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Hi, Ewan here.


Last Tuesday Mamma came and fetched me from Pre-School early. Normally she collects me at 1 o’ clock in the afternoon. This week she collected me at 11.30 in the morning. I think it was probably because I broke up on Wednesday night for Spring Bank Holiday Half Term.


I know that does not make sense because if you are finishing Pre-School early for a holiday it is on the day of breaking up and Mamma collected me a day before I broke up, I still had another day to go. But it all fits in because Mamma is always up to something strange. And it’s not just me that says that, Grandad says it too, so it must be right.


The downside was I missed my Pre-School lunch. They were just dishing it out. I know you are gonna say but you got a cheese cob at Mamma’s, which I did. But if I’d have stayed at Pre-School I would have got their lunch and then a cheese roll at Mamma’s house. So, I missed out on Pre-school Lunch.


After I had my lunch a lady came and cut Mamma’s hair. It was a bit boring for Mamma. She didn’t have a red car to sit in or TV with Peppa Pig on to watch whilst her hair was cut, like me and Brother Rory when we go to the hairdressers.


Mamma and the hairdresser just talked and talked… and talked about boring stuff. The hairdresser was very, very good though she never laughed at Mamma once even though Mamma’s hair was wild and crazy.


Thinking of Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig is the bestest ever thing in all the world, ever on TV this week, well today at least. But I do not know why I’m telling you that you will know it already.


You see Peppa Pig is the only programme on TV that reflects life the way it really is. You’ve seen Twirlywoos, and the Teletubbies and Thomas The Tank Engine and Peter Rabbit & Friends, they are good but not life as we know it.


Lightning McQueen, Spiderman, Angry Birds Toy Story and Super Wings are part of the fantasy worlds that I’d love to be part of but are a different world and a different way of living.


Ok, go on,  I suppose Bing is good and like real life but he’s not a piggy. And Mr Tumble is like Grandad in fancy dress, but to be honest having Grandad all afternoon Tuesday means I’ve had my fill of that sort of stupidity and cannot face Mr Tumble.


Of all TV Peppa Pig is so life as I know it. Here are my 10 reasons why:


1              In Peppa Pig I learned how to speak police language. Do you know how policeman greet one another, what police speak for “Hi” is? It is “Hello, hello, hello” and I learnt that by watching Peppa Pig on TV.


2              Peppa has a younger brother named George. I know that is so about real life. My Cousin Freya (a girl) has a younger brother named George (a boy). So you see Peppa Pig couldn’t get more real and true to life than that.


3              In one episode they are at Playschool and all the children have to say what they want to be when they grow up. The children say policeman, nurse and doctor. Peppa does not know what she wants to be but Peppa’s brother George says he wants to be a dinosaur. That is so uncanny because that is exactly what I want to be when I grow up. A dinosaur. Spooky eh?


4              Peppa’s dad reminds me of my dad. He goes to work, so does my dad. He does an obscure job neither Peppa nor me understands. So does my dad. He has stubble on his face. So does my dad. He wears glasses and so does my dad, they look like the same ones my dad wears. He must have gone to Specsavers, just like my Dad & Mum & Brother Rory. He makes out he knows a lot of stuff that he doesn’t just like my dad. He makes out he’s good at something and he’s not. Like Peppa’s dad said he was brilliant at making pancakes and tossed them so high they stuck to the ceiling. And he said he was excellent at DIY but when he hung a picture on the wall it went all wrong and he ended up with a great big hole in the wall. My dad has done all that and more besides.


5              Peppa has a silly Grandpa who makes silly Grandpa jokes. I have a silly Grandad who makes silly Grandad jokes. In one episode of Peppa Pig her Grandpa falls into a muddy pond. Her Granny comes up and asks him what he is doing. He replies drinking a cup of tea. He wasn’t really it was a Grandpa joke. My Grandad is always making jokes like that that are just not funny.


6              Peppa has a Granny. So do I. But then it gets a bit complicated. She has a Grandpa. I do not have a Grandpa but I have a Grandad David and a plain old Grandad because we do not know what else to call him. But I also have a Mamma. And that is the only major flaw in the Peppa Pig programme because everyone needs a Granny and everyone needs a Mamma. Peppa Pig and George is missing out so much without a Mamma.


They also need a couple of cousins too to get the most from life.


7              Peppa goes to Playschool another name for Pre-school or nursery and so does George. I go to Pre-school which is a sort of nursery. I start real school in September so Peppa must do.


8              Peppa and George have bunk beds. Me and Brother Rory do too, but they are not in the same room so they are not on top of one another. It would be great fun to have my bed on the top of Rory’s but I can see problems. It would need to be in his room so I could keep my room for when I wanted to play with my toys and read my books. And Rory would want the top bunk and I need to have the top bunk.


I guess Mum and Dad know what they are doing not letting us have bunks!


9              George has a blue scooter. My scooter is blue. My Dad’s car is blue too. How weird is that?


10           Both Peppa and George love wearing wellies and going out on rainy days and splashing in muddy puddles.


OMG, I just do not believe that. Do you know what the most favourite thing me and Brother Rory like to do on rainy days is, yes, we love wearing wellies and going out and splashing in muddy puddles.


11           When it is bedtime Peppa and George have to go to bed whether they are tired or not just like me and Brother Rory.


12           When they go to the zoo they love the penguins. So do I. It is so uncanny, the similarities, bizarre.


I could go on. There are hundreds and millions of other similarities. I could list them all but you’d get bored or if you didn’t I certainly would.


There are also some things where we are not the same, though. But not many:


Peppa and George’s house is on the top of a hill. Mine and Brother Rory’s house isn’t

Peppa and George is on Channel 5. Me and Brother Rory are not

Peppa and George is on YouTube. Me and Brother Rory are not but would be if Grandad has his way.


I make that 2½ things, that’s not many is it.


There are lots of Peppa Pig episodes on TV, thank goodness. There is a grand total of 316 Episodes. That is a lot compared to mine and Cousin George’s Blogs: I have done 92 Blog posts. This one makes 93 and Cousin George has done 85. In addition there are 17 we have done together. In total that is only 195. We need to do another 121 to catch up with Peppa. I need to let George know.


These are the details of Peppa’s shows:

Series      Episodes                Originally aired

First aired                              Last aired

1              52                           31 May 2004                       30 November 2004

2              52                           4 September 2006               20 June 2007

Christmas special                                25 December 2007

3              52                           4 May 2009                          17 December 2010

4              52                           23 May 2011                       28 December 2012

Specials 3                              14 February 2015                                6 March 2016

5              52                           24 October 2016                  21 September 2018

6              52                           5 February 2019                  Present


Totalling 316 Episodes.


She’s also made a film “My First Cinema Experience” a 72 minute film at cinemas in 2017. It has taken

$6,150,270 at the Box Office.


Anyway, Peppa Pig won’t get watched if I stay  here blogging to you. So I’d best be away to the TV.


Have a great Spring Bank Holiday. I’m off to find lots of interesting, life enhancing things to do. I’ll tell you all about my adventures afterwards.


Bye Bye, Ewan.


I love being envied and hated, because no one envied the ugly and nobody hated the weak. – Anon


Happiness is…Peppa Pig


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