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1              Are we more contented? The young certainly appear not to be. 61% of 16- 25-year-olds say they regularly feel stressed. The average happiness of this group is at its lowest since 2009. 67% of 18- 24-year-olds, but only 34% of the over 55s, think richer people are happier. Daily Telegraph

2              Over the course of a year, Google stores enough data from its search engine, maps, GPS and other services to fill more than half a million A4 pages for each of its users. Mail on Sunday

3              . The amount that households are saving has reached “record lows”. In the 1990s the percentage of our income that we put away stood at 14%. By 2016, that had halved to 7%. In Q2 this year, that figure almost halved again to 3.9%. The Sunday Times

4              . 8% of Britons think that when someone says “don’t get me any presents”, they do want a gift and will be upset if they don’t get one. A further 13% think they won’t be upset, but really do still want a present. YouGov

5              Microsoft has overtook Apple to become the world’s biggest company by market capitalisation. Mircosoft’s share price values the company at $851bn, while Apple’s stock has a market cap of $847bn. Apple hit a value of $1trn in August 2018, but its share price has fallen by 15% since. Microsoft has fared better, falling by just 4%. Forbes

6              A study by Kingston University found that, on average, people interact with their phones 2,617 times a day, which equates to two hours and 42 minutes. Awareness is the first step and an app such as Moment can tell you how long you spend on your device. By setting limits on our own digital use, we not only show our children how to be mindful around screen time, but we also get back to those extra hours to focus on what’s really important.

7              In the first three working days of 2019 top bosses will have earned more than the typical worker will earn all year. Research has found that the average pay of a FTSE 100 chief executive is £1,020 an hour. “Fat Cat Friday” is the date by which the average CEO of a FTSE 100 company trousers the equivalent take-home pay of a typical full-time worker in the UK. BBC

8              Include grandparents in family holidays, says minister. Grandparents should be taken on family holidays, says the minister responsible for tackling loneliness. Mims Davies, the new sport and civil society minister, said that communities had a “moral duty” to stop the elderly feeling abandoned. She said that British people could learn from how Mediterranean nations involve grandparents in their lives. A report has found that loneliness is as harmful to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Sunday Telegraph

9              Number 10 thought email was a fad. Newly declassified files in the National Archives include 1994 memos in which Downing Street officials wonder if they should start using email in order to seem as on-the-ball as the Clinton administration in the US. They were convinced email would be a flash in the pan. The Guardian

10           . Britons owe £72.5bn on credit cards with £400m added to the total in November alone, according to new data from the Bank of England. Households in the UK now each have an average of £2,688 unpaid on credit cards. The figure is 24% higher than on the eve of the financial crash. Credit cards are one of the most expensive means of borrowing. Office for National Statistics

11           When dieting, Queen Victoriaate what her doctors advised on top of her normal meals.

12           On 4th April 2017 there were 335,765,099 products available on Amazon

13           Every month as many people Google ‘How to make slime’ as How to make love’.

14           People who read books live longer than people who don’t.

15           The average person spends 375days in a lifetime folding laundry

16           Denmark has more pigs than people

17           Babies in Britain crymore than babies in Japan and no one knows why.

18           Buddha was not fat

19           In the 16th century cancer was thought to becurable with tobacco

20           Mickey Spillane ordered 50,000 copies of his 1952 novel Kiss Me, Deadly to be destroyed when the comma was left out of the title.


There are two rules to success: 1. Never reveal everything to anyone.


Happiness is… learning at least one new thing every day of your life


  1. What happens if you get scared half to death twice?


Love is…having the right chemistry


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