‘F*** them!’ Maureen Lipman hits out at Celebrity Gogglebox

‘F*** them!’ Maureen Lipman hits out at Celebrity Gogglebox

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‘F*** them!’ Maureen Lipman hits out at Celebrity Gogglebox after ruling out show return

MAUREEN LIPMAN has taken aim at Celebrity Gogglebox, while insisting she won’t be returning alongside her co-star Gyles Brandreth.

Maureen used to appear on the series alongside her friend Gyles Brandreth – but quit the show last year, and after only joining in 2020, after bosses failed to air her funny takes on shows.

Dame Maureen Lipman has claimed she gave up her role as a couch potato on Celebrity Gogglebox because show bosses didn’t like her jokes.

The 75-year-old actress used to appear on the award winning Channel 4 series alongside broadcaster, writer and former politician – Gyles Brandreth, 74.

Gyles had appeared on the original season of the show back in 2019 alongside 89-year-old actress Dame Sheila Hancock – but Maureen replaced Dame Shiela for season two in 2020.

But then the Coronation Street star herself decided to quit the series – and Dame Maureen now claims it’s because the makers of the show failed to appreciate her humour.

She told the Radio Times: “I went in imagining that they wanted me for my wit and my brain. Of course, they just want to show you willies and for you to be shocked.

“Honestly, we were really funny together, but none of that was used. And if they don’t want to use what we gave them, f*** them.”

She went on to suggest Gyles will continue to appear on the show, but with another friend, saying: “It is from my point of view. I’m sure they’ll put someone else with Gyles.”

It’s not the first time Dame Maureen has complained about Gogglebox subjecting her to the unsightly vision of genitalia – with the show making cast members watch controversial dating show Naked Attraction.

Last year, the star hit out at Celebrity Gogglebox saying: “They’re not really interested in our opinions on what they’re giving us. I’d seen Gogglebox and I thought: ‘Oh, [ours] is the grown-up version, is it?

“But it’s your reaction to 12 dangling willies they want. They’re searching for ways to make me go: ‘Urgh!’

Dame Maureen and Gyles have previously discussed their disappointment over being made to watch Naked Attraction.

“So I thought: ‘Well, actually, no, life is too short to watch a series of hopeless men dangle their bits and pieces in my direction. So I’m going’.”

Gyles agreed at the time, saying: “Some of the things that Maureen has said are Oscar-winning funny. But what do they use? Us yawning!”

Dame Maureen Lipman, 75, has ruled out returning to Celebrity Gogglebox, after quitting the show in December. The star parted ways with the spin-off series.

The Coronation Street actress was asked in a recent interview if she planned to return at any point.


TOP 24 Things Boomers (1950s Kids) Did That Would Be Crazy Today
  1. Driving with No Seat Belts


  1. Toys Were a Lot Different

It used to be that some toys were just for boys, and others were just for girls. They were in strictly defined categories, but these days the lines have been blurred. It’s become a lot more acceptable for girls and boys to play with toys that traditionally were marketed to the opposite sex.


  1. Family Dinners Were Different

Sat together as a family at the table. Not in front ovf the TV.at table not in Back then it was not so common to speak to a child about a serious matter. During meals, they were usually at another table in those times and had no idea what was going on. The children were never asked about their feelings or emotions.


  1. Children Used To Stay Alone

It was not uncommon for kids to stay at home with no supervision. In the ’60s when a lot of women began to work, children would usually get home from school to find the house empty. Those times were no safer for children, but people are much more aware of potential risks now.


  1. Back When Spanking Was a Thing

Today, we are still used to a good scold from the parents if the child does not behave, but in those days there were some more-physical solutions. Spanking was used to show the kid that their actions have consequences.


  1. Lead Poisoning Was Common

Even if it was a known fact from around 1904 that lead is very dangerous, in fact poisonous, a lot of products were made with it. People were not quite aware of just how dangerous it was to live in a room painted with lead-based materials. Lots of toys had lead in them Toy soldiers were made of lead and most toys painted in lead based paints.


  1. Only 2 TV Channels

In 1950s 7 60s there was only 2 TV channels BBC 1 and ITV


  1. Only 4 Radio Stations

The Light Programme, Home Service, Third Programme and Radio Luxembourg.


  1. Playing of Records on Radio and TV limited

The playing of records on radio and TV was limited to 30 hours in the50s and early 60s.


  1. Kids Used to Go Outside Unsupervised

In the old-time neighbourhoods, people would let the children go outside with no one to watch over them. Even if this is considered dangerous, it was considered completely safe back in the day. Children would gather in groups and play all day long outside; younger or older they would always find something to do or a place to go. They’d play on streets unsupervised with busy traffic passing by.


