Didn’t Know That Last Week which was 11th May 2021

Didn’t Know That Last Week which was 11th May 2021

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Didn’t Know That Last Week which was 11th May 2021

1              Going to work is more dangerous than going to war. Statistically, you are three times more likely to die travelling to or from work than you are if you were to be shipped out to a war these days.

2              Russia has more surface area than Pluto

3              There is no specific time zone at the South Pole. This is because all the longitude lines on the planet meet up there (because the planet isn’t flat, yo). The stations on the South Pole use the time zone of the country that owns them, meaning two stations near each other could be using two different time zones.

4              “The first ever 3D film was released in cinemas in 1922. Released in September of that year, The Power of Love was a silent film and was released in cinemas worldwide.

It even came with alternative ending that was decided by closing one eye or the other!

Sadly, the film is lost and hasn’t been found for decades!”

5              “Scientists genetically modified goats to spin spider silk from their udders. US Professor Randy Lewis transplanted a gene into the goats from a spider that allows the goats to produce milk containing an extra protein.

This is then extracted from the goat milk and spun into spider silk thread.”

6              There was a type of Pterodactyl with a bigger wingspan than a fighter jet.

7              The Burj Khalifa is so tall you can see two sunsets from it in one day. The Burj Dubai prior to its inauguration in 2010, is a skyscraper in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With a total height of 829.8 m (2,722 ft, just over half a mile) and a roof height (excluding antenna, but including a 244 m spire) of 828 m (2,717 ft), the Burj Khalifa has been the tallest structure and building in the world since its topping out in 2009 (preceded by Taipei 101).

8              There is a smoke alarm for the deaf. Invented by a team of Japanese scientists and engineers, this lifesaving device works by spraying vaporized wasabi into the air, which notifies deaf people of a fire – it will even wake them up if they’re sleeping!

9              “In the 1990s, half of the world’s CDs were made for AOL sign-up discs. For you young ‘uns out there this fact is going to blow your mind – you had to use a disc to sign up to an internet provider!

The world wasn’t always full of all 5G’s just knocking about in the planetary ether – hell, back then I think 3G would’ve been mind-blowing enough, let alone not having to use a disc to sign up to the internet!”

10           Until 2015, it was illegal to dance in Japan after midnight. This was a law introduced in 1948 to crack down on dance halls that acted as fronts for illicit activities and it was only revoked in 2015.

11           “In 1997 a cargo ship lost 4.8 million Lego bits in a storm. They are still washing up today.The container ship Tokio Express was hauling cargo across stormy seas on February 13, 1997, when a rogue wave crashed over the decks and caused some of her cargo to become loose and wash overboard.

One such container contained a shipment of Lego including octopuses, dragons, flippers and flowers.

These pieces are often found on the beaches of Cornwall in the UK, whenever there’s a particularly bad storm.”

12           “In Tokyo, Japan, there is a hedgehog cafe. You can go to this establishment and pay 1,000 Yen to go in, have a cappuccino and play with and cuddle some amazing hedgehogs!

Just be careful when you’re cuddling them because they aren’t exactly soft and fluffy!”

13           “The longest wedding veil was the same length as 63.5 football fields. When Maria Paraskeva, a woman from Cyprus, got married in August 2018, her goal wasn’t just to say “”I do.”” She was also determined to set a record.

“”My dream as a child has always been to break the Guinness World Record title for the longest wedding veil,”” she explained. She fulfilled her dream by wearing a lace veil that stretched 22,843 feet and 2.11 inches, or as long as 63.5 football fields.”

14           Most laughter isn’t because things are funny. Every culture in the world laughs, but surprisingly, most of our laughter isn’t necessarily a response to humor. Less than 20 percent of laughter comes after jokes, according to neuroscientist Robert Provine; the rest is a reaction to regular statements and questions like, “How have you been?” The ensuing laughter, however brief, helps form social bonds since people who laugh together grow closer.

15           One man has saved more than 200 people from suicide.

16           Rolls-Royce makes the most expensive car in the world. Currently, the most expensive car in the world is a Rolls-Royce Sweptail that sold for $13 million. However, even if you have that kind of dough lying around, you won’t be able to buy it—only one was made, and it was custom-built from the ground up according to the buyer’s specifications. But brand-new custom cars have nothing on used classics; the recent sale of a 1963 Ferrari GTO for $70 million is supposedly the highest price ever paid for a car.

