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One of my favourite days today – 21st June 2021 – The Summer Solstice. As I hate the dark winter days, I love the fact that we have so much daylight, the most in any one day all the year.

In Nottingham Sun rises: 04:38 Sun Sets: 21:34 Number of daylight hours 16:55:20.

Being an eccentric I like to make sure I get the most out of the day and try and be up by Sunrise 04:38. And then make sure I do not waste one second of the daylight hours. And use my time meaningful so that at the end of the day I can say “I achieved…”

What are you going to achieve?

Today is a glass half full or half empty day. The glass half empty guys, rather than revelling in the wonderful long days start being negative and saying “It’s all downhill now. We’ve had the summer the nights will start drawing in now.” But it will be the end of July before we really spot a difference when Sunset is around 9.00pm. So, let’s enjoy the long days to the full.

Meanwhile here’s something to help you achieve something. These are 35 facts that I did not know until this week. It’s taken me a week to discover and learn them. They are here for you to go through in less than 10 minutes. I dare bet most are fascinating facts you never knew. An excellent way to spend such a special day.


And 13 are about books!

 1              It Takes 68 Days to Swim the Full Length of the Mississippi River On July 4, 2002, marathon swimmer Martin Steel began a journey in northern Minnesota that saw him making his way down the 2,348-mile Mississippi River in an effort to become the first person to swim its entire length. On September 9, he reached his goal, ending up in the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana after an incredible 68-day journey. That’s about 34.5 miles a day!

2              Singer Ella Fitzgerald was known for her incredible vocal timing and inventiveness. She had perfect pitch and sounded like an instrument when she sang. It was so perfect that band musicians could tune their instruments to her voice.

3              It snowed in the Sahara Desert on 18 February 1979

4              The average British adult will eat 35,000 biscuits and drink 70,000 cups of coffee in their lifetime.

5              You will spend 5 years of your life dreaming.

6              Strawberries are a member of the rose family.

7              Abraham Lincoln’s son, Robert Todd Lincoln, was present at the assassination of three presidents: Lincoln, Garfield and McKinley

8              MPs are not allowed to clap in the House of Commons nor mention the House of Lords – it must be referred to as “the other place”.

9              Monaco’s national orchestra is bigger than its army.

10           The screwdriver was invented before the screw.

11           Bananas contain 75% water, cucumbers contain 95% water.

12           Pluto was officially discovered as a planet in 1930. It was downgraded to a “dwarf planet” in 2006. In that time, it never made a full orbit around the sun. It won’t complete it’s first orbit since its discovery until March 23, 2178.

13           This one is a real mind-blower. Brace yourselves. Wombats… they poop squares. They are the only animal in the world to have cube-shaped poop, according to National Geographic.

14           Hummingbirds have crazy fast metabolisms. If a hummingbird was the size of a human, it would have to drink a can of cola every minute just to keep going as fast as it does.

15           Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Kids Use iPads. He didn’t let his kids use iPads because “it’s too dangerous for them in effect.” According to Business Insider, he realized how addictive it was.

16           Sloths are known to be really slow. But they are three times faster on land than they are in the water. They also only poop once a week.

17           Back in the 1840s, people used to say “prunes” instead of “cheese” when taking a photograph. That’s because a giant grin was considered to be childish. It would probably work well today since people like making that duck face.

18           A 250-year-old tree in Kolkata, India is bigger than the average Wal-Mart store. The Great Banyan tree has roots that cover 3.5 square acres or 156,000 square feet. Most Walmarts are between around 105-square-feet.

19           The foundations in the City of Chicago were raised between four and 14-feet-tall to increase drainage in 1855. This work took more than two decades to complete but didn’t disturb daily life. It even attracted tourists.

20           There are more synapses in the human brain than stars in this galaxy. There are an estimted 200 billion stars in the Milky Galaxy. But the average human adult brain contains about 500 trillion synapses. Brain cells communicate with one another by chemicals through synaptic connections. The human brain contains billions of neurons and each neuron has a large amount of synaptic connections to other neurons. Each synapse itself contains a variety of those receptor proteins that can alter the gross firing pattern of a neuron. (See: Mouse cingulate cortex neurons at left.)

