Yesterday we said “Goodbye” to the Duke of Edinburgh as it was his funeral.

With such occasions there is always scenes and photographs that become iconically linked to that event.

And that is always revealed and set in stone by the National Dailies the day after.

So here are the front pages today reporting the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral.

Duchess of Cambridge travelling to the funeral service at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor.


Which photographs will become the historical iconic one or two that throughout time will illustrate “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Funeral, 17th April 2021”?

Prince Philip has become the 25th member of the Royal Family to be laid to rest in a 200-year-old vault hidden, buried around 16ft beneath St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

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Top 16 Largest Funerals in the World

 Some people touch us in an amazing way. When they pass away their funeral becomes a public affair where people who have often only seen them on TV perform a public outpouring of emotion. I may be lucky to have two or three people attend my funeral. S

Some people have had a few more though. Occasionally around the world there are people whose funeral brings millions of people onto the street to mourn. Here are the biggest ones.

  1. Princess Diana

Princess Diana was known as the Princess of the People. The world was shocked by her sudden death and in the UK she turned overnight from an oft ridiculed Princess, into a national heroine. The funeral of Diana was held in London on September 6th 1997. The procession drew an estimated three million mourners, who lined the streets of London to pay homage to their Princess.

  1. Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna was a racing driver who is regarded as the greatest by many of his peers. He was much more than that as his death showed. Senna’s death was considered a national tragedy by his many Brazilian fans. In fact, after his death the country had three official days of mourning. It is estimated 3,000,000 people crowded onto the roads of Sao Paulo to pay their respects. He was a true hero to the people of Brazil.

  1. Michael Jackson

We have had a Princess and a sports star. Another category of people idolized in the modern world is pop stars. None have ever been bigger than Michael Jackson. His funeral was private and attended by the family. However, the service was broadcast live around the world. The roads in LA were closed as his body travelled to the Staples Center to be laid to rest. Nearly a million fans congregated outside the center to pay their respects.

  1. C.N. Annadurai (Anna)

Indian people can be among the most fanatic in the world. In 1969, it is estimated that between 10-15 million people came onto the streets to watch the funeral of C. N. Annadurai – a similar amount to which live in greater New York. I can believe the only time it may be beaten is when cricket legend Sachin Tendaulker dies. This leader and revolutionary is more commonly known as Anna (which means elder brother in the Tamil language).

  1. Pope John Paul II

Religious followers are very devout. The pope is considered the manifestation of God on earth and so their passing away is considered cause for pilgrimage. Between 2-4 million people are estimated to have attended Pope John Paul II’s funeral in Rome on April 7th 2005. That is more people than you will usually find cars on the roads of Italy’s capital city. It was a great showing of the power that religion still shows in the world nowadays.

  1. Kim Jong-il II

Sometimes you have no choice but to attend a funeral. In the winter of 2011, aged 69, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il died of a heart attack. He was given a three hour funeral procession led by a limousine bearing a massive painting of Kim Jong Il beaming away. Millions of North Koreans crowded onto the streets to mourn. His coffin was covered in a red flag and beautiful white flowers – as it passed by soldiers struggled to keep mourners from pouring out onto the road. Or perhaps they were in fact poking them to make them cry for the cameras.

  1. Umm Kulthum

A true idol of the Arab world passed away on February 5th 1975. A crowd reported to be in excess of 4 million people came out to watch the funeral procession of Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum in Cairo. She was an Egyptian songwriter, singer and actress who had touched hearts. In fact, more than 30 years after her death, many still regard her as the most elegant and famous of Egyptian singers in the 20th century. Her memory still holds a large place in most Egyptian people’s hearts.

  1. President Nasser

The Egyptians certainly like to celebrate a death it can be said. The crowd which came to Cairo for the funeral of Egyptian President Nasser on October 1st 1970 was also estimated at an amazing 4 million people. President Nasser had led the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, removing the reigning King and bringing about a new era of industrialization in Egypt. As leader of this revolution, he was a hero to many in Egypt and they turned out in force to mourn his death.

