Tomorrow morning, Sunday 28th October 2018, at 2.00am, you are given an extra hour. It is free and you get it whether you want it or not.

Don’t worry you never get anything for nothing in this world and it will be taken back in March 2018 or was it taken from you in March 2017.

So it is yours – you are entitled to it.

But what are you going to do with it?

I like to get to the end of my day when we have put the clocks back and feel pleased with myself because I did  something special and positive for that hour. Something that made a difference.

The official time you put back the clocks is 2.00am to 1.00am. But you can do it before you go to bed or after you get up. But if Sunday is not a day that is time critical e.g. you have to be at Grandma’s for dinner at 1.00pm prompt, then you can delay it and do it any time Sunday. But make sure you’ve changed it by the time you go to bed Sunday night or otherwise you will have that embarrassing situation of turning up to work one hour early on Monday morning. You’ll be waiting for the premises to be opened with all the other losers who forgot about the clocks being put back.

So use the extra hour wisely and spoil yourself with it. Here are twenty ideas, you can’t do them all, it will take you 20 years. And I am sure you have your own better ideas.


1    Use it for 1 hour’s extra sleep. You may love sleeping so much, you can’t get enough and so sleeping is priceless. Or you may be a sleep deprived parent when an extra hour’s sleep feels like £1 million. Go on indulge yourself.

2  Spend the time reading children’s picture books. The average adult reads at 300 words a minute (See sub article about reading speeds at the end of this item). That’s 18,000 words in a hour. As most picture books are about 800 words long that means you’d get through 22.5 books.

3    Do nothing but read an adult book for one hour. At the same reading pace you should get through 60 pages.

4  Sit quietly with your own thoughts for one hour. See where you get to. Make notes as you go.

5  Have a hours bonding session with the children. OK, no it is no different to your 24/7 life. Forget that one.

6 Go out with family or friends or both for a special memorable breakfast.

7 Walk the dog for one hour then he/she gets the benefit of usefully using the extra hour too. Although, you will probably have a lifelong resentment of your dog for wasting your special bonus golden hour. You ain’t got a dog, then buy one but remember a dog is for life not just for when you put the clocks back.

8  Spend the hour reading the papers with a cafetiere of coffee. Not the Daily Star Sunday you’d get through in two minutes (does anyone buy that newspaper?) but something like the Sunday Times that takes you a month to read and give yourself the target to read it in one hour.

9  Surf the Net. Start with a subject dear to your heart and follow through all the interesting links to see where you get to and what subjects you cover in one hour. But be careful, you’ll start then look at your watch and find three hours have disappeared in that allocated one hour. Time is funny that way.

10  Take your favourite vinyl singles and lay back and enjoy them. You should get through about 20 in one hour. Sort them before the hour of playing otherwise you will use your hour up going through your singles collection. If you are only five listen to your downloads.

11    Free write for one hour. Start with your favourite notebook and favourite pen and just write what comes in your head for one hour.

12    Take a subject you know nothing about and research it for one hour on the internet. E.g elephant poo. So you are a budding expert at the end.

13    Paint a picture, draw one or colour in a colouring book.

14    Tidy up your wardrobes.

15    Go on a car journey or train journey for 1 hour to somewhere you’ve never been before. You will need to use more than a hour as you will need another hour to get back and then you’ve lost an hour.

16    Read Roger McGough’s “80” book of 80 poems as suggested yesterday or any other poetry book.

17    Spend the hour enjoying a latte at Costa. But if you are hard of hearing make sure you take a friend as Costa is not hard-of-hearing-friendly.

18  Actually sit, watch and take in Cbeebies for one hour rather than letting it go on in the background.

19    On a less selfish note: Make someone happy, Make just one someone happy, for the one hour. Not just for one hour though, two three, four, five, forever.

20    Just don’t move the clocks back. You can only do this if you are retired or tine is of no consequence. I read about an old couple who stayed in Summertime and they saved loads of money. So they still got up at 8.00am in old money which was really 7.00am but went to bed at 9.00pm which was 10.00pm in old money. They say they saved so much money with not having to use heating and electricity. At least £10 for the five month period.

21   And a bonus one because No.5 was not really one: Use it to gather up the leaves from the lawn