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Yesterday MSN ran a slideshow describing many celebrity last words before they died. I have selected a few that captured my imagination.

  1. Sir Winston Churchill – “I’m bored with it all.”
  2. Steve Jobs (Co Apple Founder) – “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”
  3. Osama bin Laden – “Don’t turn on the light”

They were revealed during the debriefing of his youngest wife Amal by the Pakistan government. It is  believed that the Al-Qaida leader was with her in his last hours, and these were his final words to her.

  1. Princess Diana – “My God, what’s happened?” – to the paramedic Xavier Gourmelon.
  2. Al Capone – “You can get more with a kind word and a gun than you can get with a kind word alone.”
  3. Marilyn Munroe – “Say goodbye to Pat, say goodbye to the president, and say goodbye to yourself, because you’re a nice guy.”
  4. Elvis Presley – “OK, I won’t” To fiancée Ginger Alden as she said “Don’t fall asleep” as he went to the bathroom.
  5. Bob Marley – “Money can’t buy life”
  6. John F Kennedy – “No, you certainly can’t.”

He was responding to Texas first lady Nellie Connally, who reportedly remarked, “You certainly can’t say that the people of Dallas haven’t given you a nice welcome, Mr. President.” There is some argument over what exactly did Kennedy say just moments before his death. What is known for sure is that he responded to Mrs Connolly’s comment with either “No, you certainly can’t” or “That’s very obvious.” The confusion exists because Jacqueline Kennedy testified on June 5, 1964 that the former is what her husband said — or “something” to this effect. Some sources have also claimed that just as the bullet struck him, JFK exclaimed “My God, I’ve been hit.” However, that theory was discounted by one of the Secret Service guys who was in the car with the President.

  1. Malcolm X – “Brothers! Brothers, please! This is a house of peace!”
  2. James Dean – “That guy’s got to stop… He’ll see us.” (He was killed in a car accident.
  3. Martin Luther King – “Make sure you play ‘Take My Hand, Precious Lord’. Play it real pretty.”
  4. Mother Teresa – “Jesus, I love you. Jesus, I love you.”
  5. Alex was a parrot, a winged chatterbox who was 31 when he died of natural causes in September 2007. Irene Pepperberg worked with him to study the intelligence of parrots.

Alex, the Parrot’s last words were: “You be good. See you tomorrow. I love you”

  1. Prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi – ‘Namaste’ which means ‘greetings to you’ to her assassins
  2. Marvin Gaye – “I’m going to get my things and get out of this house. Father hates me, and I’m never coming back.” Hestepped out of the house and his father shot him.
  3. John Lennon – “I’m shot”
  4. Author Virginia Woolf – “I feel certain that I am going mad again. I feel we can’t go through another of those terrible times…” in a suicide note.
  5. Soul singer Barry White – “Leave me alone, I’m fine” to his nurse.
  6. Joan Crawford to her Housekeeper – “Damn it…Don’t you dare ask God to help me.”
  7. Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic Roger Ebert, After a long, laborious battle with cancer and days before he breathed his last, Roger Ebert bid farewell in what his friends call a fitting way – through his creative words. He blogged “So on this day of reflection I say again, thank you for going on this journey with me. I’ll see you at the movies.”
  8. The queen of ballads’, Jenni Rivera’s last words wrung the hearts of her fans with their pathos. Jenni Rivera reportedly said “The number of times I have fallen down is the number of times I have gotten up” at her last news conference, a few hours before she passed away in a plane crash when she was just 43 years old.


I did want to include Marilyn Monroe’s but apparently there was some doubts about the authenticity of the guy who heard them.


23           But here is Joe DiMaggio’s who mentioned her in his last words. Joe DiMaggio’s lawyer, Morris Engelberg was the one who revealed his final words – “I finally get to see Marilyn” – saying that even moments before his death, the Yankee great was pining for his one true love – Marilyn Monroe. Joe was married to Marilyn Monroe for all of nine months way back in 1954, but the legend goes that he never stopped loving her.

24.      David Bowie – “(Music) has been my doorway of perception and the house that I live in”





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