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Hi, Ewan here.

Life’s fully back to normal after all our Christmas celebrations. Or is it?

In our family life or in my life in particular we’ve launched into Birthday Celebration Season. You need something to look forward to after Christmas or life would seem SAD. You would suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), like Grandad does. But I don’t because I’ve got nothing to be SAD about.

Everyone in my family love birthdays and so does my best friend Arfur. It was Arfur’s birthday last week and I went to his party. There are now just 30 sleeps until my birthday. Can you believe that? And I will be five whole years old.

Everyone, including me, gets a week off school to celebrate my birthday.

And it is just a nice amount of time after Christmas to have forgotten about Christmas and be ready foe more presents.

A nice thing about having a February birthday is that it acts as a safety net to pick up any presents Santa missed off the list at Christmas. Although this year my cunning plan to catch Santa out meant I received everything I wanted and asked for from him.

I’m not sure at this point what I want for my birthday.

Grandad says the Christmas 2020 toys, that is all the must have toys for 2020, will not be launched until the London Toy Fair 2020. The Toy Fair Show is held: Tuesday 21st January: 9am – 6pm, Wednesday 22nd January: 9am – 6pm, and Thursday 23rd January: 9am – 5.30pm at Olympia London, Kensington W14 8UX. In case you need to know, in the Grand and West halls.

Even then they won’t hit the shops until about August 2020. So, I don’t think that will be much help.

But I am sure I will come up with a list when I am forced or visit Smythes Super Toy Shop.

The great thing about having a best mate who has a birthday a month or so before yours is that you can see if he drops any clangers on his birthday choices and you learn from them.

Arfur is just brilliant so his birthday went perfectly. So, I just need to follow his lead, agreed? Agreed.

I’ll let you know more as my birthday unwraps. Is that a grandadism or what?

Since Christmas we’ve had so many brilliant adventures. In addition to celebrating Arfur’s birthday.

You know, life changes unbelievably when you start school. You’ve all this to look forward to Cousin George because you are still at pre-school. People, not just the general public, but Mum and Dad too, treat you so differently when you are a schoolboy.

Like when I was at pre-school I was not allowed to go with Brother Rory to the pantomime, to the Circus or to see certain films. As I complained at the time all due to adults and their reckless ageism.

But now I am at school I am taken to the circus and the pantomime. That reminds me Cousin George got to go to the pantomime and he is still at pre-school. I don’t know how he conned the adults on that one. I meant to query it. But that’s excellent, if he can pull it off. I’m not offended by it. Good luck to him. I never could get them to take me until I was at school.

Even better, recently I was taken to see the latest Star Wars Film at the cinema. That was an amazing grown up thing to do. Although, I thought it was never going to end and it was a bit difficult to understand. But one of the things you learn to do as a schoolboy is blag it (not blog it), that means make out you are grown up and understand it and love it.

Uncle ColCol is crazy about Star Wars and he knows more than anyone else in this world about the Star Wars movies.

It was an amazing achievement to tick off on my to do list.

Another great thing too is that they weren’t allowed to open a McDonalds at Hucknall until I started school. That opened the other week and we’ve been every day since it opened.

Grandad says that’s a slight exaggeration. I suppose it is but only slight. We’ve been a couple of times and it is brilliant.

When you go to school, Cousin George, they’ll open a McDonalds at Coddington. You wait and see.

Grandad was ill on Sunday which meant he was not allowed to come near us on Monday and Tuesday afternoon, after school. Me and Brother Rory keep a watchful eye over Grandad and Mamma on these two days, usually. We keep them entertained and make sure they do not get up to mischief as you know.

But this week we went straight to our home from school with Mamma and only had her to look after.

Grandad meanwhile was left home alone with no one. I dare not think about the mischief he must have got into.

When Brother Rory and I were born Grandad put a photobook together for each of us of photographs of us in our first few months and recorded what happened worldwide in our first year.

We looked through them the other night and I was appalled.

The observant of us, like my good self, noticed in Brother Rory’s book that I was not featured or included. Fair enough, his birth, his book. I understand all that.

But then you look at the book about me and the all about the year of 2015 and Brother Rory is on most photographs with me. That is just not acceptable. Why am I not on the photographs with Rory when he was born and yet he is on the photographs with me when I was born?

There is something very unfair there, and very biased.

To be honest I think I may have a strong case of prejudice which I need to take to the Court of Human Rights.

Mum and Dad tried saying it was because I was not born that I was not on the photographs when Brother Rory was born

What a perfectly weak argument that is. Can’t they come up with something better than that?

Where’s all the creative inspiration gone. Has no one heard of Photoshop? All that was needed was to add me to the photographs when Rory was born or take Rory out of the photographs when I was born, giving equality to all.

I think it calls for the original books to be withdrawn and the books to be corrected and republished to put matters right in the equality stakes.

Grandad will save day. He has just invested in a new version of Photoshop.

I guess I had better close there is a lot on a big agenda, it’s the start of the weekend.

Bye Bye, Ewan



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