Ewan’s Blog AGE 3 – Chapter 2 of My Birthday Week Celebration

Ewan’s Blog AGE 3 – Chapter 2 of My Birthday Week Celebration

Hi, so we are talking about Saturday 17th February 2018, my third birthday.

The day was amazing it started like Christmas Day, but we’d not put any carrots out for Rudolf or mince pies for Santa, but there were still lots of presents and apparently just for me.

I felt a bit guilty and selfish, because there were only presents for me, although I did let Rory help me open some presents. All right, some cards. Ok, if you wish to be pedantic, I let him open one card. Ok, Ok, I let him hold the envelope whilst I opened it and I took out the card. But let’s just be fair, it was not his birthday.

Do you know what my main present was? Go on guess. You’ll never guess in a million years.  You ride on it, it eats grass, hay and oats, it drinks water, it lives in a stable, it pulls a cart, it does smelly poos, it has a tail and it says “Neigh!”

No, not a red car, no, not a football, no, not a Thomas the Tank Engine Train Set. I’m going to have to tell you. It was a horse, standing proudly near the window of our lounge. Yes, indoors.

I was able to sit on it and ride it. The hooves were on wheels and I sat on the horses back, bounced up and down and it took me through the house. Amazing!

The only difference between that and a real one was that mine was not a real one and a real one is. Mum (and sadly Dad) are very house-proud and this was the only thing that stopped them buying me a real horse. The poo would mess up their nice clean house and stain the carpet.

I’m glad really though because I think a real walking talking pooing one may have freaked me out.

What really did freak me out is that Grandad has a black and white photograph of him when he was a similar age to me on a similar horse, a Tri-ang Bronco Horse. The thing that freaked me out most was that they even had cameras in those far off days.

So I needed to come up with a really good brown horsey name for my horsey. We all started to think. He is brown, but Mamma said he was chestnut. She must be colour blind because he is definitely brown. All sorts of names were put forward:














ELVIS (Grandad, stop putting words in my blog)




But after lots of careful calculated thinking, I looked at him and knew there was only one name for him. “Horsey”.

As the afternoon progressed different members of my family began turning up. To be honest, even though they all brought presents and cards, you just don’t want it on your birthday, do you? You just want to be left alone to play with the top presents your Mum and Dad gave you at the start of the day.

Cousins Isaac, Alisha and Amani came and then Cousin Freya and George. And Granny and Mamma and all my aunts and uncles. The atmosphere was electric. I was aware we were building up to something big and hugely exciting, and involving Lightning McQueen out of Pixar’s Cars 3. I just assumed everyone was getting excited about a private watching of “Cars 3”. I’ve seen it so many times because we have it permanently on our TV. Most of my family don’t, such as Grandad for example. It is so sad, he and Mamma are only allowed old people’s TV.

I don’t mind them having a treat on my birthday. I’m that sort of nice guy.

But then there was this scary loud growl, so noisy. You know how loud a real live massive dinosaur growls? It was even louder than that. The house shook. I though everyone was scared but they just couldn’t contain their sheer excitement. Everyone piled outside to see the dinosaur. I was not too sure that was a good idea. Ok, I suppose if it was a herbivore but not such a sensible thing if it was a carnivore.

Cautiously I went outside with Mum and Dad and all my cousins. There was no dinosaur but a bright red car which was roaring his engine making the terrifying noise far louder than any dinosaur I had ever met. The car was actually Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 come to visit me on my birthday!

Boy I was scared and clung to my Dad. It was not just the terrifying louder than a live dinosaur roar his engine made, it was the fact he had escaped from the film into real life. Scary! I knew he must be kept on film for a good reason. I had seen the film, I, more than anyone knew what Lightning McQueen was capable of. But who had let him out of the film? Where they trying to capture him to put him back into it, before he did any damage? Was there a reward on his Headlamps?

I was scared for my Brother Rory and cousins especially my best mate Little George. He sat in Lightning McQueen so innocently, perhaps even naive, not realising Lightning McQueen could whip him away into an adventure and he’d never see me or his Mum and Dad ever again. They would just watch him at a distance on TV.

Mamma saw the fear in my eyes, some would call it tears. She too shared my fears. If I am being totally honest she did put those fears in my head in the first place.

Thankfully she whisked me off into the house and upstairs to watch Lightning McQueen from my bedroom window. I have to say that’s the best, most comfortable and sensible way to view Lightning McQueen, through a glass screen. He was still as loud as the loudest dinosaur and I still worried about Cousin George.

In the end Lightning McQueen, gave a mighty roar warning everyone to jump out, did a tricky manoeuvre, made a rude noise to my daddy’s car and left. He had behaved really well and did not get into mischief at all. He let Cousin George out and all my other cousins and relations. Makes me think he’s a good sort really and he had come specially to bring me a birthday card.

The only problem is Lightning McQueen is red. Red is my favourite colour. Everyone keeps saying red is Cousin George’s favourite colour. But it’s not, it is mine. Cousin George’s favourite colour is blue.

My favourite colour is red.

Well, there’s lots more to tell you as special birthday celebrations carried on throughout the week.

Look out for the next chapter.

Be, Bye, Ewan.