EWAN AGED 4½ BLOG: Snow by Harriet Brundle

EWAN AGED 4½ BLOG: Snow by Harriet Brundle

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Non-fiction Book of the Week – Snow (Weather Explorers) by Harriet Brundle Published by BookLife


Snow by Harriet Brundle is one of a series of 4 books published by Booklife in the series “Weather Explorer”.

The book explains in simple basic easy to read words and glorious full-page, full colour photographs everything the 4-7-year-old needs to know about snow. It is so well written and put together that it is very good for early readers to practice their reading skills and at the same time learn all about snow.

The other three books in the series are: Rain, Wind and Sunshine.

All four of my grandchildren (age range 3½ to 7 years old) got so much from the book but here’s Ewan’s review:



If you read my Blog where I reviewed Christmas, you will have read the most disappointing thing I found about Christmas 2019 was that it did not snow.

Grandad has a favourite Christmas song which has the words “They said there’d be snow at Christmas”. I felt like singing this all the time. But then Grandad gave me this book entitled Snow by Harriet Brundle published by BookLife which is so good we have made it our Non-fiction Book of the Week.

If you cannot have the real thing a book about it is second best and especially a book like this one that has a fantastic clear and colourful photograph on each page so that you get the full impact of snow. The cover even looks like a blizzard.

On Page 4 and 5 Grandad read the 20+ simple words to me. I am just learning to read, and I picked out some words I already know.

The words explained that the weather has to be very cold for it to snow. The pictures in the book show this really well and Grandad and me, talked about them, especially the little girl playing in the snow. I love playing in the snow. There is so much to do.

There is a photograph of a snowball and the words are “Snow is very cold to touch”. Although it has not snowed for a long time. I can remember it being very cold on my hands and face.

Pages 6 and 7 are probably the most interesting in the book. They tell you how snow is made. I bet you thought it just falls out of the sky like rain as I did until Grandad read this book to me and he and I talked about the words and pictures.

The book tells me snow is made from water that has frozen in the sky. The ice falls from the sky as snowflakes. There is an incredible photograph of a snowflake taken through a microscope and it is magnified millions of times, well an awful lot. And it looks magnificent.

I can just about remember catching a snowflake the last time it snowed but it looked nothing like the photograph because I did not have a microscope.

Often these days, because it does not snow much, I go to events and there is an artificial snow machine. We had one at school on Monday. But me and my best friend Arfur hate them. It is not pretty snowflakes that come out of them but nasty wet bubble. Just not the same thing, is it?

As I am only 4½ and nearly 5 years old (it will soon be my birthday in February, I’m getting so excited) it has only ever snowed about three times in my lifetime. That’s why I get excited about the snow. It is also the reason this book is my pride and joy. A way of enjoying snow even though it is not falling outside.

So far, the book has not melted even though it is all about snow.

The book is so full of lots of other exciting photographs and facts about snow. Far too many for me to tell you about here. The best advice I can give you is to go and buy a copy of the book for yourself. It’s the only way you’ll get to know the full excitement of “Snow”: like what to wear, animals in snow, countries where there is snow all the time, and what happens when it melts. Wow, so much I’m snowed under.

Before I close though I must just mention Pages 20 and 21 “Things to do in the snow”. The beauty of snow is that there is so much to do in it. These two pages shows just two things of the hundreds of things: building a snowman and sledging. I just love to do both. The snowman they show is so funny and is wearing a Santa hat.

When you build a snowman it’s like making a new friend. Whether it is winter or summer I love to watch the Snowman and The Snowman and Snowdog videos on TV. I would love having a friend like the Snowman.

This book “Snow” by Harriet Brundle means I can now read and dream about snow all year round, even on the hottest day in summer.

What a brilliant book!

Publisher’s Link   https://booklifepublishing.co.uk/


Snow (Weather Explorers) by Harriet Brundle (Author)


Hardcover: 24 pages

Age Range: 4 – 7 years

Publisher: BookLife Publishing

ISBN-10: 1910512745

ISBN-13: 978-1910512746

Ideal for young readers, each weather type in this exciting series is made easy to understand with a combination of accessible, repetitive text and striking illustrations. Full of fun things to discover about wind, rain, snow and sunshine, the series will encourage reading development and confidence.



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