Ewan Aged 4 BLOG Review – Going To School by Grace Jones

Ewan Aged 4 Review – Going To School by Grace Jones

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Going To School” by Grace Jones

Publisher Book Life

Our grandchildren have just fully discovered the love of non-fiction books.

Ewan aged 4 years old is so excited his blog post follows my introductory review.

We have four grandchildren between the ages of 3 years old and almost 7 years old. They all love books and have shelves and shelves full of them. They have never known a world without books, But overall, apart from the odd dinosaur book the books have tended to be fictional books.

The books have been picture books until they began reading at school and the two older grandchildren have now graduated on to chapter books. But still fictional.

But, recently I’ve been introduced to non-fiction books in particularly the vast catalogue published by Book Life of King’s Lynn.

I have found the books of great value and wonderfully informative for both me and the children.

I introduced my grandchildren to them, and it has opened up a whole new dimension in their love of books. The most popular book in the collection George aged 3 years will review next week (with a little help from me). But today I, with Ewan aged 4 are looking at a book that has been very important to us.

The book is in the First Experiences series and is entitled “Going To School” by Grace Jones.

The book was very appropriate and helpful because our next to youngest grandson started school this September and it helped him so much.

The book is made up of 24 pages and has good clear photographs of real children and adults on each page. To me this is key With the fictional story books we have painting and drawings, indicating imaginary scenes, but as we have real photographs with vivid colours this underlined the fact that this book is about real life and telling us how school really is.

Starting school is probably the biggest thing a child has to face since being born. Because of our school starting system a school starter can be any age from just turned 4 to almost 5 years old. At their age that is a big difference. The beauty of this book is it is suitable and works so well across that wide age gap.

Most children will have been to nursery and/or pre-school and will not necessarily know what to expect from BIG school. They’ll have heard about and homed in on horror stories older siblings will have delighted in telling them. This book destroys those images and gets across how happier a place school is and shows what a great happy place they are going to. And also clearly shows how to deal with situations.

This book helps to quell any fears and helps to fuel their expectations.

There are under 200 words in the book. But those words have been carefully chosen. We used the book as a talking point which helped talk through everything about school that we would not normally have thought of explaining to Ewan or even had the opportunity to explain. As there are very interesting photographs in front of us with subject headings like “Our Teacher” I was able to read them out which kept Ewan interested enough in the subject to ask questions. We then turned the page to find another aspect to discuss.

Such a wonderful book that helps with a major day in the life of a nearly 5 year old.

But enough from me, you can see I’m impressed with the book, I’ll let Ewan aged 4½ tell you more.

Hi Ewan here.

This is an extra blog I am doing this week.

As you know I started school for the first time 1½ weeks ago. Just between you and me it was one of the biggest things I have had to pull off in life.

But you know me I wanted to stay cool about it and take it in my stride. And do you know what that’s exactly what I managed to do.

How did you do it? I hear you all shout out excitedly.

I know you probably think it was because I have an older brother who has already done two years at school. Well that is where you are wrong. The trouble with older brothers is that you never know when they are winding you up. So, their information is very unreliable.

My Grandad gave me this book “Going To School” by Grace Jones, published by Book Life.

Most of my books tell stories that are just made up and not real. Like I know there is no such thing as a Gruffalo it is just a story. But this “Going To School” book is about real life. How do I know that? There are real photographs of real children and adults, doing real things,

The book is exactly like the photobooks Grandad makes of us when we’ve been on holiday. I love those, they help me remember my holidays.

Grandad says the “School” book is a non-fiction book. Where he gets that word from I don’t know, but you know me I humour him. But I don’t need a special name for it I just know it is good and I loved it.

I looked at it myself to begin with because I liked the photographs. Then Grandad and I went through it together.

Grandad read each page which sparked us off talking about the picture. On the first page Grandad read “What do we do at school?” Me and grandad talked about it and it cleared up a few queries I might have had. We concluded it would be like pre-school but more mature, more structured, more important and would prepare me for my career and ultimate roll in life.

On the next page was a photo of friends to play with. I have to say I looked carefully but none of my friends were there. But there were seven kids in that picture and they all looked happy and friendly and if I come across them at school I would make a friend of anyone or all of them. And it proved school must be brilliant or they would not look so happy.

On the next page Grandad read, “Our Teacher”. The photograph wasn’t of my teacher or my Mummy or Auntie NanNan who are both teachers, but the teacher in the photo does look nice with a smiley face like my teacher.

The next page gave amazing advice that was so useful to me. It said “If we have a problem, we can ask them (teacher) for help by putting our hands up.”

The way it helped me was that I took a yogurt for lunch. The people who make the yogurts don’t like you to eat them so they put the top on tight. I could not get into it. I thought of the help advice and put my hand up and got it sorted.

My brother had told me you do that, but I did not know if he was winding me up to make me look silly. Because the book said what to do I knew it was the right thing.

As it was so long ago that Grandad went to school, if indeed he did because he is so old I don’t think school had been invented when he was my age. In fact he’s probably never been my age. Therefore, the book is brilliant for me to go through with Grandad and explain what school is all about. It is a brilliant educational tool for me to educate Grandad.

I find the book brilliant in so many ways and I’m going to keep it in my Memory Box to remind me of my first week at school.

But most of all on the last page it taught me an ultra important School Rule that is the most difficult thing I have ever had to learn. It is: “Be quiet when your teacher is speaking”. Have you tried doing that. Grandad couldn’t do it, under any circumstances. He would always be in such big trouble for talking.

This fantastic book is “GOING TO SCHOOL” by Grace Jones published by Book Life and I love it.

The publisher’s website:   https://booklifepublishing.co.uk/


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