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Last week you may have thought you got a week off school to celebrate February Half Term but in actual fact it was a week off to celebrate my 5th birthday.

My week was full of celebration. These are the activities I did each day to celebrate:

Saturday:              Cousin Isaac, Cousin Aisha and Cousin Imaani’s house to celebrate my birthday with them

Sunday:                 My 5th Birthday Party at White Post Farm

Monday:               My actual birthday day. Opening presents all day, followed by a game of golf and then meal out at Bella Italia

Tuesday:               Birmingham Legoland Discovery Centre and Birmingham Sea Life Centre

Wednesday:         Went to the cinema to see Sonic The Hedgehog film

Thursday:             Swimming and Trampolining

Friday:                   Enchanted Fairy Trail at Rufford Abbey Country Park

Saturday:              Artclub & Auntie NanNan & Uncle ColCol Birthday Bash

Sunday:                 The Butterfly House near Sheffield

You can read about the first part of my week and my 5th Birthday Party or remind yourself here at:  EWAN AGED 5 BLOGS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME

Now let’s learn about the rest of my celebrations.

Monday, my actual birthday day. Opening presents all day, followed by a game of golf and then meal out at Bella Italia

Yours or my 5th birthday is a key one. I had been patiently waiting for it since I was born. Mum and Dad are so unfair to me because they let Brother Rory have his 5th Birthday years before they let me have mine. That is so unfair and ageism at its worst.

But you know me I’m a patient little soul/son. I think I had to wait until they’d had chance to save up again because they spent sooo much on Brother Rory’s 5th birthday.

I could have stayed awake with excitement all through the night before my birthday. But I chose not to. Mainly because it had been a very active day feeding the animals, eating my cake and opening presents from my party mates.

I woke up to mountains of presents on my 5th birthday morning and they just kept arriving all day. Overall your party, your cake and your presents are the key ingredients for your birthday. If they are shite so is your birthday. But I did good.

I’m a very fickle soul so my favourite presents went from a Paw Patrol figure, to Yellow Dump Truck, to Remote Transformer, to PJ Masks costume to Poo Game.

You may ask what happened to the Buzz Lightyear Helmet. It goes without saying that that has now become a staple part of my uniform. I cannot be without it.

Why do people buy me clothes and books for my birthday? They are day to day necessities provided as a duty by my parents. Birthdays are for exciting surprises. Although I secretly liked the huge crab on the front of the fleece Mamma bought me. Don’t tell anyone though or I’ll be swamped with clothes as presents and that you just do not want.

And who decided on cards for birthdays. They are just a distraction from present opening.

We played Golf, my game of choice, unfortunately, indoors due to Storm Dennis. Who took the decision to move indoors? It would have been fun getting the balls into puddles and battling against the wind. Naturally as you would expect I got a Hole In One for my birthday! Of Course, my good friends Cousin George and Cousin Freya joined us.

Grandad and Mamma didn’t go to golf. Lots of exercise and no food always keeps Grandad away. But they did join us at the After-Golf Meal at Bella Pasta. See what I mean. That was a non-exercise, food only event and Grandad is first there.

Mum and Dad had obviously organised that as a Grandparents Participation Event because Granny was there and Mamma and Grandad. Only Grandad David was missing.

Obviously, my good friends Cousin George and Cousin Freya joined us.

The food, pasta and ice cream. No, not in one bowl. That is such a Grandad joke. The bit I didn’t like was it appeared to be a Three Bears Theme Night and I got the bowl that was too hot which burnt my fingers long before the food got to my mouth. I must have got Daddy Bear’s Bowl.

Mamma asked for a cold bowl which sorted that one. It’s good to have Mamma around she is useful in a crisis. I can see why Grandad sticks with her. The downside is she buys clothes as presents.

Tuesday was Birmingham Legoland Discovery Centre and Birmingham Sea Life Centre Day. To be honest I don’t know how much admission Dad paid but the Legoland bit was like being admitted to Brother Rory’s bedroom. There was a similar amount of Lego to the amount Brother Rory has. The plus to Birmingham Legoland is than I am allowed to touch the Lego there. But I’m not allowed to touch the Lego in Brother Rory’s bedroom.

In Birmingham Sea Life Centre, my favourite was meeting Pablo the Gentoo penguin. He’s a notoriously cheeky and curious bird who loves nothing more than to cause some mischief! He was in the Penguin Ice Adventure Exhibit which had an Antarctic landscape. You should have seen his cheeky antics, as he dived beneath the freezing waters and played with his friends in their icy home. With indoor temperatures of 8 degrees Celsius we had to wrap up warm.  We decided to see who could give the best imitations of a penguin waddle. You guessed correct; it was me.

By Wednesday Dad was worn out. He couldn’t take the pressure and keep up. He opted out and went back to work to recover. (No one else came either so I think my birthday week has been so good it has exhausted everyone.)

So, Mum took us to the cinema to see Sonic The Hedgehog film. Ben Schwartz stars as Sonic the Hedgehog. His costume and makeup are so good you can’t tell it’s him at all.