  1. Victor Hugo

Perhaps the most beautiful example of a big funeral belongs to that of Victor Hugo. Not a celebrity as we know in the modern world, he did however touch many people’s hearts with the beautiful words that he wrote. Between 2 and 3 million people gathered to attend the funeral of Victor Hugo in Paris. Victor Hugo was a poet, author and more – he was a celebrity of the 19th century. A multi talented man, his best known works are the novels Notre-Dame de Paris (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) and the now long lasting musical, Les Miserables.

  1. Gandhi

Many people remember him as the “Great Soul”. In January 1948, another multi million person funeral was held when over 2 million people gathered to attend the funeral of Gandhi. We know Gandhi as the leading political and spiritual leader of his time and he was also thought of as India’s Father of Independence. His passion was what inspired movements for freedom and civil rights across the world and has made him an unforgettable historical figure.

  1. Eva Peron – 2,500,000 people attended her funeral.

Immediately after Perón’s death, the government suspended all official activities for two days and ordered all flags flown at half-staff for ten days. It soon became apparent, however, that these measures fell short of reflecting popular grief. The crowd outside of the presidential residence, where Evita died, grew dense, congesting the streets for ten blocks in each direction.

The morning after her death, while Evita’s body was being moved to the Ministry of Labour Building, eight people were crushed to death in the throngs. In the following 24 hours, over 2000 people were treated in city hospitals for injuries sustained in the rush to be near Evita as her body was being transported. The streets of Buenos Aires overflowed with huge piles of flowers. Within a day of Perón’s death, all flower shops in Buenos Aires had run out of stock. Flowers would be flown in from all over the country, and as far away as Chile.

  1. Abraham Lincoln – 7,000,000 people attended his funeral.

The funeral and burial of Abraham Lincoln included a three-week series of events in 1865 held to mourn his death and memorialize him. Following United States President Abraham Lincoln’s death by assassination, funeral services were held in Washington D.C., and then at additional locations as he was transported to his burial.

Lincoln’s funeral, Buffalo, New York, April 27, 1865: 7 a.m.

The President was brought from the capital to the burial site in Lincoln’s hometown of Springfield, Illinois by funeral train, accompanied by dignitaries. Because of the length of the funeral, historians have called this event “The Greatest Funeral in the History of the United States”.

  1. Elvis Presley, Graceland, Memphis August 16–18, 1977

Elvis Presley’s grave is one of the most visited graves in the world, bringing around 600,000 devoted fans of ‘The King’ every year. The Meditation Garden in Graceland is the final resting place of Elvis and several members of his family. Visitors give offerings, lay flowers, kneel in prayer and sometimes sing hymns or Elvis songs. Elvis’s grave is fascinating not just because it holds one of the biggest music stars ever, but also because of the intense devotion and love his legacy still inspires.

  1. Jim Morrison, Père Lachaise, Paris

Not far from Oscar Wilde’s tomb is the final resting place of Jim Morrison, legendary lead singer of the Doors. The grave has had various different memorial masonry over the years, including a bust of Morrison, which was vandalised and stolen. Unfortunately repeated graffiti and vandalism means you can now only view the grave from behind a metal fence, but fans still leave notes, friendship bracelets and bottles of alcohol as tributes. The simple headstone that is now there has a Greek inscription roughly translating as “True to himself”.

  1. John Lennon

When John Lennon was assassinated, one of the world’s greatest voices was forever silenced. As news spread, vigils popped up in cities around the globe. In his hometown of Liverpool, it’s estimated that 30,000 attended a vigil to pay tribute. Likewise, in New York City, more than 50,000 congregated in central park to pay their respects. Lennon did not have an actual funeral and was cremated shortly after his death. What made his death so memorable was the 10-minute long silent vigil that was held to honor him on December 14, 1980 at 2 pm eastern time. Fans around the world took part and radio stations even halted their broadcasts to participate.

  1. John F. Kennedy

Our nation and the world grieved at the tragic death of President John F. Kennedy. Those who were alive at the time can vividly remember where they were upon hearing the news of his passing in 1963.




