EWAN’S BLOG Changing Water & Swimming

Hi Ewan here.

Lots of changes going on in my life at the moment, which I like. What I’m not so keen on, infact I hate is nappy changing.

You can be in the middle of some very important play thing or a video on TV that you’ve seen a million times before so you know the next bit is vitally important. You are sitting comfortably because the poo in your nappy has moulded itself into a comfortable soft cushion to sit upon. The aroma is that wonderful familiar personal aroma that makes you feel at home.

Then Mum, Dad or the worst of all, (she’s always doing it) Mamma! Come along throw me into a half nelson, pin my shoulders to the floor and forcibly change my nappy.

Don’t my human rights come into this somewhere?

Of course I object wouldn’t you?

Rory is now at school every day (of course not Saturday and Sunday) and I am left by myself at nursery (but then again why not Saturday and Sunday as well). I hated it at first, as you know I fought for the non-separation of brothers. What a load of crap that was. Being at nursery without Rory is the best thing in the world, ever. I am no longer in his shadow, I have seen the light, the sunshine for the first time. I am able to be me and they realise I’m cute too, infact far cuter than Brother Rory will ever be.

I also get a lot more one on one time with Granny, Mamma and Grandad and Mum, which I find beneficial.

Grandad says my talking has come on lots, too. I don’t know what he means. I’ve always been straight talking, to the point saying it how it is. It is just these stupid adults in my family who just do not understand plain simple baby talk.

Changing the subject slightly, I have one Mum, one Dad, one Granny, one Mamma, one Auntie NanNan, one Uncle Colcol, one Auntie Parvene, one Uncle Chris and one Auntie Debbie but two Grandads. What’s that all about then? Why two grandads?

Anyway, I spend an awful lot of time with Grandad, not the one named David, the other one. I have to say he’s so off the wall most of the time. But when you are 2½ years old you do need someone around you with that sort of attitude, so I’m not knocking it. But have you heard him speak. It’s not the Queen’s English, I don’t think it is English at all. I’m not sure what language it is. So I don’t stand much of a chance with good vocal skills. I have to depend on Mamma, Granny and Mum and Dad (at nights and weekends).

I can shout “HELP!” clearly though, because I have just started swimming lessons. And that’s the first thing they teach you. How to shout “HELP!”

No, it isn’t, that’s my very own Grandad Joke. You see what I mean about him being a bad influence on me. That really is dire. I should be ashamed!

But that brings me on to the subject of water. Yes, you read that correctly, water.

Water features a lot in my life at the moment. Firstly it seems to rain alot so much so it leaves huge puddles on the paths, pavements and roads. Me and Grandad and Brother Rory and Cousin Freya and Cousin George go splashing in them. That is so brilliant. You want to try it sometime. Your mum will say put your wellies on but it’s best in your shoes or even better is no shoes, bare feet. I’ve never done that but I would love to. I bet Grandad has done it. He has done everything, except walk on the moon. Just imagine that. I’ve not stayed awake enough, yet to do everything. Grandad did that’s why he sometimes falls asleep now, he says it is because he stayed awake all his life so that he could do everything.

I have to go now for my swimming lesson. I had the first one last week. I can swim now. Mum put me in this huge pool of water and I floated and kicked. So, I do believe that is swimming. I found it a bit easier than walking and talking. But I am a fast learner.

Ok, Bye, Bye, Ewan.