I did find this family-friendly action-comedy suffered from a simplistic story and leaned too heavily on tired visual clichés, Sonic the Hedgehog was nevertheless boosted by solid performances from Ben Schwartz as Sonic and Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik. Their ongoing cat-and-mouse game was entertaining, and passionate fans of the Sega franchise should appreciate all the nods to Sonic’s history. For all the borderline tedium I felt at Sonic the Hedgehog, I do realize that this is a picture made for 8-year-olds. And they’ll probably like it just fine. Yet I would also call the overly kiddified tone of the movie a mistake. To 23rd February Box Office was $203.1m Production Budget $81–95m. In my books that’s a success.

Thursday was a bit of a normal sort of day with Swimming and Trampolining. But I do have a few issues here. Cousin George and Cousin Freya went to Robin Hoods Bay and Scarborough – the Yorkshire Coast Seaside. Ok, Storm Dennis blustered around them as they swam in the sea and it blew their sandcastles down on the beach. And they couldn’t go crabbing because the crabs were so scarred of Storm Dennis, they refused to come out to play.

But why did they go on my birthday treat week and I didn’t? There needs to be an official enquiry into my Birthday Week Organisers on that one. The bad news is Cousin George and Cousin Freya said they still enjoyed it even though I was not there.

Friday, The Enchanted Fairy Trail at Rufford Abbey Country Park. You have to question this celebration too, although having said that it did redeem itself. So, I’m not too worried. If you were looking for an event to entertain Macho Man Ewan would you choose Enchanted Fairy Trail? Of course not. I’m not into ‘Enchanted’ or ‘Fairy’. Ok, I maybe into Trail. What made things worse is at the start Mum said ‘Don’t run in your wellies. You will fall over.’ I did. And I did.

Boy did I cry. Well you would too. It’s bad enough hurting yourself but then the damage to your pride when you realise Mum was right is irreparable.

But at the end we did have food and watched cars splash through the ford. The ford was very full of water yet another advantage of Storm Dennis. Some cars drove through, slowly, slowly, carefully, carefully like Granny and Mamma drive. BORING! But some 4x4s and White Vans sped through. As fast as they could. Splashing huge, splashy waves of water. Wetting the people on the other side of the road. Brilliant!

We fed the ducks, but the geese scared me. Why do they have to be so arrogantly aggressive? Don’t they know it’s my birthday? We roly pollied down the grassy slopes. The great thing about this was how muddy our coats became due to Storm Dennis having poured so much rain on to the grassy slopes.

And I got a prize at the end. I think its for if you have had the courage to stick the trail out to the bitter end.

Grandad was not put off by Enchanted, Fairy or Trail because he knew there was food and ice cream at the end. I had an ice cream which also had a tub of teeny tiny jellybeans. Millions of them every colour of the rainbow. The good news is they last forever. The bad news is Grandad loves them and it’s a pain keeping his fingers off them. He is such an irritating old man!

As we get to the end of the week I’m running out of word allowance so I am not able to go into great depth about the events, not because they were any lesser events but due to shortage of word allowance.

Saturday – Art Club & Auntie NanNan & Uncle ColCol Birthday Bash. No, Art Club was not at Auntie NanNan & Uncle ColCol’s nor did they come to Art Club. They are two separate events. At art Club I created this amazing Paw Patrol Tower. And Rory created something else. I’m a brilliant artist and Paw Patrol Tower creator.

I think Auntie NanNan wanted to keep up with the Birthday Bash Auntie Paveen put on for me. Auntie NanNan does not have connections with people in high places in America but she does in Sutton In Ashfield.

Sunday, The Butterfly House near Sheffield. This place was mega-brilliant because I think it probably started off as a Very Hungry Caterpillar Theme Park. The very hungry caterpillars probably ate loads and loads and loads, even more than Grandad. So, they were too big to become beautiful butterflies and turned into crocodiles and dinosaurs. Or bearing in mind Eric Carle’s book The Very Mixed Up Chameleon maybe they were very mixed up very hungry caterpillars.

If you forced me to pick the very best bit of my BIRTHDAY WEEK I would have to think very, very carefully then say: “Cousin Isaac, Cousin Aisha and Cousin Imaani’s house to celebrate my birthday with them, My 5th Birthday Party at White Post Farm, My actual birthday, day. Opening presents all day, followed by a game of golf and then meal out at Bella Italia, Birmingham Legoland Discovery Centre and Birmingham Sea Life Centre, The cinema to see Sonic The Hedgehog film, Swimming and Trampolining, Enchanted Fairy Trail at Rufford Abbey Country Park well the ice cream bit and the fast cars going through the ford (not the slow ones and roly polying down the slopes), Artclub & Auntie NanNan & Uncle ColCol Birthday Bash, The Butterfly House near Sheffield.

Phew, then it was back to school for a rest.

Bye, Bye Ewan.

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“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” – Confucius


On 26 February 1797 the Bank of England issued the first £1 note


Happiness is… Pablo the Gentoo penguin and Sonic the Hedgehog


Q:   What type of bee can’t be understood?

A:   A mumble bee


Love is…the answer




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