Ewan (4 yrs) George (3 yrs) Blog Together – THE OCTOBER HALF TERM  AMAZING ADVENTURE

Ewan (4(& a half)  yrs) George (3 (& a half) yrs) Blog Together – THE OCTOBER HALF TERM  AMAZING ADVENTURE

jeanniejeanniejeannie.co.uk BLOG Saturday 9th November 2019

WARNING: Very, very long Blog Post (Because we’ve had such a good time together)

George:                  Hi, welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

Ewan:    Oh, no George. You’re not still saying that rubbish catchphrase that still gets on my nerves so much, are you?

George:  It is a tremendous opener and means no one is left in any doubt that it is me Blogging.

Ewan:    But it is me Blogging with you. I just stamp my personality on the Blog, so no one has any doubts that it is me Blogging.

Anyway, do you realise we are breaking the law?

George:  No. What law?

Ewan:    Grandad’s Law that states we should not Blog together because some people don’t like it.

George:  Oh, that one. I’d forgotten about that because it is so long since we did Blog together.

I think I prefer Blogging by myself anyway. I’m able to say what I want, and no one is there to mock me when I say: “Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?”

Ewan:                    George stop whinging, you moron.

George:                  What’s a moron and why am I one.

Ewan:    It’s just what you are. Now, there’s no wonder Grandad doesn’t let us Blog together we’ve put together 190 words and said nothing yet. Let’s explain why we are Blogging together.

George:  I’ll gladly do that.

Ewan:    Ok.

George:  I am now 3½ years…

Ewan:    George, I’m now 4½ and I even go to proper big school now. But I’ve not mentioned that yet because that’s not why we are Blogging together.

George:  Anyway, Ewan, as you are going to school why are you still Blogging? That is another of Grandad’s Laws. When we start school, we are no longer allowed to Blog.

Ewan:    Me and Grandad discussed this matter in great depth and we mutually agreed that I could continue Blogging until my 5th birthday in February.

George:  Wow, that’s brilliant.

Is Big School good?

Ewan:    It is simply amazing. I love it. I don’t know why you don’t go. It’s far better than nursery.

You know at nursery how the days are so long and tedious and full of screaming kids, 7.30am until 5.30pm. It used to do my head in. I don’t know how you put up with it.

School is only 8.45am until 3.15pm. And Mamma or Granny pick you up afterwards. Sometimes even Mum.

George:  Why does my Mum pick you up at 3.15pm and leaves me until 5.30pm.

Ewan:    Because when I say “My Mum” I mean my Mum, that’s Auntie JuJu to you.

George:  So, why don’t you say Auntie JuJu, then I wouldn’t be confused.

Ewan:    You wandered off the subject again, George. You are worse than Grandad, Concentrate.

George:  I’m surely not worse than Grandad. Please, please, Ewan, tell me I’m not as bad as Grandad.

Ewan:    Ok, you’re not as bad as Grandad. Should I tell everyone why we are blogging together so that we get it in before the end of the Blog Post.

George:  No, no, I’ll stick to the point. I’ll do it properly.

We are blogging together because we have spent a lot of time together this Half Term Holiday.

Ewan:    Yes, and it has been a special, long two-week holiday.

George:  It has. And apart from being on holiday we celebrated Halloween together and November 5th Firework Night.

As all four of us cousins had so much fun together, we thought it was easier if both of us told you about all the fun.

Ewan:    Everything has been such tremendous fun. There was the holiday in the Lake District. But you only stayed three of the seven days. Why was that George?

George:  My Dad preferred to go to work than for us to be on holiday for a week.

Ewan:    Work must be amazing because grownups spend so much time there. I’ve said before we know our parents more intimately than we know anyone else in the world, and there is no way they would spend so much time at work if they weren’t having major fun.

George:  Have you noticed none of our grandparents work.

Ewan:    That is living proof of what we are saying. Work must be ultra-fun and that’s why grandparents don’t go because as you know they are too old to have fun.

George:  Yeh, what you say is not wrong. I wholeheartedly agree.

Also, on the Dad front, my Dad would never work instead of going on holiday if he wasn’t having more fun at work.

But don’t forget, we did come for three days and had major fun and a Halloween Party.

Ewan:    You did, thank goodness, and can I just tell everyone that one of the times we all went to the Lake you and Rory went in too deep and all the water went over the tops of your wellies and wet your socks and feet.

George:  Did you have to say that, embarrassing me?

Anyway, it was no problem, Mamma gave me her socks to wear which fitted beautifully.

Ewan:    Do you know what I wish George?

George:  Something that has some detrimental affect on me, no doubt.

Ewan:    I could not do anything detrimental to you if I wanted. I can’t even say the word let alone understand it.

But I wish instead of wearing socks Mamma had been wearing black tights. If you had to put those on, they would have been too big for you. You would have had to pull them up over your body and head and tie them in a great big bow on the top of your head.

That would have been hilarious.

George:  Ha, ha, ha, hilarious. I am laughing my head off.

Ewan:    I thought you wouldn’t like that. You are particular about your appearance aren’t you.

George:  Of course. Mamma says it is important to look smart as that’s how people weigh you up.

Ewan:    You even wore the smartest Count Dracula suit I’ve seen on any kid even down to a Bat Tie.

You looked even smarter than Gomez Addams in the Addams Family movie.

George:                  You went to see the new Addams Family movie, didn’t you?

Ewan:     Yes, it was brilliant.

George:  I didn’t. I watched the first one with you on holiday in the Lakes. But I was a little bit scared in parts.

Ewan:    That’s because you don’t yet go to school.

