3    Christmas Track:                                          Little Donkey – Beverley Sisters or Nina & Frederick

4    Christmas Carol:                                           We Three Kings

5    Christmas Film:                                             National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

6    Something to Prepare:                                  Buy and Put up Christmas Tree

7    Children’s Christmas Picture Book:           Snowflakes – Cerrie Burnell

8    Children’s Christmas Paperback:               The Christmas Eve Ghost – Shirley Hughes

The Christmas Eve Ghost Hardcover by Shirley Hughes
The Christmas Eve Ghost Hardcover by Shirley Hughes
The Christmas Eve Ghost Hardcover by Shirley Hughes
The Christmas Eve Ghost Hardcover by Shirley Hughes

9    Adult Christmas Book:                                Christmas Days – Jeannette Winterson

10   Annual:

09 Trolls Annual 2018
09 Trolls Annual 2018


11  It’s A Christmas Cracker:

Why did the turkey join the band? Because it had the drumsticks!

12   A Christmas Number:

230,000 Tonnes – The amount of wasted Christmas food that is thrown away each year

13   An Amazing Christmas Fact:

The length of the biggest Christmas cracker ever made was 45.72 Meters. It was also 3.04 meters wide

14   Christmas Radio Times Cover:

09 Christmas Radio Times 2000
09 Christmas Radio Times 2000

15   Christmas Characters:                                  The Three Kings

16   Unusual Gifts:                                              The Ukulele has had a massive upswing in popularity in recent years. This top quality four string Puretone Ukulele is the perfect way to begin a life-long love of this stringed instrument which originated in Portugal. Also perfect for festivals, the beach, the park. Gift boxed From Great Gift Co (Internet) £25 (Or any other musical instrument)

17   TV AD:                                                          Yellow Pages Mistletoe 1992

18   Christmas Stamps:

09 Christmas Stamps 1991
09 Christmas Stamps 1991


I do not think Christmas is coming to our house this year. Every house on our road has LED lights cascading all over them and lots of Christmas trees, well almost all. But we have nothing. Not even an ounce (that is 28.3495231 grammes if you are a decifile) of good cheer. Absolutely nothing. So much nothing it is embarrassing. What must Granny think when she comes? And Grandad David. And Auntie Debbie. And Mamma & Grandad, Auntie NanNan, Uncle ColCol , Cousin Freya, Cousin George, the Postman, the Amazon Delivery man and the refuse collectors. And of course Father Christmas. I am so embarrassed I run and hide if the doorbell rings. I shall be the little boy that Santa Clause forgot. But I’m not bothered I have broad shoulders. I am bigger than that.


I like Fridays when Mum is off to look after me and we have a mother son bonding day. And I like Mondays when Dad is off to look after me and we have a father son bonding day. And I like Saturdays and Sundays when Sister Freya is off to look after me and we have two sister brother bonding days. I also like Saturdays and Sundays when I sometimes have a Nanny and Grandad grandson bonding day. I like Wednesdays when I have to look after Grandad and Mamma and we have a Grandad and Mamma bonding day. I like Tuesdays & Thursdays when I go to nursery and I have a nursery bonding day.

But this Friday bonding was put aside as we spent it just panicking  and buying food and things for Sister Freya’s birthday party. What’s more Mum has put it all away and didn’t even allow me one Wagon Wheel.

I still do not understand why those in authority insist on Christmas being the same time as Freya’s birthday. They so need to move Christmas to a different date, to a time when everywhere, particularly the shops are not so busy. But I think they’ve been too busy with Brexit and all that.

21   A Christmas List:


The Cost of the 12 Days of Christmas

By Toby Meyjes in For the Metro newspaper

Buying everything from The 12 Days Of Christmas song would cost you over £14,000. The journalist from the Metro has researched how much each item would cost to buy or hire at today’s market rate to come up with the figure. The 12 days of Christmas run from 26th December to 6th January inclusive, according to this Metro article.

COST £            RUNNING


1              A Partridge in a Pear Tree                     24.50                      24.50                  26-Dec

2              Two Turtle Doves                                150.00                    174.50                  27-Dec

3              Three French Hens                                 51.00                  225.50            28-Dec

4              Four Calling Birds                                  80.00                  305.50                    29-Dec

5              Five Gold Rings                                      87.50                 393.00                     30-Dec

6              Six Geese a-Laying                               120.00                 5 13.00                   31-Dec

7              Seven Swans a-Swimming                 1,052.50                1,565.50               01-Jan

8              Eight Maids a-Milking                        712.96                   2,278.46                02-Jan

9              Nine Ladies Dancing                           1,245.00                3,523.46               03-Jan

10           Ten Lords a-Leaping                            5,000.00                8,523.46               04-Jan

11           Eleven Pipers Piping                            2,750.00              11,273.46                05-Jan

12           Twelve Drummers Drumming             3,000.00              14,273.46              06-Jan


A grand total of  £14,273.46




Rod Stewart – Merry Christmas Baby


09 Merry Christmas Baby - Rod Stewart
09 Merry Christmas Baby – Rod Stewart