Ewan’s Blog AGE 3 – No 4 Birthday Week BIRTHDAY CAKE & PARTY

Ewan’s Blog AGE 3 – Chapter 4 of My Birthday Week BIRTHDAY CAKE & PARTY

Hi Ewan, here.

So, here is Chapter 4 of my Birthday Week Blog.

Sunday morning being the day after my birthday. A lie in, and then a chance to finally play with Horsey and get to know him and investigate all my other presents.

But there was no chance.

“Come on you two, coats and shoes on. We are off to Rufford Park for a Ewan Birthday Walk with the family.”

“Can I take Horsey.” I yelled as my extremely loud protests against going out unbelievably went unheard.

“No. Horsey stays here.” Ordered Dad. But why? Rufford Park is an ideal horse place.

Do you know I am such an amazing child because I eventually got over that and took it in my stride? Even though I thought the visit to the Park would be a time consuming, pointless waste of time apart from the eats at the end.

Finally, like all things, it was over and we were back home. Birthday treat was far from being the correct description for that pursuit.

At last back home i could play with Horsey and my birthday presents. But no, we launched into Mum and Dad’s new favourite pastime, or should I say obsession, “Ensure-Ewan-Does-Not-Play-With-His-Birthday-Presents”.

“Come on, no time for that,” Mum said. “Ewan and Brother Rory, put on your coats.”

“Get in the car.” Said my Dad “It’s Ewan’s Birthday Party time.”

Now, my Mum is not good at getting birthday events on the right day. Our birthday parties and events can be up to two weeks before or after the actual day. In fact she’s so bad at hitting birthdays on the actual day that my actual birth date was supposed to be 4th March and she had me on 17th February, that is how bad she is at hitting birthday events on the day.

So I was most surprised that my party had been arranged so close to my actual birthday. Yes, just one day after. And it was damned inconvenient too. Those presents weren’t going to play with themselves. Toy Story is just made up, you know. Toys don’t come alive. But they just needed so much to be played with.

My party was at the Ocean’s of Fun Softplay. I do like it. It is a tough place and I’m left to do just as I please. There was lots of climbing, jumping, and sliding. Along with millions of balls and nets and food.

Loads of food glorious food, well chips.

But I have to say the lazy-way party for Mum and Dad. They have to do nothing. Send out invites and take me and Brother Rory there. End of story. No choosing a theme buying all co-ordinations and tying it in to the main present. Tying in entertainers, like a Disco, balloon blower and face painting, or magician and introducing children’s games like pass the parcel. That’s reserved for favourites – like elder brother Rory.

At least I was given an amazing themed cake.

The gifts bestowed on me as far as I could tell so far had been:

a Lightning Mcqueen soft toy,

a Lightning Mcqueen transporter with lots of Lightning Mcqueens inside

a Lightning Mcqueen remote control car

a Lightning Mcqueen die cast car

a Lightning Mcqueen jig saw

2 Lightning Mcqueen books

Lightning Mcqueen himself even visited me on my birthday, how cool is that?

a load of Lightning Mcqueen birthday cards one even had my photo on it. How did Lightning Mcqueen manage to do that do you think?

And a patchwork teddy

And Horsey!

So of course, keeping within the theme, Mum sorted me a…Dinosaur birthday cake by the AMAZING CAKE LADY! The cake was more realistic than a real dinosaur. I wanted to keep him as a pet. But Mum, forever generous shared it up between all my party guests! I was not consulted to see if I approved and to be honest, I didn’t. I loved that dinosaur. I had even given him a name, “Horsey”.

Anyway before that we had the real party. That means we sat down and ate food. There were two long tables for all my friends to sit at and a huge throne like chair for the birthday boy or girl, i.e. myself.  There was no way I was going to sit in that seat with everyone staring at me taking photos. Mamma’s taught me, you don’t do that, you keep low key, keep yourself to yourself and blend in to the background becoming invisible, not the star of the show, King of the Jungle, the Jungle VIP. Not only that I wanted to sit next to Brother Rory. He is older than me and so much more experienced in life. He sat on the throne seat when it was his birthday in October. So October is the correct time and when I want to sit on the throne at the head of the table, not now when Brother Rory doesn’t want to sit on it.

After chips and chicken dippers it was the all important, set the cake on fire time. I definitely became impatient as we had to sit through all the rituals of lighting the candles and everyone singing “Happy Birthday to Ewan” to me. I had to shout out to end the procrastination “Eat it now” otherwise it would have gone on forever.

Finally, my birthday party was over. Now we were homeward bound with another sack full of goodies (contraband from my party) to play with along with my other amazing new presents.

But I spoke too soon, we went to Mamma’s and Grandad’s house instead of home, with no sight of any of my birthday presents.

But at least Cousin George was there to play with.

After what seemed to be hours (but probably just one hour) we left Mamma & Grandad’s house for home. As I hit our front door I was so excited. My presents were waiting for me to play with AT LAST!

“Horsey, Horsey, wherefore art thou my Horsey,” I shouted quoting Shakespeare.

“No Horsey for you at this time of night, young man.” Said Dad. “It’s long past your bedtime.”

Oh f…f…f…flip.

What is the point in having a birthday if you never get to play with your presents?

PS (From my birthday and my age dispute) On my birthday on my TV on Cbeebies I saw pictures of Peter Rabbit and he had a new friend with him.

“Who’s that eejit I thought. But looking closer at the TV I discovered it was me. My birthday was being advertised on National TV and on Cbeebies with Peter Rabbit, Mr Maker, The Twirlywoos, Mr Tumble and Octonauts. I was famous all the world’s children would see me and know it was my birthday and that I was…3 years old. Who told them that? Mum I guess. No wonder I am struggling to convince the world I am four years old. Still, I’ll just sit around and wait for that picture to go viral now.

Grandad says it is good for the brand.

Bye Bye, Ewan