Ewan 2½ & George 16 Months Blog Chapter 11

Wednesday 20th September 2017



Ewan: 2½ years old & George 16 months old

Blogg about a couple of things in the news




Ewan:                    Hi Ewan here.


George:                  …and George, Welcome to my world. Won’t…


Ewan:                    George, you are my cousin, my best mate, but you do talk crap at times. You don’t need to say all this “Welcome to my world… s*** every time.


George:                  I’m afraid, it’s my style, Ewan and I am full of style and always gonna be and you and nobody else is gonna change me. Have you learned nothing from being with Grandad?


Ewan:                    Guess you are not wrong.


Anyway, style counsellor, we’ve got the job of looking at the news.


George:                  So, what’s been going on this week, Ewan?


Ewan:                    How about Toys R Us going into administration and applying for Chapter 11.


George:                  Yes, that’s a good one.


I don’t know what administration is all about. But more intriguing is them wanting to go into Chapter 11.


Ewan:                    Yes, I know, I thought that, too. They don’t say Chapter 11 of which book. But I assume it’s Toy Story.


George:                  Toy Story is not a book it’s a film.


Ewan:                    Yes but it has to be a book first. All films have to start as books. Look at Snow White, Jungle Book, Thomas The Tank Engine, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, Paddington Bear, We’re Going on A Bear Hunt, the Gruffalo…


George:                  …Teletubbies, Twirlywoos and The News.


Ewan:                    No, George I don’t think you’ve quite got the idea.


But for some reason Toys R Us particularly want to be in Chapter 11. If it is Toy Story, and think about it, it can’t be anything else, why Chapter 11.


George:                  I love Toy Story and I’m so excited, they are currently working on Toy Story 4 for it to be in cinemas in 2019.


Ewan:                    Chapter 11 must be very, very special. It probably has the greatest special affects of all time.


George:                  Yes, you can imagine it can’t you? Andy was a presidential candidate against  Trump but lost.President Trump has decided to blast earth to pieces.


Ewan:                    And Woody and Buzz Lightyear set out to stop him. It’s the final confrontation in Chapter 11


George:                  Wow, no wonder Toys R Us want to be in that chapter. The final confrontation is in a Toys R Us store.


Ewan:                    Yes, it is all obvious.


George:                  I totally agree. That’s Chapter 11 explained. What’s administration?


Ewan:                    Grandad says that’s a posh way of saying they’ve got no money.


George:                  They’ve got no money? Where’s it all gone?


Ewan:                    Lost their piggy bank, I suppose. In June they reported a quarterly net loss of $164m.


George:                  I do sympathise, it is so easy to lose things, I’m always losing my dummy.


Ewan:                    Tell me about it. I constantly lose my favourite horse, and this week I lost my favourite Thomas the Tank Engine coat at nursery.


George:                  But I’ve learned you have to get on with life and Mum and Dad always find it in the end.


Ewan:                    That’s what happens to me. And Mamma is a brilliant finder.


George :                 Not Grandad, though. I think he is the world champion loser.


Ewan:                    Ha, ha, ha!. Too true.


May be Toys R Us should ask Mamma to find their money. I bet she will. She finds mine.


George:                  Or they could go to a car boot sale and make lots more money like my Mum does.


When my Mum and Dad are short of money Mum takes all Sister Freya’s and my toys and some clothes to a car boot sale and makes millions of pounds so we can buy loads more toys at Christmas and go on holidays in the summer.


Ewan:                    My Mum doesn’t. Does she take even your best ones?


George:                  Everything.


But Toys R Us have so many toys they’d not find a car boot big enough to put them all in.


Ewan:                    The Land Rover Range Rover has a boot space of 909 litres, that would hold a lot.


George:                  Still not big enough.


But I think you can take small vans.


Ewan:                    Toys R Us have 1,600 stores worldwide. How many have you visited, George?


George:                  Wow, loads, one at Lincoln and two at Nottingham.


Ewan:                    We’ve visited most of them, except the odd one or two American ones. Well to be completely honest, none outside of the East Midlands.


George:                  Grandad says their stores will probably disappear.


Ewan:                    That’s because they overstocked on magicians sets.


George:                  I’m not panicking, but where will we buy our toys, now?


Ewan:                    Smythes, Mr Entertainer, Mothercare, John Lewis.


George:                  Oh yeh! And Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose  and Amazon.


Ewan:                    The problem with Amazon is that you have to get the cardholder’s permission first. You try getting my dad’s permission


George:                  Try getting your hands on a phone, tablet or PC in our house. They have eyes of a hawk and speed of lightning.


Ewan:                    Word limit is up, George and we’ve only looked at one item of news.


George:                  Yes, but it’s a key one that affectseveryone’s lives big time.


The other items, hurricanes, earthquakes, Trump’s Rocket Man Speech to UN threatening total destruction of North Korea  and Paul Gascoigne in court getting 100 hours community order, pale into insignificance.


Ewan:                    Although I fully agree, I don’t think Grandad does.


George:                  I love him, dearly, but you have to say he’s lost the ability to see things through the eyes of a child.


Bye, Bye!


Ewan:                    What you say is not wrong.


Bye, Bye!