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Hi Ewan here.


Have you seen what it says at the top of this Blog post? “EWAN’S BLOG: (4 YRS)”.


Yes, “EWAN’S BLOG: (4 YRS)”, that’s right, in brackets 4 years.


I assure you that is correct and not a Grandad typo. Grandad makes a lot of typos when he is typing my blog but this is not one of them.


On Sunday 17th February 2019 I became one year older and woke up 4 years old. Although Mum says I was born about 7.00pm that day four years earlier.


Waking up four years old felt very different and things happened to me that had never ever happened before. It was amazing.


Things like the following Top 10:


  1. There were lots of birthday cards waiting for me with ‘4 Years Old Today’ on them. In all of my four long years of life that had never happened before. And it got better
  2. I had lots of presents I had never had before. I can count to ten and there was more than that so I think there were trillions of toys and books that were mine to keep that I had never, ever had before.
  3. Cousin Freya and Cousin George sang “Happy Birthday to Ewan” on a video over Whatsapp. Ok they’ve sung Happy Birthday to me on previous occasions but this is the first time they’ve sung it because I was four years old.
  4. I think I grew in the night. Mum, Dad Mamma and Granny all said I was a big boy now so I must have done. I should have measured myself before I went to bed Saturday night and then again Sunday morning to prove it. But I can reach a Cadbury’s Chocolate Cream Egg from the far side of the work top in the kitchen. I couldn’t do that last week. Mainly because there was not an egg on the working surface.
  5. Mamma and Grandad came to our house for coffee and brought me presents and a Happy 4th birthday card. They have never, ever, ever done that before.
  6. Granny and Auntie Debbie came to our house and brought me presents, an Angry Bird balloon and a Happy 4th birthday card. They have never, ever, ever done that before.
  7. Mum went to the Co-op to buy Danish Pastries for morning coffee for all the people visiting. She had never ever, ever done that before. So, I knew it must be my fourth birthday.
  8. Mum and Dad went out and brought back a major, massive Red Angry Bird Cake that said on it “Happy 4th Birthday, Ewan” or all those words in some sort of random order. That has never ever done that before, for me. They have for Rory, obviously under the favouritism banner. They always do things like that for Rory first,
  9. We didn’t go to Rufford Park and it was Sunday! We have never, ever, ever done that before.
  10. I had my major fourth birthday party at Oceans of Fun in Hucknall. I know I sometimes forget things, the same as Grandad does, but I’m sure I would have remembered if I’d had a Fourth Birthday Party before.
  11. I felt four years old inside. Do you know what I mean? Do you feel that way? Do you really, really have that gut feeling that you are four whole years old? I’m one of the big boys, now!


(Is 11 more than 10? I hope not.)


At my party there were lots and lots of children with parents and carers. All my friends were there and some kids I can’t stand (Mum invites anyone whether I approve or not) were there too and even some kids I didn’t know. Still the more there are the more I blend in and can get away with mischief without being noticed.


Sadly Auntie Parveen and Uncle Chris weren’t there with Cousin Isaac, Cousin Aisha and Cousin Imaani. They were away on holiday. I can’t blame them I would be on holiday if I didn’t have this fourth birthday party to host.


Auntie Debbie wasn’t there because she was too ill. I think she’d eaten too many chocolates like Brother Rory once did that made him ill, too.


Now I am four years old I love facts. The facts about my party are: Mum and Dad had gone for the PREMIUM Party. It was for two hours. They paid extra for hot food. There was unlimited juice. (Made it a bit like an all inclusive Benidorm holiday.) Also included were invitations, Party Bags, and exclusive use of the party room.


I said to Mum if we’ve got exclusive use of the party room why are all these kids here? She said because they are all your guests, you have to entertain them. But they are kids they‘ll entertain themselves. They don’t need my input.


Anyway Mum and Dad didn’t stretch to the Laser Tag Party for another £2.50 a child. We could have had “an exciting action packed party with a smoke machine, laser lights and laser handsets.


Or for £4.50 a child extra I could have had a Teddytastic Party Make A Bear. Every child gets a bear.