17           The Comic Sans font came from an actual comic book. Most adults nowadays who know anything about graphic design steer away from using the Comic Sans font in formal documents. The font was designed by Vincent Connare, who drew direct inspiration from his favorite comic books, including Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ celebrated Watchmen series.

18           The Queen has some hidden hideaways. Since the early 13th century, the city of London has officially paid rent to the Crown for two small pieces of property. Fortunately for the city, the price has stayed the same for more than 800 years: one knife, one ax, six horseshoes, and 61 nails, presented every autumn in the Ceremony of Quit Rents. Although one of these properties is located in the Moors in Shropshire and the other is near the Royal Courts of Justice in the city itself, no one knows the exact location of the Queen’s land.

19           The “M’s” in M&Ms stand for “Mars” and “Murrie.”   That would be Forrest Mars and Bruce Murrie, the two businessmen who created the candy-coated chocolates. The two actually had a very contentious relationship, as Mars leveraged Murrie out of his 20 percent share in the company in 1949—years before M&Ms would become the best-selling candy in the U.S., paying him just $1 million for a share of business that would quickly be worth billions.

20           Ants have a built-in FitBit. While previous research found that ants use visual cues, a 2007 study discovered that desert ants have an internal pedometer that helps them keep track of their travels and find their way back home.

21           “In England, pigeon poop is the property of the Crown. This is because pigeon poop could be used to make gunpowder.

Because of this, King George I declared all pigeon poop to be property of the Crown in the 18th Century.”

22           The letter ‘E’ is the most common letter in the English language.It appears in roughly 11% of all words used in the English language, and is used 12 times in this very sentence alone!

23           In China, ghost marriages are illegal. Well, it’s when recently deceased women and men are matched up and ritually married by their respective families to ensure they aren’t lonely in the afterlife. It’s kind of like those Cher lyrics, just the other way around. Do you believe in love after life?

24           An ant can’t die from falling. Because of their incredibly small weight and rock-hard exoskeleton, an ant’s terminal velocity isn’t enough to harm it upon impact. Simply put, they could survive being dropped from heights like the Empire State Building and walk away unscathed.

25           Before trees existed, Earth was covered with giant white mushrooms. These huge fungi were 24 feet tall and three feet wide and covered most of the Earth’s surface before trees existed.

26           “25% of all mammal species on Earth are bats. There are a whopping 1,200 different types of bat!

They range in size from a Bumblebee Bat – the world’s smallest mammal – all the way up to the Giant Golden-Crowned Flying Bat which has a huge wingspan of almost 6 foot!”

27           There is a gargoyle with Darth Vader’s head on it on the Washington Cathedral. It was placed there after a child’s “design a carving” competition was held in the 80s to decide what character should adorn the Cathedral.

28           “NASA’s internet speed is 91 GB per second! This means on NASA’s internet you could download a high-quality 1080p movie in mere milliseconds!

Normal household internet speeds are roughly 25 MB per second, which is dwarfed by NASA’s hugely superior internet speeds.”

29           For their first month of living, babies only see in black & white. They also only see silhouettes and are unable to focus on items just after their birth. This is because their retinal nerve cells aren’t fully established yet and they lack the capability to process visual information.

30           Australia has over 10,000 beaches. You could visit a new beach every day for over 27 years!


Top 10 Best Quotes

10        Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time we’ve got. – Art Buchwald

9          The best revenge is massive success. – Frank Sinatra

8          That’s your best friend and your worst enemy – your own brain. – Fred Durst

7          There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm. – Willa Cather

6          I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I’m out of control, and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best. – Marilyn Monroe

5          Living well is the best revenge. – George Herbert

4          To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift. – Steve Prefontaine

3          A problem is a chance for you to do your best. – Duke Ellington

2          The best way to predict the future is to create it. – Peter Drucker

1          Nobody who ever gave his best regretted it. – George Halas


International Museum Day

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I Love Reese’s Day

Buy a Musical Instrument Day




The purpose of life is to believe, to hope, and to strive. Indira Gandhi


Happiness is… Inside No 9, BBC 2 new TV series 6 “Don’t stop them now – this show is as inventive as ever. – Says the Daily Telegraph.



Love is…supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


A time to learn in the storm…A time to learn in the calm. – (See No.7 in above Top 10)


18th May

1897 “Dracula” by Irish author Bram Stoker is published by Archibald Constable and Company in London.

1964 David Frost interviews Paul McCartney on BBC

2001 DreamWorks Pictures “Shrek”, starring Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz in voice-over roles, debuts



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