George:  But I wasn’t scared at Allan Bank, the National Trust house we visited in the Lakes.

Ewan:    It wasn’t in “The Lakes”, or it would have been wet like your socks.

George:  You know what I mean.

There was an amazing (real) skull on a grand piano there.

But I wasn’t scared.

Ewan:    The Pumpkin trail was brilliant.

George:  It was. Did you see that skeleton half in and half out of his grave? That didn’t scare me.

Ewan:    What about the haunted tunnel?

George:  And that ghost blood curdling yell as we walked through it.

Ewan:    Everyone said that was Grandad making the noise.

George:  But Grandad’s not a ghost. Although sometimes he looks like one.

Ewan:    They only said that so we wouldn’t be scared.

George:  I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

Ewan:    In fact, I saw the ghost in the tunnel.

George:  Your joking because ghosts are invisible. You can’t see them, just feel them and hear them.

Ewan:    But this one was wearing a hat and shades.

George:  Where you scared? Why didn’t you show me?

Ewan:    Nothing scares me because I go to big school. I didn’t show you because I didn’t want to scare you.

Anyway, although we had a great time and partied in the Lake District when you were there it carried on after you had gone home.

We went to the World of Peter Rabbit and The Lakeland Motor Museum where there was Bluebird that broke speed records and loads and loads of red cars. Your favourite.

George:  Red cars are fastest, not blue ones. But I bet Lightning McQueen was not there?

Ewan:     No but Bluebird was bigger and faster than him. And me and Grandad won majorly on this game of skill at the Museum.

George:  What did you win?

Ewan:    80p

And we went on the Lake (not in it) on a boat.

George:  I don’t care because when we got home, I had lots of Halloween Parties and Pumpkin Trails.

Mum has invested heavily in our Halloween gear and wants to get her money’s worth.

Ewan:    What, parties by yourself?

George:  No with lots of friends and we made Christmas lists and I helped Dad make Sister Freya a pirates treasure chest for her school homework.

We went to lots of cool places too.

Ewan:    You should have asked them to put the heating on.

George:  Oh, dear Ewan that is such a Grandad joke.

Anyway, we saw Peter Rabbit the Movie when we were with you at the holiday home.

Ewan:    Yes, and I liked that, too. But it was good when we got together for most of the week after the holiday.

George:  It was the best. But Cousin Rory fractured his elbow at the Trampoline party too. Boy was he brave.

Ewan:    No, he wasn’t. He went to hospital and they bandaged it and put it in a sling and gave him a cake.

The following week I broke my leg at school and could not walk on it. I did not go to hospital. I did not even have a sling for my broken leg.

When I got home and told Dad he said “Do you want to go to the hospital or play with the tablet.”

Naturally, I weakly but bravely said, “I would play with the tablet.

George:  Wow, Ewan that is very brave of you.

Ewan:    I know. The difference between me and Brother Rory is that I have weekly football training.

They train me to handle broken legs and arms and just get up and carry on as normal.

George:  The Firework Party was good wasn’t it.

Ewan:    I like the rockets best. But I find the noise a little too noisy.

They all go to the Moon you know.

George:  They may get caught in the clouds and not reach the moon.

Ewan:    No, if they did they’d set the clouds on fire and there would be loads of cotton wool blazing in the sky.

George:  That would never ever happen because the clouds are filled with water.

Ewan:    Anyway, when man landed on the moon he couldn’t find anywhere to camp because the moon was covered in rocket sticks.

George. I loved the last big firework, the wonderful colours. Joker it was called.

Ewan:    You are thinking of the film, Clown.

George:  Don’t call me a clown.

Ewan:    No, sorry, George, I meant that was the name of the firework, The Clown.

George:  From Aldi.

Ewan:    Lidl & Aldi fireworks were simply the best.

George:  Grandad says Tesco ones were pathetic.

Ewan:    What was Mamma’s toffee Apples all about that she gave us at the firework party.

George:  An old tradition I think,

Ewan:    I agree I’ve had mine a week and still not got through the toffee to the apple.

George: I’m gonna get Dad to drill into mine.

Ewan:    What’s the connection between toffee apples and Bonfire Night?

George:  Just Mamma as far as I can see.

And, Ewan, what connection does Shaun the Sheep have with the Gunpowder Plot

Ewan:    You got me there, George. I’ve been trying to work that out all week.

George:  Fireworks Saturday Night, Shaun the Sheep Trail Sunday Morning Bonfire Night Tuesday there has to be a connection, but it does elude me.

Ewan:    But I enjoyed the Shaun the Sheep Experience Trail at Sherwood Pines. It was good. But I was disappointed he didn’t jump out from behind a tree with a firework.

George:  He was not allowed due to the risk of forest fires.

I loved being allowed to splash in the loads of puddles and to be allowed legitimately to use a mobile phone because it was integral to the Shaun the Sheep Trail.

Ewan:    Over the last few weeks there’s been so much rain you did not have to go to Sherwood Pines or the Lakes to jump in puddles or get your socks wet. In fact we’ve seen so much water as rain it feels as if we live in the Lakes.

George:  But they are nice places to go to splash in puddles.

Ewa:    And lakes

George:  Guess what? It’s raining again now. Look at that amazing giant as a lake puddle. Let’s go splashing.

Ewan:    So, Shaun the Sheep and Bonfire Night, I need to go and work it out.

Is it because he got a rocket from the farmer when he left the field  gate open and let all the lambs out.

Probably not – let me think some more.

Oh, bye George, and everyone.

George:  Bye, Ewan and everyone. Sorry we’ve gone on a bit but has been such an exciting fortnight.



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