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Hi, Ewan here.

Where do I start to tell you about the fun and adventure that has taken over my life since I started school. Not only have I been going to school fulltime but on top of that I went to see the ‘Marvel Universal Live’ at Nottingham Motorpoint Arena and went to Goose Fair in Nottingham and helped my Brother Rory celebrate his 7th Birthday.

On top of all that I have found time to learn to read, write, count, spell, draw and make new friends.

And if that wasn’t enough, I’ve learnt how to eat my lunch at school too, and I kept Mamma and Grandad entertained and interested during my first ‘Parents Afternoon’ at school.

And I still found time to learn my swimming and carry on with my football training to get in the England Team. Boy do they need me in their team at the moment with the results they had last week.

That just left me a small window to relax with Larva on Netflix my most favourite TV show in the world.

I know you are dying to know about all these life changing experience, so here’s a little background to some of them. I have been so busy that if I related every experience to you it would fill the internet and leave no room for anyone else. I know you wouldn’t mind but it may be a little unfair to a minority of guys in the remote parts of China, Russia and Australia.

Let’s start with the Marvel Universe Live Show at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena which was ‘the best show ever!’

Following a hugely successful first tour, Marvel Universe LIVE! came back with a brand-new show featuring more than 20 of my favourite Marvel super heroes and villains.

In this all-new production, Spider-Man, The Avengers, The Hulk and the Guardians of the Galaxy joined forces with Doctor Strange – the master of the mystic arts – as they do battle against Loki.

There was cutting-edge special effects, pyrotechnics, and impressive 3D video projections in this completely new thrilling adventure. With aerial stunts, martial arts and daring motorcycle skills.

There was loads of stuff (merchandise) on stalls carefully positioned at every entrance around the inside and outside of the building which I loved. I don’t think Mum and Dad were too happy with these stalls though. It meant Dad not only dipping his hand in his pocket but getting his wallet out.

The whole of the arena floor was the stage We had an afternoon of non-stop action, jaw dropping – sometimes highly dangerous – stunts and movie style thrills.

There was a story but, it wouldn’t matter if there wasn’t – just seeing these super-heroes show their powers with such stunning visual effects was enough to keep this epic show in a league of its own. If you did follow it, the Avengers, Spider Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy join forces with Doctor Strange, to prevent Thor’s brother, Loki, getting his hands on the Wand of Watoomb.

It was amazing. And all the real characters come over from the USA. How did I know they were real? No one else in the world can copy or imitate their powers or stunts, not even actors, so that proves it was them for real.

I know Spiderman comes to England in October every year because he came to Brother Rory’s birthday party last year and that is 2nd October. No, he didn’t come this year, may be because he was doing this show, may be because Brother Rory did not have a Spiderman themed cake.

When Spiderman came on flying through the air, within touching distance at times, wowing us with the most incredibly athletic and acrobatic abilities, you could tell he was virtually superhuman.

The show was so funny at times making us laugh so much I nearly fell off my seat. It was highly entertaining and thrilling. I love motorbikes and the motorbike scenes were epic. I loved Spider-Man’s hilarious ‘first experience’ on a bike, including a full 360 that Dad said even Evil Knievel would be proud of. What on earth is he talking about, sometimes he worries me when he sounds like Grandad and Grandad David all rolled into one. (What a Superhero that would be, not).

I can’t remember hearing them say “Don’t try this at home” so maybe I will, in fact I’d love to try all the stunts at home. I suppose they may have said it but for some psychological reason I just never heard it. Perhaps mentally I blocked it out

The show was simply brilliant. Very loud at times, but I do have sensitive ears. The only thing that worried me was that whilst the Superheroes were away from their hometowns who was looking after their citizens. The villains must have been having a field day. But Dad says DC Comics were not on tour so their heroes would step in.

Phew! Thank goodness for that. With President Trump and Boris Johnson leading the world these days you need superheroes on hand to keep them in check. You cannot let your guard down.

My Dad is so clever he knows exactly who wears the Marvel shirt and who plays for DC Comics. I think I do too because he teaches me.

If the Marvel Universe Live Show and Brother Rory’s birthday were not enough excitement I then went to Goose Fair.