There is loads of climbing equipment, slides, sit upons and ball pools at Oceans of Fun. But there were so many children all over them that me and Cousin George thought we were best to keep out it as it was an accident just waiting to happen. Instead we devised our own game. Cousin George chased me as fast as he could around the tables where the adults were sitting drinking coffee.


Because I was now four years old, boy could I run fast. Loads faster than two year old Cousin George. We were so fast our skin leaked and we were desperate for a drink. But the unlimited juice was not apparent.


As I was four years old I did feel justified at going and banding my fist on the counter – as I am now four years old I can reach the counter – and say “I demand my unlimited supply of juice”. But Cousin George and me felt it was taking advantage of my age.


Cousin George said that Mamma is always a soft touch and he was right. We laid our exhaustion on a bit thick and she bought us a drink.


Best bit of the party is where you get to sit on a throne like King Piggie in the Angry Birds with all your subjects (guests) around you and eat as if you are a hungry four year old. That’s never happened to me before.


Then, the massive, huge Angry Bird cake was piped in with four candles burning brightly. Due to my experience of blowing candles out on my birthday cake for three previous birthdays I was able to blow all four out in one go,


That was as those gathered around me sang “Happy Birthday to you”.


I then went home laden with gifts.


As I opened up all my presents on all the boxes were the words “Suitable for Age 4 years and over”. Or “Not suitable for under 4 year olds”.


I had to pull Cousin George up a couple of times for playing with some of my “4 years and older” toys. You see he’s only two years old, the poor little wee mite.


I was ready for bed that night. Being four years old is a lot more tiring than being three years old. But I love being four. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me.


I was read a bedtime story from a book suitable for 4+ years. I reflected on my day and then had a panic attack. Would I still be four years old in the morning? Or at midnight would I turn back into 3 years old. I asked my Mum.


She reassured me I would be four for another year. But years are funny things. They are very fluid. Last year on my third birthday I had lived three years. So I thought I had a third of my life to live to get to 4 years old. But now I am four years old, three years to four years is only a third of my life and four to five is even shorter only a fifth of my life.


My brain hurts. Life is strange!


My birthday continued with a week of celebration.

Soon it will be Grandad’s 70th birthday. To celebrate he has a list of 70 places he will visit.


I thought I’ll have some of that and I visited four places to celebrate my forth birthday.

They were:

  1. Monday – Yorkshire Wildlife Park. My favourite animal is Marty the Zebra but I saw a Wallaby with a baby called Joey in its mummy’s pouch. Because I am four years old mum couldn’t carry me in her pouch. So the baby was not as old as me. I loved it so much I took one home with me. (Not a real one).
  2. Tuesday. Home for Present Play Day. I had the chance to go and see the Lego Movie 2 with Brother Rory and Cousin Freya but opted to stay home with Mamma, Grandad and Cousin George to play with all my “Age 4 years and over” toys. I think they call it the soft option. I had a great time.
  3. Wednesday. Manchester. We went to a fantastic aquarium at Manchester but then went on to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. Although this was a great thing to do for my birthday I was a little disappointed that it ‘is designed specifically for children aged 3-10 years’. According to their internet site. It would have been more suitable for me if it was ‘specifically for children aged 4-10 years’.


Still I did get to experience what it is to like be eaten by a lion. I stood in a lion and looked out through its mouth for a photo opportunity. But it’s not scary being in a lion’s tum because the inner stomach wall is made of Lego bricks.


Grandad often tells us about in his politically uncorrect childhood when lions used to eat children and they used to have pop songs about it. A case in question was “Albert And The Lion” by Stanley Holloway.


Grandad says as kids he and his mates were tough, and wrote in chalk on blackboards, wound up gramophones for music and ate bread and dripping rather instead of a McDonalds and girls were female and boys were male. So a kid being eaten by a lion was nothing to them. See what you think read it here.

  1. Friday. Leicester Space Centre. Now I’m four I can fly to the moon.


5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Blast off!


Bye By…


Always go out into public dressed like you’re about to meet the love of your life.


Happiness is…a Happy 4th Birthday


What gets bigger the more you take away?

Answer: A hole.


Love is… when he/she is the sunshine of your life


House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals

Highest Chart Position: No.1 9th July 1964


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