Ewan Aged 4 Reviews  SEASONS – William Anthony BookLife – Non-fiction Book of The Week

Ewan Aged 4 gives his view and reviews  SEASONS by William Anthony BookLife our Non-fiction Book of The Week

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Grandad Review

This week’s Nonfiction Book of the Week is Seasons by William Anthony published by BookLife Publishers. A beautiful book of 24 pages that simply and clearly explains what seasons are in less than 250 words and 25 glorious real-life photographs. But the best judge of the book is Ewan aged 4 (and a half) and he has a lot to say about it so I’ll let him take over:


Hi, Ewan here

Grandad has given me another nonfiction book to look at and blog about. What a brilliant book.

I just love these nonfiction books. They are different to my usual books and are the same as learning things at school.

This week’s book is about the Seasons. Coincidentally it is called “Seasons” by William Anthony published by BookLife Publishing.

The pictures in George’s Poo book last week were all drawings, cartoons and paintings, but this book is full of real-life photographs again like the schoolbook I told you about the week before. Although cartoons were right for George’s Poo book, it made them funnier, photographs are right for a book about the seasons.

Photographs are so real and leaves me in no uncertainty as to what they are about.

Me and Grandad love reading books. I can’t quite read words yet. I have been going to school 3 whole weeks and they have not yet taught me to fluently read. I am rather disgust by that, but none of the other children seem bothered. But when me and Grandad read books we bring brilliant teamwork into play. I read the pictures, I tell him about them, and he reads the words.

Books like this one “Seasons” are so well set out I can read the pictures so easily. And there are only a few words so it doesn’t tax Grandad too much.

These non-fiction books are brilliant for me and Grandad to talk about the photographs and what they are about.

The books are brilliant for Grandad as well as me. Although he is so, very, very old he doesn’t know much, for example we were looking at Page 23. Grandad read the words ‘Extreme Winter’.

“So, what is happening there?” He asked, pointing at the photo. He obviously didn’t have a clue. I had to tell him there was lots of snow and a snowman. One of my favourite films is ‘The Snowman’. The snowman in the photo was not like him but more like the one Daddy builds for me and Brother Rory.

On the previous page it says the ground can be very icy in winter. I know that at sometimes of the year it is cold and icy but I only realised it was called winter when Grandad showed me this book. Santa comes when there is ice and snow so he must come in winter. There is no picture of him. But the words do say ‘Be careful not to slip’. But it was too late, one of the people in the photograph has slipped. I slipped down last winter. It hurt my bottom.

But silly me, I have gone and told you how the book ends first.

The book begins in spring with a photograph of someone splashing in puddles in their wellingtons. I always do that if there are puddles, whether it’s spring or not. That photo could have been of me. Grandad says the photograph is so good he could feel the splashes of water. I don’t think he could it’s just a photograph. I think that is a Grandad joke.

Next there is summer, with amazing pictures of the beach and sandcastles and sea. I love paddling in the sea and knocking down sandcastles in summer. The photo of sandcastles is so real I am hitching to knock them down. When summer comes we always, always, always go to the beach and cool off in the sea and find crabs.

Next is autumn when the leaves crunch as if they are cornflakes when you walk on them. It is autumn now.

I had to teach grandad on two of the autumn pages, yet again. He had to ask me what the two animals were called in the two amazing photographs. I told him a squirrel and a hedgehog.

Grandad said it was a red squirrel. That’s another of his old people complaints, colour blindness. The photograph in the book makes it so clear it is not red but an orange squirrel. But I have learned to humour him. That was one of my life lessons.

I know the colouring on the photograph is perfect because last autumn ( you see I’ve learned it is autumn now) we went to the Lake District and a squirrel kept coming up to our patio door and the colour was orange exactly the same as the one in my “Seasons” book.

Grandad read that some animals, like the hedgehog, get ready to hibernate in autumn. That means they sleep through the winter. That is so stupid because it means you miss Santa and all your presents and building a snowman, sledging in the snow and snowball fights. There is too much living to do! But Grandad is always sleeping. He’d love it.

So that brings me right back to winter, the end of the year and the end of my great new book.

One thing I realised going through the book with Grandad is that mine, Cousin George’s and Cousin Aisha’s birthdays are in spring Cousin Isaac and Cousin Imanni’s birthdays are in Summer. Brother Rory’s birthday is in autumn, and Cousin Freya’s is in winter. Funnily enough I showed all of them my “Seasons” book and said let’s choose our favourite season. We all looked carefully at the wonderful photographs and Brother Rory and Cousin Freya read the words and coincidentally all liked the season best that our birthdays fell in.

Bye Bye Ewan

Seasons (Step into STEM) by William Anthony (Author)

Hardcover:            24 pages

Age Range:           3 – 5 years

Publisher:              BookLife Publishing

PUBLISHER’S WEBSITE: https://booklifepublishing.co.uk/


Use all your senses to discover the wonderful world of science in this beautiful photographic series. Little learners can explore the big wide world and the science behind the wonders it has to offer. From forces to feathered friends, come with us as we Step into Stem!


“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein


Happiness is…enjoying the seasons to their full


My mum bought me a really cheap dictionary for my birthday. I couldn’t find the words to thank her.


Love is…not seasonal


Seasons in the Sun – Terry Jacks

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