3   Christmas Track:                                                           Last Christmas – Wham! (Click link to listen)

4   Christmas Carol:                                                            We Three Kings

5   Christmas Film Animation:                                           Father Christmas (Raymond Briggs – Channel 4)

6   Something to Prepare:                                                   Write lists Lots of them

7   Children’s Christmas Picture Book To Read:          The Jolly Christmas Postman (The Jolly Postman)

Jolly Christmas Postman
Jolly Christmas Postman

8   Children’s Christmas paperback :                             A Boy Called Christmas – Matt Haig& Chris Mould

9   Adult Christmas Book to Read:                                  Christmas – Mouse – Miss Read

1st Christmas Radio Times 1926
1st Christmas Radio Times 1926

10  Christmas Cracker Joke:

What kind of motorbike does Santa ride?  A Holly Davidson!

11  A Christmas Number:

£330 – The average amount a UK adult spends buying Christmas presents

12  An Amazing Christmas Fact:                                     £700 Million is  spent on unwanted Christmas gifts

13  Christmas Character:                                                The Elf – Santa’s helper

1st Christmas Radio Times 1926
1st Christmas Radio Times 1926

14  Unusual Gifts

“Funky Veg Kit by Plant Theatre – 5 Extraordinary Vegetables to Grow Everything you need to grow these 5 funky vegetables in one box From Amazon £7.99

  • Purple Carrots, Red Brussells Sprouts, Stripy Tomatoes, Yellow Courgettes & Multi Coloured Swiss Chard
  • 5 Seed Varieties, 5 Growing pots, 5 Peat blocks and 5 Plant Markers
  • Sowing & Growing Tips included
  • Makes a great gift – why not check out the Psychedelic Salad Kit also by Plant Theatre

15  TV AD:                                                           Coca-Cola Holidays are Coming 1997 

16  EWAN’S ADVENT MESSAGE :                                Everywhere is so exciting so many houses have LED lights all over the outside, so brilliant, but not ours. My Grandad David is a retired electrician and knows everything about LED lights so that means he’s passed it on to me and I do now. One thing I do not understand he says he knows a time when there was no LED lights. Tell me this, how did mankind manage to survive and exist in a world without LEDs?



Very disappointed. There is absolutely no sign of a Christmas tree in our house anywhere. I think it is all a load of fantasy stuff, yet again. Like things that just happen in these stories they read me and not in real life.

Peppa Pig Annual 2018
Peppa Pig Annual 2018

18  A Christmas List           – Most Watched Christmas Day TV Programme Ever 1   Mike Yarwood’s 1977 Christmas Show tops the list of 10 most-watched Christmas programmes

The most-watched programme in Christmas television history is Mike Yarwood’s Christmas Show  which was aired in 1977. Here is a list of the top ten shows that attracted the biggest audiences.


1  Mike Yarwood’s Christmas Show 1977 – 28m viewers


2  Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show 1977 28m viewers


3 The 1993 Only Fools and Horses Christmas Day special attracted over 19 million viewers. Fatal Extraction was the 12th of 18 Christmas Only Fools and Horses festive specials

Wallace and Gromit – A Matter of Loaf and Death


4 Wallace and Gromit’s new bakery business but discover that bakers are being systematically murdered.Aired on Xmas Day 2008 and secured the largest Christmas Day audience in five years peaking at 15.88 million.


5  Vicar of Dibley – The 2004 Christmas Day programme was watched by 12.52 million people.  programme was watched by 12.52 million people.


6  The Royle Family Christmas Day 2009 captured the heart of the nation. The Golden Eggcup, was watched by 11.74 million viewers and was the highest rating episode of The Royle Family.


7  EastEnders The murder of Archie Mitchell on Christmas Day 2009 was watched by 10.9 million people – almost 50 per cent of the total television audience.


8  Gavin and Stacey The final episodes of series three aired on Christmas Day 2009 and on New Years Day. They were watched by 10 million and 10.25million viewers respectively.


9  The Two Ronnies Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett became an essential part of the Christmas television schedule. Shortly before his death in 2005 Barker was determined to film one final Xmas special which was filmed in July. Broadcast on Christmas Day that year The Two Ronnies Christmas Sketchbook saw the pair viewed by 7.93 million.


10  The Office A two-part special was commissioned by the BBC Part One aired on Boxing Day (with 7.17million) and Part Two on 27 December 2003 (with 6.14million)



The Jackson 5 Christmas Album
The Jackson 5 Christmas Album