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1              Duchess of Sussex gives birth to baby boy while ecstatic Harry says ‘I am so incredibly proud of my wife’

2              The moon is moving away from the Earth at a tiny, although measurable, rate every year. 85 million years ago it was orbiting the Earth about 35 feet from the planet’s surface.

3              At any given time, there are 1,800 thunderstorms in progress over the earth’s atmosphere.

4              Recycling one glass jar saves enough energy to operate a television for three hours

5              There is enough fuel in full jumbo jet tank to drive an average car four times around the world.

6              A rainbow can be seen only in the morning or late afternoon. It can occur only when the sun is 40 degrees or less above the horizon.

7              Lightning strikes the Earth 100 times every second.

8              A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.

9              Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over a million descendants.

10           The world’s youngest parents were age 8 and 9. They lived in China and had their child in 1910.

11           It costs more to buy a new car today in the United States than it cost Christopher Columbus to equip and undertake three voyages to and from the New World.

12           More than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call.

13           According to many language experts, the most difficult kind of phrase to create is a palindrome, a sentence or group of sentences that reads the same backward and forward. A few examples:


Red rum, sir, is murder.


Ma is as selfless as I am.


Nurse, I spy gypsies. Run!


A man, a plan, a canal – Panama.


He lived as a devil, eh?


14           A Boeing 767 airliner is made of 3,100,000 separate parts.

15           One out of five people in the world (1.1 billion people) live on less than $1 per day.

16           In 1938, Time Magazine chose Adolf Hitler for man of the year.

17           Twelve people have walked on the moon.

18           Did you know Disneyland does not sell chewing gum? Walt Disney did not want guests inconvenienced by stepping on gum purchased in the park.

19           . Each year Disneyland uses over 5,000 gallons of paint to maintain the clean appearance of the park.

20           January 30, 1933 was the day the words Hi yo silver! Away! were first heard as the lone ranger debuts on radio channel WXYZ of Detroit.

21           When the Titanic departed from port it was documented to have carried approximately 1000 loaves of bread, 86,000 pounds of meat, 40,000 eggs and 36,000 apples to feed the passengers and crew on the 7 day voyage. Now those are some interesting facts!

22           The largest milk producing country by volume in the whole world is India.

23           According to a British law passed in 1845, attempting to commit suicide was a capital offense. Offenders could be hanged for trying.

24           A hedgehog’s heart beats 300 times a minute on average.

25            It costs 7 million dollars to build the Titanic and 200 million to make a film about it.

26            There are 1,792 steps to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

27           According to popular legend, tea was discovered by the Chinese emperor Shennong in 2737 B.C. when a tea leaf fell into his boiling water. The Chinese consider tea to be a necessity of life.[7]

28           Stephen King’s 1977 novel Rage is now out of print at King’s own request. Rage was, like Carrie before it, about the school loner who seeks revenge on his bullies and tormentors. After the book was associated with several high school shootings, notably the Heath High School shooting in Kentucky in 1997, King withdrew the book from publication, later saying that it was ‘a good thing’ that the book was no longer in print. These days a copy will set you back a fair bit of money on second-hand book websites.

29           Cherophobia is the fear of fun.

30           A Swedish woman lost her wedding ring, and found it 16 years later- growing on a carrot in her garden.



Everything you want is on the other side of fear.

– Jack Canfield


Happiness is…being one of the 50% of people in the world who have never world have never made or received a telephone call. No.12 above. That means they’ve never had a PPI call or had to try to get a doctor’s appointment!


Q: How did Vikings communicate? A: By Norse code


Love is… a necessity not a luxury


Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers

Highest Chart Position: No.40 23rd May 2009



Wednesday 8th May 2019

Grandson George’s 3rd Birthday

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