  1. Parenting from Your Neighbours

When kids used to go outside all day long, there were of course those grumpy old people that would yell at them to leave immediately from their lawns. There were other harsh neighbourhood parents, always scolding other kids for doing all sorts of things, like say playing dangerous games.


  1. The Chemistry Sets Were Explosive

Having children interested in chemistry was for sure a bonus for the parents buying those sets to keep them occupied at home. Yet it may not have been the best gift for a little child to play with little homemade bombs! In these chemistry sets they usually put the real compounds used in homemade bombs and explosives. Putting in really dangerous substances was not really the best idea. They were totally not safe for an unknowing 10-year-old. But they sure looked cool and were probably huge fun to play with, as long as you didn’t blow yourself up


  1. Who Needs Helmets Anyway?

Fun and easy to ride, everyone had a bicycle and loved showing it off to every other kid in the neighbourhood. No one wore helmets when going down the big hill to impress their friends. This attitude resulted in some nasty accidents. Helmets had not even been thought of.


  1. A Normal Day at the Beach

Back in the day, people would just leave their kids unsupervised to do what they wanted. The lifeguard was responsible for the supervision, after all. Kids would just have a fun day at the beach not always being bothered by their parents. They would play in the sea, collect shells, and build a sandcastle. The fun was over when your parents would come to take you home. And no one bothered about sunblock child or adult.


  1. Not So Many Safety Measures

Not so many safety measures were popular back in the days. Children would just be able to have fun and not think about the worst that could happen. Now the times are a little safer, as a lot of possibly dangerous toys will have at least implemented a way of protecting the children from harm. For example, we can look at trampolines: they used to be free of the protective nets that ensure the ones playing inside, stay inside. It would still be amazing for some trick action shots, with no net in place, but better to let children be safe.


  1. Boys Weren’t Allowed to Cry

A few decades ago, little boys weren’t allowed to cry, even if they fell and got hurt. Their parents always encouraged them to be big and strong men who don’t cry. That’s not the best for a child’s mental health. Crying is a way to get all the stress out of your body.


  1. Young People Used to Hitchhike Often

In the past, if they wanted to go far away and drive for long distances, young people hitchhiked practically everywhere and every time! They stood on the side of the road, waiting for a car to come and pick them up. This was common for all those who wanted to go live in peace and for kids that wanted to run away from their parents.


  1. Sending a Kid to the Store to Buy Groceries

One of the ways to help make your child more responsible back in the day was to ask him to go buy groceries in the store. Parents would also give their children a note on which there would be listed all the necessary groceries that needed to be bought.


  1. Clumsy Kids Using the Oven and Stove

While being at home alone, kids sometimes had to cook their own meals. They didn’t have a microwave, so they had no choice but to use ovens and stoves. In most cases, it worked out pretty well, but sometimes there surely were accidents that occurred.


  1. Children Wanted to Be Smokers

Back in the day, everywhere, on billboards, magazines, or TV, you were able to see a cigarette on everyone’s lips. There were ads featuring babies alongside smoking parents. You were considered cool if you were a smoker. Teens smoking cigarettes was a sign of growing up. Children were sent to the store to buy cigarettes for their parents. In such a society, almost every kid wanted to be “cool” and like everybody else, and be a smoker. Today it’s a little different, but some kids still consider themselves cool with a cigarette hanging in their mouth.


  1. Playing in the streets

Back in the day, when there were no parks nearby, or if your backyard wasn’t big enough for playing with your friends, the streets in your neighbourhood were the only option. Kids would play football, hockey, hide-and-seek, catchers, or similar games in the streets. There were not as many automobiles as there are today, so kids were mostly safe from the oncoming cars in the streets. Those were the days, huh? Unfortunately, that’s not as popular among today’s children. They spend most of their time on their smartphones or computers.


  1. Bubble gums Full of Sugars

Blowing gum bubbles was really popular among children back in the day. There were even competitions in blowing bubbles. The kid who had bubble gum was seen as a brave kid, because gums weren’t allowed in class back then. He smuggled some in for them and their friends. There were, of course, consequences for chewing all that sugar. Cavities were always present among those kids. And surely, visits to the dentist were certainly not fun. Afterward, parents banned their children from all those sweets and bubble gums, but even then kids still managed to smuggle some into their possession.


  1. Infectious Diseases Were Frequent

Before vaccines came, kids were exposed to a lot of infectious diseases that were around at the time. For example, they were exposed to chickenpox and measles, rubella and mumps. It was inevitable; kids and parents had to deal with it.


  1. Drink as Much Alcohol As You like and still drive

Adults could and would drive to the pub drink as much alcohol as they wanted and still drive home.


REMEMBER: The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

– Nicolas Chamfort



“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.” —Pamela Vaull Starr


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