1. Christmas Track:                                 Santa Baby – Kylie Minogue
  2. Christmas Carol:                                 Coventry Carol
  3. Christmas Film:                                   Elf
  4. Something to Prepare:                        Make Christmas Puddings
  5. Children’s Christmas Picture Book:  Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs

    12 father Christmas
    12 father Christmas
  6. Children’s Christmas Paperback:      Strange Star – Emma Carroll

    12 Strange Star
    12 Strange Star
  7. Adult Christmas Book::                     A Snow Garden and other Stories – Rachel Joyce
  8. Annual 2018:

    12 Simpsons Annual 2018
    12 Simpsons Annual 2018
  9. It’s A Christmas Cracker:                    Who hides in the bakery at Christmas? A mince spy
  10. A Christmas Number:                                                                                                                                                                         83 Square km – The amount of wrapping paper sold in the UK every Christmas
  11. An Amazing Christmas Fact:

9.58am the time you will have your first family argument on Christmas day, on average.

  1. Christmas Radio Times:

    12 Christmas Radio Times 1937
    12 Christmas Radio Times 1937
  2. Christmas Character:                         Postman
  3. Unusual Gifts:

Make Your Own Polka Dot Knickers Set Wowee! Everything needed to make a pair of unique and fun Polka Dot Knickers is included in this Polka Dot Knickers Craft Kit. Needle and thread, full instructions, pretty yellow ribbon, polka dot cotton fabric, pattern, proper knicker elastic and crocheted cherries are all included in the colourful box – so she can just sit down for a productive crafternoon. The Polka Dot Knickers can be made to fit size small, medium or large.Recommended for age 14+.The Craft Kit box measures 13cm square max. Great Gift Co. (Internet) £15

  1. TV AD:                                                  John Lewis – MontyThePenguin (2014)
  2. Christmas Stamp:

    Christmas Stamps 1994
    Christmas Stamps 1994
  3. EWAN’S ADVENT MESSAGE:  Ewan 33 months advent message blog
  4. GEORGE’S ADVENT MESSAGE:  George-19-months advent message blog
  5. A Christmas List:


1              Turkey

2              Goose

3              Roast Chestnuts/Chestnut Stuffing

4              Parmesan-baked Parsnips

5              Christmas Cake

6              Mince Pies

7              Brussel Sprouts

8              Roast Potatoes

9              Pigs in blankets (Sausages wrapped in bacon

10           Brandy Butter

11           Bread sauce

12           Cranberry Sauce

13           Mulled Wine

14           Stilton Cheese

15           Panettone Cake (From Italy)

16           Carrots obviously for Rudolf

17           Red Cabbage & apple

18           Stollen Cake A delicious yeasted cake filled with dried fruit and a swirl of marzipan…

19           Mincemeat

20           Marzipan

21           Cured Ham

22           Pickled onions (shallots)

23           Walnuts and nuts in general

24           Venison

25           Sage & Onion Stuffing

26           Pork Pie

27           Port wine

28           Chocolate bar selection boxes

29           Quality Street, Roses, Celebration

30           Gingerbread House / Gingerbread Man

Reserve – Thorntons Chocolates


MRS MILLS – GLAD TIDINGS (Christmas Honky Tonk Piano )

Only available on vinyl

Mrs Mills Glad Tidings Tracklist