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Wow! Ewan here.

I just do not know how I manage to fit everything into my busy life,

Take this week for example. Not only have I had to do my full stint at pre-school and babysitting Mamma and Grandad, I’ve also had Pancake Day, World Book Day and International Women’s Day to celebrate with an extra day of Grandad babysitting and then I had to write my Blog, too.

I bet that has shocked you. You cannot believe one human being can do so much in one week. That is because I must be Super Human.

Where to start? I think World Book Day is the best place because me and my Brother Rory and my Mum and my Dad love books. Our house is full of books. So, World Book Day is one of the most special and important days in our household apart from International Women’s Day, of course.

I was not at pre-school on World Book Day so I feel I missed out in a way. At Brother Rory’s school he had to take in his favourite book to school and also take in one to swap. At Cousin Freya’s school it was even more exciting, you had to go dressed up as your favourite character from a book.

If I had taken in my favourite book I would have to carry so many I would need a trailer on the back of Mum’s car to carry them all.

Brother Rory took in his Mr Marvellous book by Adam Hargreaves. Brother Rory thinks he’s Mr Marvellous but he’s not he’s Mr Silly, I’m Mr Mischief, Grandad is Mr Tickle and Mr Greedy all rolled into one. He is exactly the same shape as Mr Greedy.

Mamma is Little Miss Sparkle in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Sparkle loves to dance and sparkled when she danced even more. During a week, she lost her sparkle and asks Mr Silly (I suppose that has to be Grandad) to help. Because of his silliness, she laughed more until she was all better.

Granny is Little Miss Wise. Little Miss Wise is always thinking. She is wise as an owl – possibly, two owls. Being so wise and sensible means that Little Miss Wise brushes her teeth every day, makes her bed every day, tidies her house every day, and does lots of other wise and sensible things. If you are as wise as Little Miss Wise, you will know just what kind of other things she does; among them, Little Miss Wise goes for a walk every day. Little Miss Wise has been published under the alternative titles of Madame Sage (French).

I like the sound of Little Miss Star, too. Little Miss Star is the 19th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Star wants to be popular more than anything. She goes to see a man (we can only see his long legs; it is later revealed to be Roger Hargreaves), and the next day she walks past a shop window and sees her book (Little Miss Star, by Roger Hargreaves) in the window. This is the second Little Miss/Mr. Men book to break the fourth wall (the first was Mr. Small).

Brother Rory took The Twits by Roald Dahl as his book to swap.

I wouldn’t have been able to part with any of my books so I would have had to take one of my Mum’s. That wouldn’t have mattered because she has so many and her books are all boring. You won’t believe this, well you will because I’ve blogged about it before, but Mum’s books are so boring there is not one picture in them?

I love action books. You know the sort I mean, like my Cars 3 book where you press lots of buttons and they make noises of cars or my Thomas the Tank Engine book and you press all the buttons to hear Thomas and his Friends and the Theme tune. Or lift the flap books where you lift the flaps to find Spot the Dog.

Even Dad’s favourite books have pictures in them. What’s your Dad’s favourite book you ask? ‘What HiFi? Monthly’. If he had had to go to work as a character from his favourite book it would have to have been a 77” flat screen TV.

Cousin Freya went as Matilda from the Roald Dahl book of the same name.

Brother Rory did not need to dress up but I still think he looked a marvellous Mr Marvellous when he went to school. So he did dress up as his favourite character, anyway.

Cousin George probably went to nursery as George from Peppa Pig.

My favourite book is Peppa Pig: The Fire Engine: My First Storybook. But I suppose if I was to go dressed as my favourite character it would have to be the Red Angry Bird. But Grandad says that is not a book character.

So…I think…yes…The Gruffalo, no, no, wait the Big Bad Mouse from the Gruffalo as he is more mischievous. Or The Highway Rat, he’s good and gets to eat all the cakes.

Grandad dressed up as Miss Trunchbull from Matilda and he was able to use the costume again for International Women’s Day. He also fancied being Worzel Gummidge to Mamma’s Aunt Sally. Mamma makes a brilliant Aunt Sally.

I would have dressed up as Alice in Wonderland or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Ollie, Granny’s dog could be Toto or I could have dressed the cat up who is also outside our front door. That would have been fantastic to celebrate both days.

Or as I love Kes Gray’s Daisy books I could have been Daisy for the two days. The trouble with Daisy Books is there aren’t enough of them.

I didn’t see what dress Dad wore to work for International Women’s Day. Knowing Dad I bet it was a bit outlandish, low cut and revealing.

I am amazed at how all three of the week’s events, Pancake Day, World Book Day & International Women’s Day all tie in with each other with various connections.

My favourite books are Peppa Pig books. I love Peppa Pig Pancake Day where her Mum is brilliant at making pancakes and then her Dad has a go and messes it up by tossing it too high and it sticks to the ceiling. Everyone laughs at him. Then the pancake falls down on to his head.

Mamma made brilliant pancakes just like Mummy Pig and tossed them well. I wanted Grandad to have a go. I just knew he would hit the ceiling but he wouldn’t even try.

So, Pancake Day celebrated with a story from one of my favourite books (celebrating World Book Day) and showing the supremacy of women when it comes to pancakes (celebrating International Women’s Day).

And on Pancake Day I also supported International Women’s Day by watching the Peppa Pig Pancake Day episode on YouTube whose CEO is the most successful female in any internet company and on the internet.

Grandad says Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. It always follows Pancake Day. Not another event!

He’s definitely lost me, ‘Ash’ and ‘Lent’? What do I have to dress up as for that? Fortunately he said it’s lost him too and we’re best not going there.

I need a rest from all this celebration. I think I’ll read my £1 World Book Day Book, ‘10 Little Book Worms’.

That sounds good

Bye Bye, Ewan


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