
  5. Children’s Christmas Picture Book:    Socks for Santa (George’s Amazing Adventures) by Adam Guillain (Author),‎ Charlotte Guillain (Author),‎ Lee Wildish (Illustrator) 
  6. Children’s Christmas Paperback:        Snow Spider – Jenny Nimmo
  7. Adult Christmas Book::                         The Reader on the 6.27  -Jean-Paul Didierlaurent, Ros Schwartz
  8. Annual:

    10 Lego Star Wars Anual 2018
    10 Lego Star Wars Anual 2018
  9. Christmas Cracker Joke:

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite

  1. A Christmas Number:                 £1,600,000,000 – The total spent by the UK at Christmas
  2. An Amazing Christmas Fact:                 The average UK child receives 16 Christmas presents
  3. Christmas Radio Times Cover:

    Chritmas Radio Times Cover 1980
    Chritmas Radio Times Cover 1980
  4. Christmas Character:                                         Mary & Joseph
  5. Unusual Gifts:

Mini Cypress Gift Set – Ideal starter set for young growers – 4 varieties included – Small size makes them perfect… From Amazon £15.87

  1. TV AD:                                                                      Quality Street Magic Moments 1992
  2. Christmas Stamp;

    10 Christmas Stamps 2016
    10 Christmas Stamps 2016
  3. EWAN’S ADVENT MESSAGE:   Christmas is here!!! Do you know how I know? Yesterday Mum and Dad took us to Iceland. No not the supermarket, the country, Iceland. Well it was there or the North Pole. Somewhere up North where there was real snow and a fair amount of it.Snow is something I thought was made up because, except for once, in all of my 33 months of life (and even before)  I’ve only seen it once. To me it only exists in story books, on TV, in films or in the Snowman and Snowdog animated film. But yesterday I played in the real thing at Santa’s country residence, Harwick Hall. We actually built a real snowman out of real snow and threw snowballs. So Christmas is here at last.


  4. GEORGE’S ADVENT MESSAGE:Bransby Horse RescueYesterday to celebrate Christmas we went to Bransby Horse Rescue. I loved it and a brilliant cause because I love horses.But it was not the best of days for me. We went to Sister Freya’s swimming lesson first but Mum insisted on hanging on to me all the time. Why, I’m not a baby? I can swim can’t I?

    Then she allowed me to sleep through lunch. So I got none. How annoying and bad temper inducing is that? Then we went to the horses. As I say I love them and I’m going to send all my postage stamps to them. But Mum sells it wrong as a Christmas treat. Where do horses feature in the Christmas Story? Does Mary ride on one, do the 3 wise men come on horses, do shepherds bring Baby Jesus a horse? I don’t think so.

    But it would have been OK, nice and Christmassy if Mum had let me see Santa. But she wouldn’t let me. Something to do with a hook-a-duck, a rip-off monkey from years ago and a long queue. Don’t ask me it’s too involved.

    The crux of it all is Mum had a very Assertive Christmas mood on her, yesterday. It is the down side of having a Mum who is a teacher.  Thinking that one through, are there any upsides? Bah! Humbug!

    Don’t forget send Bransby Horse Rescue your used stamps!!!!!

  5. A Christmas List:

Batteries not included – Ten battery sizes you might need & Ten popular brands

One Christmas I just bought my kids batteries for Christmas and put a label on them “Toy not included”. Batteries are always an issue at Christmas, so be prepared. Here are 10 of the most popular you may need.


1              AA  U12 or HP7 (In Britain until the 1980s) LR6 Alkaline

2              AAA (U16 or HP16 (In Britain until the 1980s)) LR03 Alkaline

3              C     U11 or HP11 (In Britain until the 1980s) MN 1400 1.5v LR14 Alkaline

4              D       U2 or HP2 (In Britain until the 1980s)  Flashlight Battery  MN1300

5              E  or 9 Volt    PP3   Radio battery   Smoke alarm battery  Square battery  Transistor battery

6              6-volt Lantern (Spring) MN908

7              CR2032 Lithium Batteries

8              CR2016 Lithium Batteries

9              Hearing Aid Batteries, Size 13

10           Size 10 Hearing Aid



1              Energizer

2              Duracel

3              Panasonic

4              Eveready

5              Toshiba

6              Tesco

7              Kodac

8              Ikea

9              Sainsbury

10           Rayovac



The Goon Show Vol. 15 – The Goons at Christmas

Original –  Soundtrack  The Goons:  Spike Milligan Harry Secombe Peter Sellers BBC Albums

10 Goons At Christmas
10 Goons At Christmas