Ewan Aged 4 Reviews  AUTUMN – Emilie Dufresne – Non-Fction Book of The Week

Ewan Aged 4 Reviews  AUTUMN – Emilie Dufresne BookLife –

Non-fiction Book of The Week

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A wonderful and timely book AUTUMN by EMILIE DUFRESNE which explains what autumn is all about, not only to Ewan but all children. It is simple and easy to follow and read for young readers with very clear and colourful photographs on every page.

But enough from me. Let Ewan aged 4 tell you more.



Hi, Ewan here.

We’ve chosen “Autumn” by Emilie Dufresne Published by BookLife Publishers as our Non-fiction Book of the Week this week.

It is a very appropriate book because it is Autumn at the moment. The first 4 pages, as with the rest of the book, has brilliant photographs which leave you in no doubt what autumn looks like and feels like and is all about.

I always know it is autumn because it is Brother Rory’s birthday. Of course, it doesn’t tell you that in the book but on Page 4 there is a photograph of children playing under trees. The picture illustrates how orange and golden everywhere looks in autumn and shows the piles of crunchy leaves that are everywhere you look. There are always so many in Grandad’s garden that he buries us under them. That is so cool, then we jump up like a jack in a box or a Ewan in a Leaf Pile.

There are a few words on each page of the book like on page 4 “Crunch! Crunch! The leaves are changing colour and falling to the ground. It must be… autumn!” The words add to the picture and as I am learning to read, I can pick out words I know.

Me and Grandad then talk about the picture. There is a lot to talk about and especially on Page 5 because that is a picture showing all the seasons and it shows were autumn fits in.

On Page 6 there is a picture of rain and a little girl with a red umbrella. There is silly question, “Have you ever played in the rain?” Is Spiderman a goody? Of course, I have, I am always out splashing in puddles whether I have wellies on or not. Although, if I’ve not got my wellies on I get into trouble.

The book goes on to teach us that autumn is a good season for festivals throughout the world. In China they celebrate the Moon Festival. I love to see the moon. Grandad says as it shines so brightly on me it must love to see me, too.

I have a 2nd cousin JoJo who is half Chinese and lives in China. She’s 2 years older than me and I probably see here once a year. She can talk and read English and Chinese fluently. How cool is that. I can only speak and read English. But she’d not told me about the Moon Festival.

That shows how important this book is. I will ask her about it next time I see her. On Page 15 there is a photograph of Moon Cakes which they eat at this time. They look yummy I wonder if I can get Dad or Mum to make us some.

The book shows turkey for a roast turkey lunch for Thanksgiving, an autumn festival held in America on the last Thursday of November. We do not celebrate that in the UK but Grandad says there is nothing to stop us doing our own special Thanksgiving meal. But Grandad says just give the poor old turkey a thought. I did and I don’t think he will like Thanksgiving, so maybe we’ll give that one a miss.

Page 12 is all about Bonfire Night here in the UK. I do enjoy that but sometimes the noise scares me. I then go inside and watch the pretty fireworks from the window. One time my Dad set a rocket off and I saw it go all the way to the moon.

I was disappointed there was no mention in the book of Halloween, conkers and acorns or Goose Fair. All-important autumnal things for me.

But as usual Grandad had an answer. He has an answer for everything because he must have read every book in the world. He said for a start autumn is such a busy time there is so much going on. So, the publishers squeezed as much as they could into the 24 pages. So much it was brimming over. But they didn’t have room to include it all.

He said not everyone likes Halloween or likes being scared or scaring people like I do. So, the book people are kind and don’t put things in to scare their readers.

Me and Grandad, Brother Rory, Cousin Freya and Cousin George collect conkers. There are lots of avenues of horse chestnut trees on which conkers grow. They are in green prickly shells when they fall off in Autumn and split open there is a shiny brown conker inside. We collect them.

Grandad says in his day they used to play conkers but it’s probably not in the book because you can’t play any more due to political correctness gone mad. Mamma says it’s not PC it is Health and safety to protect us children from being hurt. Grandad says no one was ever killed playing conkers and we are tough kids, anyway. He says he knows so much about conkers he will write me a book about them titled “Conkers Bonkers.

Acorns fall from oak trees in autumn and Grandad says from little acorns oak trees grow. Apparently, he says that we are little acorns. But I don’t want to grow into an oak tree.

In respect of Goose Fair which is over 700 years old and one of the biggest fairs in the UK, it is a true indicator autumn is here, but Grandad says it is only interesting to us in Nottingham.

All this goes to prove how amazingly brilliant good books are. This book Autumn is bulging with interesting facts, words, photographs and pictures, and I learnt so much from it. And like all good books, it is so good we learnt lots about things that were not in the book. The book triggered so many interesting chats with Grandad. An excellent book in every respect!

Bye Bye , Ewan

Autumn (All Year Round) by Emilie Dufresne (Author)

Hardcover:            24 pages

Age Range:           3 – 5 years

Publisher:              BookLife Publishing

PUBLISHER’S WEBSITE  https://booklifepublishing.co.uk/



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