Ewan Aged 4 Reviews Diplodocus by Amy Allatson -Non-Fiction Book of The Week

Ewan Aged 4 Reviews Diplodocus by Amy Allatson -Non-Fiction Book of The Week

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NON-FICTION BOOK OF THE WEEK – Diplodocus (All About Dinosaurs) by Amy Allatson published by BookLife


Yet another brilliant and well targeted book from BookLife Publisher’s this week. The excellent “All About Dinosaurs – Diplodocus” by Amy Allatson.

I love it when I pick up a book for the grandchildren and know they all are going to love every single page. It gives me a tingly happy feeling.

As every child adores dinosaurs, they would love this book any way but Amy Allatson and BookLife have put together an amazing informative and entertaining experience.

Here’s Ewan’s thoughts:


Wow, Diplodocus (All About Dinosaurs) by Amy Allatson is our “Non-fiction Book of the Week” and I love it.

I like everything about dinosaurs. Like George, not Cousin George but George, Peppa Pig’s brother I have my own pet dinosaur.

Not a real one because a real Diplodocus dinosaur is 26 metres long according to Page 8 of the book. That is as long as two double decker buses end to end. Their tail is almost as long one bus. Their neck is long too so that they can eat leaves from the tops of tallest trees. They could stand on our lawn and poke their head through my bedroom window. You can see if I had a pet one I could not keep it in our garden shed with my scooter. It would be too big. And I don’t think Dad would be happy about Diplodocus poo on his prize lawn.

No, mine is a little diddy cuddly dinosaur who lives with me and Gorilla.

The pictures in the book are so wonderful and clear and lets me see exactly what the dinosaur looked like and what the earth was like 150 million years ago. They are so good I thought they were photographs but Grandad said the Diplodocus never bothered to take any photos because cameras had not been invented.

I can’t see any houses or shops in the pictures of earth in Diplodocus times because there was no demand for them as humans were not around until 65 million years after dinosaurs became extinct. It tells me that on Page 6. Not even Grandad was born at that time and he’s really old.

The book is aimed at children a little older than me, Brother Rory and Cousin Freya’s age. They can read the book themselves. They struggle a little on sounding out the dinosaur names, but they are very long difficult words that even Grandad struggles with. But it is excellent experience and practice for them.

Brother Rory knows more than me about dinosaurs because he has been on earth 2½ years longer than me. But there is still lots of information in this book he did not know. Like the Argentinosaurus was 21 times longer than an average human’s height and weighed 100,000 kilograms. I was 3.6kg when I was born. You would need 27,777 baby Ewans to make up that weight, Grandad weighs 85kg. That means it weighed as much as 1,176 grandads. I have enough with two grandads let alone 1,176.

The book is great for my age though because I cannot stress how informative the pictures are and I just love looking at these amazing creatures. What I do like about it also is when me and Grandad snuggle down in a chair together or sit at the table or his desk and we go through the book.

Grandad reads the book to me and we talk about each page. I ask Grandad about things in the pictures and he explains things. Sometimes I have to tell him about things in the picture he either does not know and I do, or he misses. He makes me laugh too when he says the dinosaur names wrong.

Do you know the Diplodocus was an herbivore, that means it only ate plants or leaves? It tells me on Page 14, but it did eat rocks and stones (Page 15). Yuk! But no burgers or chicken dippers or McDonalds. Yet it grew so big. Grandad says that shows I will grow big and strong if I eat all my veg. But I don’t think I want to be that big and I do like my burgers.

This book is so good I could rave about it all day. But whilst I’m telling you all this I’m not looking at the pictures in my book. So I think I had better close.

Bye, Ewan

PUBLISHER:      https://booklifepublishing.co.uk/

Diplodocus (All About Dinosaurs) by Amy Allatson (Author)


Hardcover:            24 pages

Age Range:          6-9 years

Publisher:              BookLife Publishing


Step back in time to a lost world. This exciting series explores all there is to know about some of the most amazing dinosaurs to have walked the earth. With easy to read text and informative diagrams this series is ideal for younger readers.



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