Ewan (3 years) George (23 Months) Blog Together About The Royal Baby

Ewan (3 years) George (23 Months) Blog Together About The Royal Baby

George:               Welcome to our world. Won’t you come on in for a special Royal Baby Edition of Ewan & George together?

Ewan:                    George you are not still singing that same old song are you?

George:               It’s not a song, it’s my way of welcoming people to my Blog.

Ewan:                    It’s crap.

George:               Anyway, we’ve not blogged together for a long time.

Ewan:                    No, Grandad stopped us. He said some readers of the Blog did not care for it.

George:               I wonder why? I thought we were cute.

Ewan:                    I’ll tell you why. It’s because you always start it with the “Welcome to my world…” crap.

George:               That is so not the reason.

I don’t think people like duos any more. They all disappear in the end: Everly Brothers, Miki & Griff,  Mike & Bernie Winters and Morecambe & Wise.

Ewan:                    Who?

George:               Exactly, my point. Even, Ant & Dec. Gone.

Ewan:                    I guess there’s Mamma and Grandad.

George:               Yes, but they are invincible like Batman and Robin.

So why are we having this major reunion Blog.

Ewan:                    To celebrate the new Royal baby, born yesterday 23rd April 2018. St. George’s Day and Shakespeare’s birthday.

George:               Wow, yes. That so scared me.

Ewan:                    How can a Royal baby getting born scare you?

George:               Well I heard them say on TV that there was a new baby brother for George and his sister.

Ewan:                    I get it. And you thought it was a baby bother for you and Sister Freya?

George:               Exactly, and I panicked like crazy.

I enjoy being the youngest one. You are the cutest and get favoured a bit more. After all you miss out on all the special stuff done when you are the first born.

Ewan:                    I’m same, I love being the youngest, the cutey of the family. As a middle one you are nuthin’, you may as well not be there.

George:               What made matters worse, I heard that and then my Mum went out.

My heart sank. I thought she’s had to go and fetch him home.

Ewan:                    Oh no George! And did she?

George:               No, of course not. She had to go to Parents Evening at my nursery.

Ewan:                    Phew!

George:               She came back and we played a game of naming the Royal Baby. My name was best I chose Rory the same name as your brother. King Rory I

Ewan:                    But they’ve not given him a name.

George:               Why?

Ewan:                    Because he’s Royal. His parents can’t be arsed to think of one.

George:               So how will they tell him off? Like when Mum says to me: “George do not throw that.” Or sometimes just “George!!!!!”

Ewan:                    Because they are Royals the parents have servants to tell the children off.  They will just shout “Oi, stop doing that!” Although I think because they are Royal children they are really goody goody and never have to be told off.

George:               Oh no, imagine that boring.

I suppose that’s going to be another birthday party we have to add to the list.

Ewan:                    I don’t think so George.

George:               Why? We get invites to birthday parties of every child we know.

Ewan:                    Yes, and we know him already. But remember servants look after the children and they are poor and don’t splash the cash and are too idle to organise children’s parties.


Have you ever been to George or Charlotte’s birthday party?

George:               No.

Ewan:                    And do you know them?

George:               George, yes hear about them every day.

Ewan:                    Proof the Royals don’t have birthday parties because they can’t afford them. I think they live beyond their means a bit, so some non necessities like children’s birthday parties have to go.

Have you seen the size of the house they live in? Imagine the mortgage on that. They have servants, their mum doesn’t work and they have three children.

His Uncle is getting married soon. Are you going to his wedding? Are you a page boy or bridesmaid?

George:               No, I think my Mum and Dad will go. When they go to weddings they never take me and Freya either Nanny and Grandad or Mamma and Grandad look after us.

Are you going?

Ewan:                    Not that I know to but I wouldn’t know until I am there. My parents do not communicate these things to me.

Why are you not allowed at weddings, George?

George:               We must have a reputation as wedding wreckers. Or is it marriage wreckers.

Ewan:                    Going back to the baby, did you know his great grandmother is the Queen and he could be Queen one day.

George:               If he does become Queen will he have to wear a dress?

Ewan:                    Because of all this equality stuff I don’t think it matters, he gets to choose.

George:               I have a great Mamma and a great Nanny.

Ewan:                    It doesn’t mean she is ‘great’ although she probably is, it’s the terminology for the relationship of your grandparents parents to you.

George:               I don’t have any then.

Ewan:                    I have a great grandma.

George:               Is her photo on any stamps.

Ewan:                    No. I’m glad I don’t go to the Royal baby’s birthday party. I bet he says “My great gran’s photo is on every stamp, lick that!”

That is such a Grandad Joke.

George:               Why would you lick a stamp?

Ewan:                    Historical reasons.

Yikes! Look at the time. Time for nursery.

Bye Bye.

George:               Bye Bye