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Hi Ewan, here. How you doing?

I’m five, I’m five. I’m a big boy now, I’m five.

“Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear Ewan. Happy birthday to me.

“How old am I now? How old am I now? How old am I now? How old am I now?

“One, two, three, four, five. Hooray!!!”

For anyone who did not know it, it was my birthday this week. On Monday 17th February 2020 to be precise. That’s why everyone gets a week’s holiday from school. To celebrate my birthday.

Do you know the week has been simply amazing? Just take a brief look at the agenda I worked through to celebrate becoming 5 years old:

Saturday:              Cousin Isaac, Cousin Aisha and Cousin Imaani’s house to celebrate my birthday with them

Sunday:                 My 5th Birthday Party at White Post Farm

Monday:               My actual birthday, day. Opening presents all day, followed by a game of golf and then meal out at Bella Italia

Tuesday:               Birmingham Legoland Discovery Centre and Birmingham Sea Life Centre

Wednesday:         Went to the cinema to see Sonic The Hedgehog film

Thursday:             Swimming and Trampolining

Friday:                   Enchanted Fairy Trail at Rufford Abbey Country Park

Mum and Dad’s main present to me was Storm Dennis, which they managed to turn into the theme for the week. How did they manage to organise a whole storm for my birthday?

Storm Dennis lasted all week. They know I love splashing in puddles and getting wet and being blown away. I like a present that blows you, away don’t you. And Storm Dennis certainly did that.

As it was to celebrate my birthday it should have been named Storm Ewan. But my parents sorted it for me so what do you expect. They couldn’t organise a Happy Meal in a McDonalds.

But to give them credit, which I don’t do easily or often, there has already been a Storm Ewan which was named by the Irish Meteorological service Met Éireann and brought strong winds to the Republic of Ireland and northern UK on 26 February 2017.

Storm Ewan was the last-named storm of the 2016/2017. Ewan wasn’t a particularly strong storm and came soon after Storm Doris which brought more widespread disruption across the UK. Ewan was felt more across southern parts of the Republic of Ireland. The storm only had yellow Met Office warnings for wind across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Reports of minor flooding due to wave overtopping and some travel delays at Leeds Bradford airport were seen due to the strong winds.

They did buy me lots of other brilliant presents you’ll be pleased to know. And of course, they organised my birthday week which made it the best 5th birthday I have ever had. I can’t wait to tell you about it.

Saturday:              We went to Cousin Isaac, Cousin Aisha and Cousin Imaani’s house to celebrate my birthday with them because they could not make my White Post Party, on Sunday. I was disappointed about that, but they gave me the best birthday present ever and of the year to date. It was a Buzz Lightyear helmet. A real one. No fake or toy, it is for real and really works with proper lights and recorded voices. You see Auntie Paveen has contacts in high places in America. She’s very well connected. I think she advises President Trump, so she has special access to USA treasures like Buzz Lightyear’s uniform and Star War’s spaceships and the Angry Bird island.

What a brilliant party she organised for me and amazing food. I think she got the food from America too because I’ve never had anything that good in the UK before.

Sunday:                 My 5th Birthday Party at White Post Farm.

This was my proper Live Birthday Party Day where I invite some of my friends and some who aren’t my friends. Mamma and Grandad managed to turn up. They are always there for a freeby. Goodness knows who invited them. It certainly wasn’t me. But they are like that, they just turn up whatever.

White Post Farm is one of my favourite places. There was so much rain, puddles and mud. Mum and Dad were worried that my party may have to be cancelled because of Storm Dennis. But White Post Farm are tough cookies. They could handle it.

We were issued with a bag of animal food. We fed the ducks, geese and moorhens first. Grandad said it was good weather for ducks. I think that was meant to be a “Grandad Joke”. We fed goats and sheep and lots of other animals. And looked at the cows and reindeers and wallabies. We held some rabbits, mice, guinea pig and tiny baby chicks.

I stroked them. But I didn’t hold any animals. Not because I was scared but on principle. Like if I was a rabbit, mouse, guinea pig or tiny baby chick I wouldn’t want snotty nosed kids holding me when I wanted to run off exploring the place. And what would really wind me up is the kids holding and stroking me and then going straight off to wash their hands. That is so rude.

Next, we visited the reptiles. Snakes, lizards and iguanas. I even stroked a snake, here. There were lots of fish too. I didn’t stroke them. There were some big ones but no sharks and no whales. Do you think the keepers at White Post are too scared of sharks to keep them?

You can tell the keepers are a bit scared because they have all these animals but just gentle stuff like sheep, goats, cows and deer. There is no high-end species like gorillas, lions, tigers, elephants and hippopotamuses. I think the keepers are too scared.

If I was the owner of White Post Farm I would have loads of gorillas, lions, tigers, elephants and hippopotamuses.

And to be honest I can’t remember seeing a unicorn. But they do have pigs and a Wonky Donkey and that makes up for everything, I suppose.

After feeding all the animals it was then our feeding time. My party food.

All fifteen of us ate up because it was so delicious. Poor old Grandad, because adults were banned from eating. He sulked and with Mamma and Uncle ColCol went to the café next door and had a latte and a bacon bap.

They came back in time to see my amazing cake. Did you see the headline photograph of it?

Say what you like about my Mum and cakes but I think she should be on Bake Off…

Not as a contestant but as a judge. She always makes sure Brother Rory, my Dad and me are given the best cakes in the world ever… Mine was of a farmyard and all its animals. They looked so real. Don’t take my word for it judge for yourself by looking at the photo

I am too old to have five separate candles on it. I had a No.5 candle, the same as Grandad had a No.70 for his birthday. Of course, I blew the candle out in one.

Finally, I handed out goody bags and a slice of cake to everyone.

The brilliant thing about a party at White Post Farm is that when the party is over everyone can stay and enjoy the facilities for the rest of the day.

I stayed for hours, and hours and hours because I did not want my party to end. I went in the soft play area. On the way we saw the reindeers and the Frozen team: Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven. They had obviously come to celebrate my birthday but then decided to stay at White Post Farm for the whole of Half Term Week.

But my very favourite bit was going on the circular red discs sleighs and riding down the steep slope with all my mates and then running back up to the top and doing it all over again and again and again for infinite, except for one time when I needed the toilet.


The only problem with the sleigh slope is there are loads of rules:

  1. Remain seated at all times
  2. Face forwards
  3. Do not go down backwards.
  4. Do not stand on your disc
  5. Do not crash into your friends
  6. Do not push your disc down with no one on it.
  7. Do not walk up or down or sit on the track
  8. No more than one person on a disc at a time
  9. Do not go down on your disc on your tum headfirst
  10. Do not let Grandad or Mamma have a go.

If you start putting rules in place it kills all the fun and after all rules are made to be broken.

“At six o’clock (well I’m guessing, I’m not allowed a watch or phone you see) their Mommies and Daddies / Will take them home to bed / Because they’re tired little Teddy Bears”

Yes, off home we all trotted.

I guess you are getting excited now because you expect I’m going to tell you all about my birthday.

Well, I’m not today. I am leaving it for another day because Grandad says I have hit the word allocation for today’s Blog.

This has given a brand-new dimension to my writing turning my Blog into a real time experience for you. You will know for real how I felt with overwhelming excitement waiting for my birthday which took so long to arrive I didn’t think it would ever come.

So, until the next time,

Bye, Bye, Ewan




“Love the life you live, Live the life you love.” – Bob Marley


Happiness is…celebrating Ewan’s 5th Birthday


Q:   What do you call a snowman in the desert

A:   Lost


Love is…sharing popcorn




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