Ewan (3 yrs) George (2 yrs) Blog Together – SEASIDE Part 2

Ewan (3 yrs) George (2 yrs) Blog Together – SEASIDE Part 2

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 Ewan:                    Hi yer all!

Hi George.

You’re not giving your normal call sign then?

George:                  What for? What do you mean?

Ewan:                    You know, your “World” thing.

Have I finally convinced you it’s rubbish.

George:                  I only use it for my blog.

Ewan:                    But that is exactly what we are doing.

George:                  No… We just did it.

We don’t do it for another couple of weeks, now.

Ewan:                    Grandad says the blog we did is not good enough. He says it was too negative, and if he’s taught us anything in life it’s for us not to be negative.

George:                  Don’t know what gives him that idea.

Ewan:                    He says it gives the wrong impression and makes it sound as if we didn’t enjoy our holiday and he knows we loved it.

George:                  Suppose he is right.

Ewan:                    So, he says we have to make a list of 10 Things We Loved About Our Holiday.

George:                  I suppose that is easy, so we must have enjoyed it.

For starters it was brill for us all to be together from when we got up in a morning until we went to bed at night. I really miss you all now the holiday is over.

Ewan:                    That is a brilliant one to start us off, George.

  1. All the family being together and living in one house.

What an excellent start.

George:                  2.             Me and you, with Grandad’s help fetching all the sea water in our buckets to make a moat round the sand castle. That was so amazingly rewarding.

Ewan:                    Yes, you are so right. It was great and if we did not run back fast enough all the water already in the moat would have dried up.

George:                  But if we ran too fast the water spilled out of our buckets and we had none when we got to the moat.

Ewan:                    It was great. Kept us busy for hours and hours and hours. Well, at least 20 minutes.

It was so good.

George:                  And…

Ewan:                    George, don’t you choose them all, leave some for me. It now has to be my turn to choose one.

There were so many things I loved I do not know what to choose.

What about when we were chased by sharks.

George:                  That does not count. It was good but it was not a seaside holiday thing, it was your own cuddly shark who would not harm a fly.

Ewan:                    Ok. I know what was megabrilliant…

  1. The seagulls dive bombing me and Mamma when we sat on the beach trying to eat fish and chips.

George:                  Yes, that was really funny. We all had to get up and move.

Did you notice I was the only one brave enough to chase them? That, too was so much fun.

I tried flying after them but no matter how much I flapped my arms I could not manage to take off,

Ewan:                    You had eaten too many chips, George, they were weighing you down.

George:                  Me now.

  1. Playing in the Wendy house in the holiday cottage garden

Ewan:                    Wow, yes, when all four of us were in the Wendy house and Grandad was the Big Bad Wolf and came to blow our house down. I was disappointed that he did not have enough puff.

George:                  Then, we all rushed out and pushed Grandad in the Wendy house and kept him locked in there out of mischief so that he couldn’t eat us up.

Ewan:                    I don’t think he would have really eaten us, do you?

George:                  He might have done, you can’t trust anyone and he gets very, very hungry. Far hungrier than the hungry caterpillar.

Ewan:                    5.             Going to the zoo. That was beyond brilliant I loved that so much. I liked the lions best and the tortoise and snakes and chameleons and penguins, all best.

I was dead brave and went down this huge, long, slide tube.

You would not have dared to go in it because there could have been tarantulas, poisonous snakes, lions, tigers, flies or even penguins in it. I was ages. Mum & Dad even got scared and thought I was lost forever.

Only big boys like me were allowed down because I could handle any situation.

Not little tiddlers like you

George:                  I didn’t go to the zoo? Why didn’t I go with you? I like to play with the lions. I would have convinced them I was a big boy  so I could have gone down the big tube.

Ewan:                    You did not go because your Mum and Dad are not brave like my Mum and Dad. They are scared of the animals at the zoo.

George:                  They are so not!

