Dirty Weekend in Derbyshire 23.10.2017

Dirty Weekend in Derbyshire

R U JOKING, GRANDAD BLOG 23rd October 2017

We have had a Dirty Derbyshire weekend this weekend. It was so muddy, windy and all about coalmines.

It is really good to have amazing places to visit on the doorstep. I also love going on voyages of discovery finding places and things we’ve not experienced before,

On Saturday we visited Bakewell. I always find that a delight especially as I purchased from both brilliant bookshops there. The Tourist Information is good and the Cotswold Outdoor shop is excellent not only because Cotswold are always good shops but this is probably the best Cotswold shop we go to. They have a such helpful staff.

Of late we have tended to have a pit stop at the coffee shop over the Bakewell Pudding shop. But I hate keep doing the same old things. As I tell the grandchildren you need to experience as many new experiences as you can muster in this life. There’s no time for reputition.

So I persuaded Mamma to try a different place but it was a total disaster. You came away thinking why bother setting up a business on that basis. But you need one of these now and again to make you appreciate the good stuff.

You see,to me if you are in business to sell food you should be passionate about food (if you set up a business in any field you have to be passionate about your product). This place used the cheapest and most unpleasantist cutlery. They would have been better to be totally honest and used plastic.

The toast was the cheapest thinnest bread I had ever seen as toast that was not supposed to be French toast.

We came away having hated the experience and every restaurant, coffee shop or eatery should give you a good feeling.

Like on Sunday the Teversal Visitor Centre Teversal Visitor Centre Web site and Pleasley Pit Coffee Shops. These are run by volunteers and we had one of the best bacon butties, scones and lattes we’ve ever had, paying the least  we’ve ever paid. A total contrast to our Bakewell experience.

There is such a basic lesson to be learned there.

At Teversal we walked 10 miles from the Teversal Visitor Centre (Nottinghamshire) to Hardwicke Hall (Derbyshire) and back which takes in Pleasley Colliery Pleasley Colliery Web Site. Don’t worry there are no awkward border patrols to confront as you cross from Nottinghamshire into Derbyhire.

Our communities and economy are all built on the pits’ heritage. Money made and invested by the pits and the miners’ pension funds are still the bedrock of our economy today. So it is important we keep their memory alive and celebrate the pits. At Pleasley Colliery there are still two pitheads to be seen, a sight that used to be a part of our landscape as common as trees.

Sometimes the steam house is working too. It wasn’t this weekend.

Hardwick Hall is a National Trust property Hardwick Hall Website, excellently kept (good food and drink in the coffee shop). There are many country walks in the grounds. One is the Lady Spencer’s Walk through a wood listed as “Wild playing places’. There is a Halloween theme to this at the moment with 12 spiders to find. Along the walk is a tree/wood themed playground, and in another part of the wood an amazing den built of branches. A huge tree in another part has obviously been uprooted by the wind. But someone has applied some imagination to it and thrown a climbing net over it and turned it into the most natural and brilliant, adventure climbing frame for children.

The whole experience is all about getting out into the countryside and experiencing hands on with nature at the sharp end.

And just take care, there are a lot of sharp bits.


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