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Everything is always changing. I thought once I was potty trained changes would stop and life would become more stable.

Why can’t we just get into one routine and go with it for life.

I resist change, Grandad has taught me all he knows and more on that subject, so, I am a past master, an expert on resisting change.

Grandad has lived a life of resisting change and I intend to take on the baton and follow in his footsteps led by his example.

I do not know how Mum and Dad manage to live a meaningful life whilst letting so much change take place.

Just take a look at the changes that have happened to me over the last month inflicted purely by Mum and Dad:

1              Moved up at nursery to pre-school section

2              Broke up from nursery for holidays

3              Went away to Cornwall with all my family 10 of us for a holiday

4              Just getting used to it and we changed again and came home

5              My staple diet for TV watching is the Disney/Pixar film Cars 3 – I watch nothing else. But then, out of the blue, change is forced upon me and I have to watch “The Greatest Showman.

6              I used to have football practice lessons once a week – where’s that gone? I’ll never be good at the game.

7              I used to look after Mamma and Grandad once a week, it kept them in line. That’s not happened since the end of July and so they have become unruly and uncontrollable.

8              Mum used to go to work but she doesn’t anymore since the end of July and boy it cramps my style. Don’t get me wrong I love my Mum but in small doses please.

9              My Dad seems to have an off/on relationship with work – first he is working, then he’s off and then he’s working again, then he’s off and now back at work again. How inconsistent. Dad, work is a regular habit. Get real.

10           We went to Legoland, Windsor. I assumed we had moved there permanently, but we were there two days and then annoyingly Mum and Dad pack up and we came home. What’s that all about? Where’s the consistency?


12           Some normality and stability is returning to my life, Mum has begun work again, so has Dad for the time being, at any rate. Brother Rory has had two days back at school. But I am still in the pre-school group at nursery and it’s still full of kids bigger than me and it’s doing my head in. I am still not fully in control of the section.

See what I mean about changes in my life? Nonstop change. It frustrates me. You can’t live life without a routine, doing the same old thing week in week out.

Talking of change, I had best change the subject.

We’ve just done the birthday season. Everyone seems to get a birthday at this time of year except me. I notice they keep that as an ultra strict routine, because it’s not in their interest to change it.

Anyway, in all those birthdays it was my dearest Mummy’s birthday. You thought the same as me, didn’t you, that she was too old for birthdays. Well, she still sneaks them in.

No matter what the occasion and birthdays are no exception, she gets a box of these very special chocolates called Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates.

They are described as:

“The Sea Shells are Guylian’s icon. The square white box that conquered the world and innumerable hearts. Guylian invented Sea Shell chocolates as a souvenir at the Belgian coast but it soon became a bestseller and synonymous with the brand. Every elegantly crafted Sea Shell chocolate is filled with our original hazelnut praliné filling, that is still made according to the recipe of our founder. Savour an indulgent taste sensation and spoil your senses. Each 500g box contains 44 delicious Sea Shells.”

Mom has trained me to love Guylian chocolates, in the same way that she does. I am passionate about them and for me having selfish tendencies in some ways especially when it comes to chocolate, they are the one thing that makes other peoples’ celebrations and presents bearable.

But I have had an issue with Mum over the ones she has had for her birthday this year. When I have got home from nursery each night, whoops, sorry, “Pre-school Nursery” I have automatically made my way to Mum’s Guylian and arranged for my quota, a minimum of three a night. After “Pre-School Nursery” they are the one thing or three things that get me over it and makes me think life is worth living again.

My maths, is not yet quite up to my Dad’s degree standard, but it is slowly getting there. There are 44 shell shaped chocolates in Mum’s box. There are four of us in the family. She is real big on sharing. So to be fair, 44 between 4 of us is 11 each. If I have 3 a night that’s 4 nights worth.

Ok, so someone only gets 10, as long as it is not me, it doesn’t particularly matter.

But Mum had the audacity to stop me and wait for it, only with me stressing in a major way did she give in and actually allow me one.

She said Cadbury’s Freddy Frogs are for little boys, Guylian are for Mummys.

Yet again I am up against my human rights being violated. That action is childist (I think I mean ageist) – if I was an adult she would not say that at all. The action is inhumane and cruel, chocolates being in the house and me not being allowed to eat it.

And on top of that I believe it to be sexist because I know I would automatically be given them if I was a little girl because little girls are always favoured and I have three little girl cousins that prove it.

Finally how can you seriously compare a Freddy Frog to a Guylian. A Freddy Frog is made of scraps of chocolate left over from other chocolate bar runs roughly chiselled into a frog shape and wrapped in a picture of a frog.

Guylian are as described above, made from special blends of beautiful rich chocolate and additives moulded into a perfect shell like case. Which do you fancy most?

Exactly… I rest my case.

And by the way, what did Brother Rory do that was so good he was given two extra days off school to be with Mamma and Grandad whilst I was unceremoniously dumped at nursery… oh sorry “Pre-School Nursery” and left to stew in my own juices. Well I didn’t, see, because I made damned sure I put my potty training into full practice.

I believe it was punishment for me demanding more Guylian. But I do not care, it’ll take more than two days “Pre-School Nursery” to break me. I’m made of tough stuff.

I think that’s a good place to stop, way up on a high note.

So, until next time,

Bye, Bye, Ewan.



“Let your life lightly dance on the edges of time like dew on the tip of a leaf.” —Rabindranath Tagore


Happiness is… a box of Guylian Artisanal Belgian Sea Shell Shaped Chocolates


A prisoner’s favorite punctuation mark is the period. It marks the end of his sentence.


Love is…someone indispensible


Changes – David Bowie

Did not chart – From the Hunky Dory album Very popular track.

Album made No.3 in 1972

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