Dad had an urgent surfing appointment, in fact that can be No.6 Surfing.

I did so much surfing they called me Aqua Boy.

Ewan:                    I did loads of brilliant surfing too, but I didn’t see you doing much.

George:                  No because you were enjoying yourself at the zoo whilst I was surfing with my Dad the champion surfer.

Ewan:                    I did lots of surfing with Mamma. I lay on the surf board and she pulled me round the rock pools. It was so relaxing. Heaven.

George:                  I saw her, she is so slow. My Dad’s a Superhero and is superfast at pulling me on the surfboard, he travels faster than the speed of light causing a Satsuma as he goes.

Ewan:                    I think you mean a “tsunami”

George:                  Whatever. We’ve not covered history at nursery yet so how am I to know.

  1.              Going to and from St.Ives on the train.

Ewan:                    I notice you were quick to change the subject there, but to a good subject.

I have to agree with you that was out of this world. They must have been magical coaches though because they went along the track without being pulled by Thomas or any other engine.

George:                  So where was Thomas?

Ewan:                    Gone away on his holidays. Probably on an aeroplane.

George:                  Of course.

Did you see, as we sped along the cliff side, the fantastic beaches, so much sand to play in and turquoise blue sea to swim in if Mum and Dad would only let us  .

Ewan;                    I know, wow, come on let’s move on.

  1.              Knocking down Grandad’s sandcastles.

George:                  Oh, yes, this was so funny.

He spent ages building them up and we took seconds to knock them down…

Ewan:                    …and he tried to chase us but he’s slower than the slowest tortoise, It was so funny.

George:                  He sculptured the Lightning McQueen boat out of sand for us too.

Ewan:                    Now that was good.

George:                  My Dad made one too, you know.

Ewan:                    Not as good as Grandad’s though, was it?

George:                  No, I suppose not.

But the sea came in and washed them all away.

Why does the sea come in and go out, again. And where does it go to, Ewan?

Ewan:                    It needs to do otherwise it would get bored if it stayed in all the time.

George:                  Where does it go?

Ewan:                    Depends, sometimes nursery, sometimes the zoo, sometimes the Post Office with its Mamma to buy sweets and sometimes to football practice and tennis practice or Tescos, but never McDonalds because there isn’t one around here.

George:                  Interesting.

  1.             Has to be watching Disney’s Cars 3 or The Greatest Showman on DVD on the TV.

Ewan:                    But although that is good it’s hardly Holiday Special, good.

George:                  It is because only on holiday can we have a day doing fun things together, go back to the holiday home, have a bath get ready for bed and sit quietly, the four of us together and watch the best DVDs in the world ever, together. And we did some of our best ever dancing to The Greatest Showman. That was such a special moment.

Ewan:                    Ok, I agree.

So here we are the last one, No.10.

George:                  Oh no it can’t be, I’ve got millions more. What about my fishing net, the special relationship I had with my bucket and spade, the rocking horse, Santa’s reindeer, swimming in the rock pools, paddling in the sea, climbing on rocks…

Ewan:                    Forget it George.

No.10 is the rainbow.

George:                  The rainbow?

Ewan:                    Yes can’t you remember it. The Holiday House was at the end of it which meant the Holiday House was magic with a pot of gold and a perfect place for unicorns to live.

George:                  I didn’t see the pot of gold did you?

Ewan:                    No, suspect Grandad took control of the pot of gold.

George:                  Did you see a unicorn, Ewan?

Ewan:                    Yes, every night in our bedroom.

George:                  Oh.

Ewan:                    Did you see one, George?

George:                  Urm, well, erm, y…es.

Well is that it now? I need to go. Things to do. My toys will not play with themselves.

Ewan:                    You are right,George. The TV won’t watch itself either.

I think Grandad should be pleased with what we have written

George:                  I think so, too.

Ewan:                    Bye Di Bye

George:                  Bye Bye



“Make each day your masterpiece.” ~John Wooden


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