Ellen DeGeneres, US talk show host gives away a million

Ellen DeGeneres, US talk show host gives away a million

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Ellen DeGeneres is feeling generous.

In honour of her 60th birthday Ellen DeGeneres, the US talk show host of the daily Ellen DeGeneres Show, has had a week full of fun and lots of surprises — but it honestly doesn’t get much better than what happened on Friday’s show.

On 2nd February 2018 Ellen rounded out her 60th birthday celebration by gifting the biggest prize she’s ever given: $1 million.

“Everybody in the audience is here for a special reason. All season long, I partnered with Cheerios to encourage people to do ‘One Million Acts of Good’ and if you’re here in my audience, you helped us reach that goal,” DeGeneres told the audience on Friday’s episode. She called out several people in the crowd, like Kenya and John Hughes, who used their own money to drive a U-Haul 800 miles to deliver aid to Hurricane Harvey victims, and Lori Gaines, who donated a kidney to the mother of one of her students.

The comedian then informed the crowd that “a special surprise gift” was waiting for anyone who had a box of Cheerios under their seat — before the entire audience discovered they had one.

“Isn’t that interesting? What a coincidence!” DeGeneres said.

“You’re all gonna share this gift,” she added. “It’s the biggest gift I have ever given anybody ever, and I hope you continue to pay it forward and share all the good. Hold on to your Cheerios because all of you are splitting $1 million.”

DeGeneres was given a present of her own on Thursday’s episode of her show, when her wife, Portia de Rossi, brought her to tears with the “best” gift ever.

Ellen DeGeneres was moved to tears on her show on Thursday, when her wife, Portia de Rossi, gave her a very special gift. DeGeneres was celebrating her 60th birthday on the episode and began to cry when de Rossi presented her with her own namesake gorilla conservation centre.

De Rossi announced the gift and said the donation to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund will create a permanent home in Rwanda for the organization that has been protecting endangered mountain gorillas for 50 years. DeGeneres was surprised to see her wife on set.

PS  According to editors at Just Jared, her average audience numbers 400, meaning each person may have pocketed $2,500.

Ellen’s $1 million gift certainly rivals the gift Oprah Winfrey gave her audience in 2004 when she gave everyone a car.


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