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Hi Everyone, Ewan, here.

Apparently it is Summertime and the living is easy:

Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high.

Oh, your daddy’s rich, and your ma is good-looking.

So, hush, little baby, don’t you cry.

That’s a song my Grandad sings. Have you heard him? No! You are very (very) lucky.

The only positive thing I can say about that song is that the words are very, very true.

We are at the height of summertime at the moment. The sun has been shining everyday for a week. The weather has been warm and it is daylight when we go to bed at night and when we get up in a morning. As far as I know it stays light all night.

Where the song is very wrong is that ‘the living is NOT so easy’ in fact it is tough because there is so much to pack into life in the Summer.

First of all Friday: this was Summer Family Get Together Day. On the agenda was Tea at McDonalds followed by Toy Story 4 at the cinema.

You have to visit the cinema when it’s the hottest day of the year because you need to spend the time indoors where it’s dark and stuffy. The problem is whoever organised it miscalculated as the hottest day was the following day, Saturday when temperatures rose to over 30 degrees.

I have watched Toy Story 1 (but it’s not called 1 it’s just called Toy Story for some reason), Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. I know the characters as if they were my own toys and some of them are.

As Toys R Us have closed down Pixar/Disney obviously think they can’t buy toys from a shop now so there were no new proper toy stars. The co star in Toy Story 4 was a toy made by a child from scraps called Forky.

To be honest that child had made a pathetic job.

I’ve been there done that and got the T shirt or should I say toy. I have made far better toys from the rubbish bin.

What Pixar/Disney failed to realise is that there is a brilliant toy store called Smyths which has so many brilliant toys and also one called Mr Entertainer. But Grandad says may be President Trump has banned toy stores in the USA where Pixar/Disney live, because he does things like that. He doesn’t have or needs a reason he just wakes up and says “I think we’ll ban toy shops today.” And they are banned.

Anyway, moving on, I was good at football practice this week. Yes, I had to fit that in my busy schedule. There were loads of highs for me in football as usual, like when I got the ball off six other kids and scored and all the parents clapped and the coach said “Weren’t you filming that, mum?” Sadly but as expected she wasn’t.

As the English Ladies football team got to the semi-final this week I was expecting the call-up to play for them. But it didn’t come. I know why. I was so busy and overcommitted. Although Grandad said, it was because you had to be a lady to play in the England Ladies Soccer Team.

What a load of rubbish he talks at times. Has he not heard of gender neutrality. You can’t rule people out on gender these days not like in his day.

Anyway they lost at semi-finals stage on Wednesday against the holders USA. They only have themselves to blame. It would have only taken one telephone call and I could have been there in a couple of hours.

Saturday afternoon was the Summer Fete at Brother Rory’s School Fete and my school to be in September, so I got a taster of it.

I am now, really looking forward (or so my Mum tells me) to it because there were lots of games, face paints, a bouncy castle and real live horses to ride on. I wanted us to have a horse race but the lady and guy with them wouldn’t let us. I will do when I start school, though.

I think the horses were the ones from Mamma & Grandad’s field because there was a white one and a brown one. I rode the brown one because it was the best one and the fastest.

I think I saw something that was being kept as a surprise for me when I start school to make school an acceptable environment for me.

On a wall out of sight at the back of the school Banksy (the artist) has created a life size picture, using aerosol paint of ‘Marty’ The Zebra from one of my all time favour films Madagascar. It is so good and so real. I think he did it so I would feel at home. So I’m warming to going to school and I’m starting to understand why Rory likes it so much.

Obviously, it’s not just to get out of babysitting Mamma and Grandad and keeping Mum company on Thursday and Fridays.

In the evening we went to Mum’s cousin’s 25th wedding anniversary, which was mega-brilliant.

If you’ve never been to a 25th Wedding Anniversary celebration, as I hadn’t, you won’t know that they are all about high jumps – on the trampoline and best of all water fights. And you even get food.

It is worth being married for 25 years just to experience the water fight, as far as I can see. No wonder Mamma has stayed married to Grandad so long.

On Sunday to celebrate the start of Wimbledon Fortnight we had to have a two hour tennis lesson. Why was that then? Probably if I knew what Wimbledon Fortnight was all about it might give me a clue.

Grandad said it is when Wombles come out to play. I don’t know what Wombles are either. I’ve heard they are the Teletubbies of my Mum and Dad’s childhood. But I think the comment is another Grandad joke.

Whatever, strawberries and cream seem to be involved, also. I’ve played lots of tennis before and had many lessons. I love all sport but the down side to tennis is I have difficulty incorporating my superb footwork ball control into the game.

Next we moved on to foot golf. I don’t know if golf has to do with Wimbledon. Boy, was I getting tired. I’d already done a swimming lesson on Thursday as well. To remain a member of my family you have to be fit and physical, you know.

What I can’t understand is in football with the ball at my feet it goes any place I choose it should go. No problem. In tennis you bang the ball over the net and that’s all you need to do and await its return. But in golf you try to get the ball into a hole or one of the novelty jobs if it’s crazy golf. Will it go in? Will it buggery? A very frustrating game!

On Wednesday Mum went to my new school and got my book bag, which is like Rory’s. I’m not sure about that. It starts to become a little real, now, a little too close. Am I going to be a person who adapts to changes easily or a person who hates change? I’ve not made my mind up yet. I’m too young to know. But my books fit into my book bag neatly so that’s a blessing and a good start. I just need a sandwich case now. Food is key in this life.

And Mamma & Grandad,  just stop asking me about school, ok?. I’ll talk about it when I’m good and ready. We need to live in the moment. There’ll be years and years and years…and years for me to talk about school. But there is only days left to talk pre-school.

I bet you are thinking what an ultra busy week you’ve endured, Ewan. How did you manage to cram all that in? That is exactly what I thought. Then when I thought I can’t physically do any more I had to do an extra Mamma & Grandad babysit on Thursday which between you and me I could have done without.

Thursday is my swimming day. My chill day. Looking after Mamma & Grandad just undid all the relaxation vibes swimming produced. Would you not think they would say Ewan has had such a hectic week we can’t put him through the additional trauma of babysitting Mamma & Grandad.

But there’s just no thought put into it. You just have to be a tough cookie, like me, to survive in my family. It’s no place for a wimp.

At least there is a fire engine at Mamma & Grandad’s. A toy one that is, not a real one. I have learnt how to fill it with water and squirt it at Grandad. The things you have to do to keep grandparents occupied.

When Brother Rory came home from school we got Grandad to dig for worms. It stops him falling asleep. We found hundreds of big fat juicy worms. Brother Rory loves picking them up. I’m not so keen. But it’s amazing the things you’ll do, the fears and phobias you’ll overcome to keep your grandparents entertained.

Grandad says it’s time to close now, but I’ve not told you about my Lightning McQueen rug or the story I wrote. I’ll just have to save that for next time.

Bye Bye, Ewan.



I would always rather be happy than dignified– Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre


Happiness is…busy doing nothing


You know what they say about cliffhangers….


Love is… backpacking together


The Wombling Song – The Wombles

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