Ewan Aged 4 Reviews Animals in Danger by Gemma McMulle

Ewan Aged 4 Reviews Animals in Danger by Gemma McMullen -Non-Fiction Book of The Week

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Non-fiction Book of The Week – Animals in Danger (Environmental Issues) by Gemma McMullen



We have a very serious book to review this week. The book covers a very serious environmental issue and is one in a series on environmental issues. Animals in Danger (Environmental Issues) by Gemma McMullen.

My two older grandchildren can understand the issue of animals in danger a little better than the younger ones. But the younger ones, love the animals in the pictures and the book makes them aware of the animals and their beauty and the importance of them sharing the earth with us.

A book dealing with a very important subject in a straight forward and simple to understand way.

So, consequently I give no apologies that Ewan’s review is very serious this week.



The thing that attracted me to our Non-fiction Book of the Week – Animals in Danger by Gemma McMullen published by BookLife is the cover. Take a look at it. It is a brilliant photograph of a very mean looking tiger with his (or her) head down and on the prowl.

I feel he has his eyes firmly fixed on me. I am sure he has hypnotised me with those staring eyes to look at the book.

But I love animals so much I would not need to be hypnotised to look at a book about any animals but especially wild animals like this tiger. Sometimes people including Grandad say you can’t judge a book by its cover. But often I find you can. You certainly can in respect of this one for example. As indeed you can with most Book Life books. The inside pages are just as gripping if not more so than the cover.

On this Blog Grandad, me and Cousin George usually aim at seeing the fun part of life. At 3½ and 4½ Grandad says that is how life should be if we are to have any chance of a well-balanced adult life.

But Grandad says this book does touch on some serious issues that we do need to start being aware of at our age.

The age range for this book is 6-9 years and I am almost 5 years old. But it is still very suitable for me.

The book is about animals which are in danger of becoming extinct. That means they would be like dinosaurs and no longer on earth.

Firstly, on Page 4 I learned about animal habitats. That is where they live. My house is my habitat. Many animals live in the rain forests, but great big diggers are clearing the forests away. If diggers came to my house and cleared it away, I’d have nowhere to live. And that’s what happens to the animals. Don’t you feel sorry for them? I do.

This book features different animals on every page and that’s a lot of animals and it does not feature all endangered animals in the world. There are many more besides that are in danger.

At my age Grandad reads the book to me and we talk about the beautiful photographs on each page and the incredible animals. I do not fully understand the gravity of the situation, but it is setting the seed in my mind making me aware that we have to do lots to protect these wonderful animals.

Animals that could disappear are those like the Mountain Gorilla on Page 8. Gorillas are my favourite along with the tiger. It would be horrible if there were no gorillas in the world or blue whales (Page 12) or giraffes Page 14 or zebras or cheetahs (Page 15).

On Page 16 Grandad read to me about how poachers, that’s the name for bad men who kill the elephants, hunt them because they use their tusks to make ornaments and sell them to make lots of money. Money is not more valuable than animals.

On Page 23 there is a photograph of a very funny looking bird known as the northern bald ibis. It looks so funny. Apparently, it almost vanished from Europe in the 17th century because people hunted it for food and probably for a good laugh if you see it. But fortunately, they were saved from extinction, because some people cared.

This book is excellent for highlighting some of the world’s animals in danger and explaining in very simple terms why they are in danger. Usually due to man.

The book is the first book I have concentrated on to encourage me to think about beautiful animals being in danger.

With this seed set, hopefully in the future I will build on the information I gained from Animals in Danger and become very interested in saving animals and our environment. The book is very inspirational.

Just a lighter note to end. If the tigers were no more how ever could my dream come true to have a Tiger Come To Tea as in the Judith Kerr book. That’s a good reason to save the tiger. I can think of millions more.

PUBLISHER’S WEBSITE:   https://booklifepublishing.co.uk/


Animals in Danger (Environmental Issues by Gemma McMullen (Author)

Hardcover:            24 pages

Age Range:          6-9 years

Publisher:              BookLife Publishing

This series invites younger readers to consider the impact of human activity on the environment and ways in which we can improve in the future. These titles are filled with fascinating facts and full-colour images that will bring a highly topical issue to life.



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Happiness is…a tiger coming to tea


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