Ewan: 2½ years old & George Blogg WINDY START TO SCHOOL



Ewan: 2½ years old & George 16 months old

Blogg about a couple of things in the news




George:                  Hi, George here. Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in.

Ewan:                    Cut the crap, George. It’s not just your world, it’s mine too.

George:                  I’m just figuratively speaking. After all when we are talking NEWS & CURRENT AFFAIRS it’s everyone in the world’s world.

Ewan:                    You’re so, right George. Sometimes you are a real intellect.

Say you seen how Grandad has upgraded our ages?

George:                  Yeh, you are now 2½ years old and I’m 16 months old. But I don’t feel any older. I still feel the same as when I was 1 year old.

Ewan:                    And I definitely feel the same as when I was 2 years old. Infact I still feel 18 months in here.

George:                  I think the upgrade is a bit like the hurricane upgrades. Hurricane Jose has just been upgraded to a category 4. The higher the upgrade the faster the winds and the more destruction it causes.

Ewan:                    That makes sense of us being upgraded then, we are both capable of causing a load more disruption and damage than we were 6 months ago.

George:                  The news media has been filled with windy stories this week. What is a hurricane, Ewan?

Ewan:                    A wind that is so strong it blows down trees, fences, sheds and even houses.

George:                  Is it all down to the wolf blowing again.

Ewan:                    No, this is real weather, it even blows brick buildings down.

George:                  So the weather really does all that damage that is shown on TV news and it’s not special effects by the film makers.

Ewan:                    You are not allowed to use special effects when filming the news. It’s against the law.

George:                  What would happen if you were putting the news together and forgot and just by accident included a special effect.

Ewan:                    The Prime Minister would be very, very angry. She would say, “Go and sit on the naughty step and think about what you have done.”

George:                  Wow, then what?

Ewan:                    When they’ve sat and thought about it and they are truly sorry they have to go to every viewer and say they are sorry.

George:                  Will the hurricane blow our house down, Ewan?

Ewan:                    No, I don’t think so. You see the wind is in the Caribbean and America. It is caused because they have so many wolves and we only have a few, in country parks and zoos. America is along way away.

George:                  I know it’s further than the moon because we can see the moon but we can’t see America.

Ewan:                    So in America and the Caribbean the wind is strong enough to blows down buildings. But when it gets here it hardly has the strength to blow your hat off.

George:                  That reminds me of the second bit of news. Did you see Prince George starting school, just like Freya and Rory?

Ewan:                    Yes, that’s because it was National Big Brother and Big Sister Starts School Day.

George:                  Did you see his cap? Did Rory have one of those?

Ewan:                    Don’t be stupid. I think Prince George had to wear it in place of a crown because one day he might be King.

George:                  He has a sister named Princess Charlotte.

Ewan:                    I know, a bit posh.

George:                  Did you know it is law that all girls have to have a brother called George?

Ewan:                    Are you sure? Do you have evidence?

George:                  Overwhelming evidence. There is my sister Freya she has a brother named George, me. Princess Charlotte has a brother named George, Prince George. Grandad’s mum, my great grandma had a brother called George. Peppa Pig has a brother named George. And neither you nor Rory are named George because you don’t have a sister.

Ewan:                    Amazing George. That really is overwhelming evidence.

George:                  Well best go now, the wind is bad.

Ewan:                    It’s Ok, George, Hurricane Jose is not coming this way.

George:                  It’s not that sort of wind I’m worried about.