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Hi Ewan here.

So Princess Charlotte was three years old on 2nd May. She finally caught up with me! I was three in the middle of February.

Being a royal princess may mean you have lots of privileges but it didn’t stop me being three before she was.

I still have not received an invite to her birthday party and I get invited to everyone’s party. I can understand though. As I have said many times in this blog my Mum is hopeless at hitting the actual birthday day for our birthday party and it can take place any time up to two weeks before or after the actual birth date.

You can imagine if your mum is married to the future King of England and she’s just had a new baby that your party could be at any time. Probably two weeks next Christmas.

Or maybe her mum forgot to send out the invites. Mums are always forgetting things. There’s no wonder, they do as they dump us at nursery (or school as in Brother Rory’s case) or with grandparents and go off having loads of fun at work. Selfish I call it. They are having so much fun they forget the vital things of life, like where Dumpo my Lego dinosaur is.

But Princess Charlotte will love being three years old. I do.

I wonder how her birthday went? I can’t see the real Lightning McQueen turning up with a birthday card like he did for me. After all, her great grandma has loads of real coach and horses. I don’t think she’d go to MacDonalds for a birthday tea either. Apparently it would take three hours to get from her palace to MacDonald’s at Bulwell and three hours to travel back. Her servants will make her some chicken dippers and fries with ketchup, won’t they?.

At Princess Charlotts’s and my age you are so experienced with life. You’ve had three whole years of life experience. That is a lot of experience, to be honest, a life time’s experience.

On Princess Charlotte’s birthday Maria Lally acknowledge and wrote about our age group “The Threeagers”.

I was pleased we’ve finally got recognition. All our intensive work has not been in vain.

I was concerned that M/S Lally’s article was mainly about female threeagers and she mainly referred to girls and not boys. But Grandad pointed out that was understandable as the subject in question was Princess Charlotte’s birthday.

But do not forget this is the age of equality.

Apparently she quotes Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, a child psychologist, as saying “I call this stage the attack of the ‘I can do it’s’”.

Yes, right and we can do it and do you know why? Mum and Dad dumped us at nursery to fend for ourselves making us very independent. But even worse they forced us in to babysitting and minding Grandad and Mamma at a very early age. Boy, does that make you grow up fast? It is such a huge responsibility.

I don’t think Princess Charlotte has had to babysit her grandparents, but maybe her great-grandparents. That is an even greater responsibility babysitting the Queen of our country. No wonder she has an ‘I can do it’ attitude.

Maria Lally goes on to report that we threeagers have no sense of our limitations. What is she talking about? As I am Spiderman I am invincible and have no limitations.

That brings me to another point. M/S Lally discusses the fact that threeager girls insist on which clothes they should wear. Threeager boys do too. When I’m on Spiderman duty which is most days I insist on wearing my Spiderman suit. But it could be my Gruffalo suit, my lamb suit I wore for the nativity play or even Brother Rory’s Batman outfit I wear when he does not know whilst he is at school.

The problem is if you leave my Mum to dress me she just has no idea. She puts me in a blue ‘T’ shirt and denim trousers. How unfashionable is that for a Superhero? My friends at nursery would pee their pants and get a potty training black mark with laughing so much if they saw me.

And talking of Superheroes that is the phase I’m in. Disney Princess’ are ok, and I do have the physique that makes a tutu look good on me. But I have to admit I pay lip service to PC folk, because someone has to be responsible and stand up and save the world as a Superhero. A princess can’t do that.

I do feel for Princess Charlotte now being demoted to the middle child. I love being the cute youngest child of my family unit. No, I’m not the baby! Remember I’m grownup, I’m three years old.

I have fought hard to keep the place as the youngest. I literally fought with Brother Rory to keep it. I worked out that if we were a big enough pain to Mum and Dad they would be so exhausted at night they would just not want one.

Cousin George is joining the Terrible Two’s next week and he’ll be a threeagers this time next year. I’ve been there done that and unfortunately, due to Mum’s fashion taste, I’ve even got the ‘T’ shirt – see what I mean? I am teaching him all I know and he’s a fast learner.

His Mum and Dad think he’s very bad compared to his older sister Cousin Freya. All I can say is; You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!


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