I find Escape to the Chateau an amazing TV programme. It is so relaxing and inspirational. This week they even had a hot air balloon flight over the chateau. Can you think of anything better?

The Channel 4 documentary follows two TV reality stars who left behind their life in East London to take on a mind-bogglingly ambitious renovation project in the Loire Valley in France and are working on the once-derelict chateau they snapped up for £280,000.

Dick and Angel Strawbridge bought the crumbling, 49 room property which has 59 windows and stands in 12 acres of ground three years ago, and have been documenting their journey in the show Escape To The Chateau, which returned for a fourth series a couple of weeks ago.

The chateau has a moat around it and has a forest on its land.

Fans previously saw Angel discover a stash of rolls of antique wallpaper at Château-de-la-Motte Husson, which she used to decorate the honeymoon suite.

Now, with a busy summer of bookings fast approaching at the venue, Dick, 58, and his wife, 47, had resolved to recreate the effect in a winding staircase that was once used by servants – a design trick Angel insisted would ‘save them money’.

The process involved printing replica wallpaper patterns onto diamond-shaped pieces of fabric, which Angel then attached to the walls she’d covered with sponge to create a cushioned effect using a staple gun.

While Angel was forced to admit her ‘frugal’ design trick turned out to be a ‘really big job’, she said she was thrilled with her ‘fabulous padded cell’ when they finished.

The couple started their renovation project and completed one wing last year. Angel had her husband move a cast iron bath tub to the bottom of the bed in one of the rooms on the second floor

One of the sitting rooms is fit for the lord and lady of the manor as the couple give it their own unique touch

The kitchen is one of the rooms that has been given a new look with Dick and Angel managing to keep the original layout but with a modern update

The basement kitchen which is where servants once worked was kept as close as possible to its original layout.

The Strawbridges are busier than ever, with seven weddings and 14 food lovers’ weekends to prepare for, and transforming the staircase and will now be the main route to the honeymoon suite for newlyweds – was at the top of Angel’s to-do list.

The property has a moat, a walled garden, a private forest and seven outbuildings that the couple have been converting.

Subway tiles adorn entire walls in one bathroom which Angel picked the decor out for herself, again making sure there was plenty of greenery to bring the room alive.

Dorothy and Arthur, their children have been provided with a playroom in the theme of a circus playground complete with a helter skelter.

While Dick concentrates on the building work, Angel uses her interior flair to decorate the rooms throughout the property

Angel has put her own unique stamp on the interior decor with flares of bright prints and interesting colourways

Dick planted several fruit trees in the grounds of the chateau to take advantage of the rich soil

As summer approaches Angel and Dick have to plan for weddings and multiple other events they are hosting at the chateau

Château-de-la-Motte Husson has two other houses on the property.

Dick and Angel – who first met in 2010 and were the first to get married at the château – originally set themselves a ten-month deadline to drag their 19th-century building into the 21st century, tackling most of the work themselves. But that deadline has long gone.

The parents-to-two have won a legion of fans amused by the daftness of their schemes as they complete the work on their chateau at a fraction of the cost during each series.

In the last series they renovated an entire wing, and recently renovated another suite with a British theme.

Angel’s love of taxidermy is scattered throughout the manor and as the pair continue to seek out unique items for their home, her collection grows.

Escape to the Chateau Channel 4 Sunday at 8pm

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