Enchanted Castle (Rory and Ruby Adventures) by Alison Caldwell

Enchanted Castle (Rory and Ruby Adventures) by Alison Caldwell (Author), Anne Kenmure (Illustrator)


Paperback:           32 pages

Age Range:         2-6+ years

Publisher:              Rory and Ruby Ltd


Last week I reviewed “Sandy Bay Surprise”  by Alison Caldwell (Author), Anne Kenmure (Illustrator) which was a huge hit with both me and my four grandchildren (aged 2½ to 6). So we went in search of more Rory and Ruby Adventures and we weren’t disappointed.


Sharing is the theme of Enchanted Castle, the second title in the picture book series Rory & Ruby Adventures.


The publishers say:

“Crabster Castle is closing for the day when Norman Nipper forgets to look before he leaps and suddenly finds himself alone and in the dark. Luckily Ruby and Rory soon come to the rescue. Helped by Scruff McDuff and some unexpected visitors to Sandy Bay, the best ever friends have a very bright idea… Rory, star of the popular Rory Stories picture book series is back. He’s a little bit older and wiser and he has a new friend, Ruby. Together with Rory’s loyal dog Scruff McDuff, they’re set for lots of fun.


Launched in 1999, the Rory Stories was one of Scotland’s most successful picture book series over the next 10 years, with fans ranging from pre-school children to early readers. Beautifully illustrated in full colour, Enchanted Castle echoes the magical blend of fantasy, fun and the joy of playing on the beach that captured hearts first time around.”


This, like “Sandy Bay Surprise”, is a beautiful book in every way: story, pictures, words and most of all delightful, lovable characters.


When reviewing children’s books my opinion is one thing, I have seen so many books over the years. But the proof of the pudding is always my grandchildren’s reaction to a book. If they don’t like it they are just not interested and go off doing something else. If they love it they want you to read it again and again. They also chatter about the pictures. And that is exactly what they do with both the Rory & Ruby Adventure books.


They really engage with the characters, treating them as friends. That has to be due to good writing and graphics. They get involve in the stories too.


The Enchanted Castle has also proved to be most educational and introduced my grandchildren to fireflies, which they’d never come across before. The problem it has given me is where do I find some fireflies for them?


Another problem the “Enchanted Castle” has left me with is how long do we have to wait for another Rory & Ruby (and not forgetting Scruffy McDuff) Adventure?