21           Death by 1.5 Million Balloons. A charity event thought it would be a good idea to launch 1.5 million ballons into the sky. Balloonfest 1986 unfortnately ended with a storm that released some of the balloons early. They ended up falling into Lake Erie and the surrounding area. This prevented the United States Coast Guard from searching for two boaters who were later found drowned. It caused lots of problems and many people sued the charity putting the even in the red.

22           The Concrete Platform That’s a Country. It’s the Principality of Sealand. It was created by a pirate radio broadcaster and has a flag, anthem, and soccer team.

23            Did you know, the fear of running out of something to read is called Abibliophobia.

24           The world’s smallest book is Teeny Ted from Turnip Town.  This book now the worlds smallest and it is verified by The Guiness Book of Records.  The book is in production and measures 100 micrometres by 70 micrometres. It has an ISBN number too – 978-1-894897-17-4.

25           There are four law books bound in human skin at the Harvard University Library. This is a very interesting fact. Anthropodermic bibliopegy is the term given to binding books in human skin. There are actually several books known to be bound in human skin. Interestingly it was mainly doctors who bound these books. There are also several books bound in animal skin.

26           1 in 5 adults around the world cannot read or write.

27           Up to 50 books can be made from 1 tree.

28           The most expensive book in the world is Codex Leicester by Leonardo Da Vinci. It was purchased by Bill Gates for 30.8 million dollars. Bill Gates purchased the Codex Leicester in 1994 for $30.8 million. When you add inflation to that the book would cost $53.3 million. If Bill Gates were to sell this book today we reckon the book would sell for a lot more.

29           In America, the most banned books are Harry Potter. The apparent reasons are because they promote witchcraft, they set bad examples and are too dark. Most of the books have been banned in catholic schools as they contain ‘real’ spells. It is also said that the Harry Potter series presents witchcraft and wizardry in a good light which is simply not true.

30           “To write a novel, it takes around 475 hours. This fact about novel-length is argued quite a lot over the internet. Writing the actual novel probably can be completed within 475 hours. The average novel is 90,000 words which mean writing 189 words an hour. Most people can achieve this.


However, writing a novel is not just about putting words on some paper. There is much more to a novel than 189 words an hour. All the research that goes into a novel could easily add another 475 hours to this time.”

31           The Holy Bible, Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and Harry Potter are the 3 most read books in the world.

32           A study found that you are 2 ½ times less likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in later life if you read regularly.

33           Mark Twain’s, Adventure of Tom Sawyer is said to be the first novel written on a typewriter in 1875 and it was published the following year, 1876.

34           On estimate, there are over 900,000 new books published each year.

35           The earliest known written existence of the word ‘book’ is in a book by Alfred the Great (848/49 – 26 October 899). Books were not called books until a long time after they were actually books!




  1. Greenland 2,175,600 sqr km.
  2. New Guinea 785,753 sqr km.
  3. Borneo 748,168 sqr km.
  4. Madagascar 587,713 sqr km.
  5. Baffin, Canada 503,844 sqr km.
  6. Sumatra, Indonesia 443,066 sqr km.
  7. Honshu, Japan 225,800 sqr km.
  8. Great Britain 229,952 sqr km.
  9. Victoria, Canada 220,548 sqr km.
  10. Ellesmere, Canada 183,965 sqr km.



Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed. Alexander Pope


Happiness is… write a novel, in 475 hours at the rate of 189 words an hour!


What do people like to wear in England?



Love is…easy but staying in love is very special.


A time for 16 hrs:55m:20s of daylight on 21st June, the Longest Day…A time for 7 hrs:49m:42s of daylight on 21st December the Shortest Day.


21st June

1879 Frank W. Woolworth opens his 1st successful “F. W. Woolworth Great Five Cent Store” on North Queen Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

1887 Britain celebrates golden jubilee of Queen Victoria.

1937 First televising of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships.

1948 The first stored programme to run on a computer was put through its paces on the Small Scale Experimental Machine, known as Baby, at Manchester University.

1955 Johnny Cash debuts Top 10 country song “Cry! Cry! Cry!”.



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