Although I am only 4½ (now official) there have been five Goose Fairs in my lifetime. No, I don’t understand that either. And I have never been to one, until this year. It’s one of the biggest fairs in the country and it is free to go in. But expensive to go on anything. Someone needs to answer for me never ever going before.

Goose Fair is so historical (and hysterical) I thought we ought to take time out (not sit on the naughty step time out, just time to consider the history of it).

Most historians agree the fair probably started just after 1284 when the Charter of King Edward I referred to city fairs in Nottingham. That is 735 years ago when Grandad was a lad.

The name probably came from the hundreds of geese which were driven from Lincolnshire to be sold in Nottingham. A fat roast goose was a traditional Michaelmas treat. Michaelmas Day is 29th September every year.

The fair was originally held in September on St Matthew’s Day, 21st September, but moved to early October in 1752.

Goose Fair has not run continuously, as it was cancelled because of the plague in 1646 and again during the two World Wars in the last century.

Although it is known for its rides and games now, Goose Fair started as a trade event and enjoyed a reputation for its high-quality cheese.

In the 19th century, the fair was shortened from eight days to three days, but after the turn of the century it was increased again to four days.

It was moved from its site at the centre of the town in Market Square to its current location at Forest Recreation Ground in the 1920s

And it took me until now to discover that it is one of the most exciting things ever. For a start to get to it we went on the tram. How exciting. You don’t do that every day. When we got there there was no admission to get in. That didn’t particularly excite or bother me, but it brought a smile to my Dad’s face.

The atmosphere was electric powered by all the generators on the huge trucks. There was noise, big massive fairground noise, music, screams, loads of colour everywhere you looked, along with beautifully coloured lights, sideshows and roundabouts. Electric! It was almost overwhelming.

Me and Brother Rory went on so many rides. Mum took us on the Big Horses. They are not real. Dad moaned that each ride was £2,50 which as there was two of us that was £5 a ride. He should be grateful I would have liked to have gone on the scariest ride in the whole fair, the bungy jump and that was £15 each which would have been £30.

Grandad said he’d love to do the bungy jump, but his pension didn’t stretch to £15. My Dad should have paid for him. To be quite honest I wanted to appear macho and so made out I wanted to go on all the big kids’ scary rides knowing full well I was barred due to size or age. That worked brilliantly in my favour.


The problem is in a couple of years I won’t get away with that excuse. That worries me big time. I will have the option to be a wimp or poo my pants. I’m sure by then I’ll have found a way to get around it. I suppose the Spiderman car we went in was the best ride.

The big horses were the scariest, well you just thought you were sitting comfortably then they would go up and down and up and down and faster and faster, till they almost spun you off.

The most irritating ride was this one where you sat in a metal container going around and around and snow kept blowing in your face from this huge pipe. It was so irritating like opening the car window in a blizzard. Where’s the fun in that?. You have to wonder about someone who still has some snow to throw at you at the height of summer, well ok, autumn.

Do you know I am so cool at Hook A Duck I won every time? It is one of my best skills. I’m hoping Mum can find me a Hook A Duck Club where I can go every week and practice and improve the necessary skills and get even better at it so that I can get into the Superleague and be the All England Hook A Duck Champion. I could then represent England in the Hook A Duck in the Olympics.

On Hook A Duck my winnings were a glitter snake. I searched long and hard for a really good name and decided on Snakey in the end.

I know Goose Fair is very, very old like Mamma and Grandad but why, oh why do they have to play music from Grandad’s era. They could update that bit.

Mamma and Grandad didn’t do any rides although Grandad secretly confided in me, so don’t tell anyone, that he wanted to do the Bungy Jump, the Big Wheel, the Helter Skelter and the Dodgem Cars and Mamma wanted to do the Big Horses. But they didn’t, they just wandered round in a bored daze and miserable like old people do.

We concluded our Goose Fair visit with an ice cream, and I guess that still ends up being the best bit of it all.

At six o’clock our Mummies and Daddies took us back home to bed because we were tired little Teddy Bears.

Oh well! Now is the time to say Goodbye.


Goodbye, Ewan



Life is too important to be taken seriously. Oscar Wilde


Happiness is…being at Marvel Universe Live Show at Nottingham’s Motorpoint Arena


Say what you want about deaf people…


Love is…laughing at the same old joke


Catch A Falling Star – Perry Como

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