TOP 10 of the World’s Most Expensive Funerals

 Funeral costs can vary depending on the kind of funeral you want to have. You will want to consider your budget, as well as what is important to you when planning your own funeral or that of a loved one.

Of course, we have all been witness to some of the most elaborate funerals over the past few decades. From the King of Rock to British Royalty, celebrities and well-known dignitaries have been honored with some of the most expensive funerals ever.

Here are some of those that top the list:

  1. Elvis Presley – $25,000

Elvis’s family spent nearly $25,000 for his funeral. That may not sound like an exorbitant amount, but remember, it was 1977 when The King died. With the number of fans that descended upon Memphis for the funeral, however, then-President Jimmy Carter had to order 300 National Guards to help keep order in the streets. This brought the actual cost of the funeral up to an even greater amount.

  1. Michael Jackson – $1 million

Michael Jackson’s passing was an incredible shock to the world. The King of Pop’s music and his legacy left a lasting mark in musical and popular culture. When he passed in 2009, he was preparing his comeback through a series of concerts called “This Is It”. His one million dollar memorial service was held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles and was attended by a flood of celebrities, some of who performed or gave eulogies.

  1. Princess Diana – $11.8 million

One of the most glamorous and beloved figures in recent history, Diana died in a car crash in Paris in 1997. The world was in shock. As the former wife of the Prince of Wales, she was no longer considered a member of the royal family. For this reason, it was initially decided by the monarchy that flags should not fly at half-mast. This caused a public outcry. Because she was much-loved, the Queen had a change of heart and allowed Diana a ceremonial funeral that cost the equivalent of $11.8 million today.

  1. Queen Mother – $12 million

Britain’s Queen Mother, the mother of Queen Elizabeth II, passed away in 2002. She was given a ceremonial funeral in London’s Westminster Abbey. The cost of the funeral was more than $9 million, which equates to roughly $12 million in today’s currency.

  1. Pope John Paul II – $8 million

This well-loved papal leader was admired the world over for his kindness and compassion. He had such an impact that, when he died in 2005, even leaders from Cuba and North Korea sent their condolences. His Catholic funeral brought together the largest gathering of heads of state in history. Cost $8 million.

  1. John F. Kennedy $15 million,

Our nation and the world grieved at the tragic death of President John F. Kennedy. Those who were alive at the time can vividly remember where they were upon hearing the news of his passing in 1963. Kennedy’s sombre $15 million funeral was held in Washington, D.C. He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, and it is reported that his burial plot alone cost $13 million.

  1. Ronald Reagan – $400 million.

One of our nation’s most admired presidents, Ronald Reagan, died in 2004 at the age of 93. Reagan was given a state funeral service at the Washington National Cathedral after lying in state for thirty-four hours in the Capitol rotunda. His casket was then transported before his body was returned to California for interment at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. The $400 million funeral costs were so high largely due to the declaration of a national day of mourning that closed down the stock market and gave federal employees the day off of work.

  1. Alexander the Great – $600 million

According to the history books, the most expensive funeral recorded belongs to Alexander the Great. Not too surprising for someone with a title like “the great,” but just how much was Alexander’s funeral bill? Rumor has it, after converting into today’s money, the final bill for Alexander’s funeral was around $600 million. A solid gold casket, a gold chariot, and even a brand new road built from Persia to Egypt for the funeral procession all contributed to the costs.

  1. Kim Jong II- $40 million

The supreme leader of North Korea from 1994-2011, was given the most expensive funeral. Government spent massive amounts changing the signs in the Towers of Eternal Life. Moreover, million dollars were also spent to bring in Russian embalmers and buy a special glass casket.

  1. Sir Winston Churchill – $4.2 Million

Sir Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and 1951 to 1955. He was also an accomplished writer, having won the Nobel Prize for Literature. He was also the first honorary citizen of the United States. He inspired Britain during the dark days of World War II and helped defeat Hitler and Nazi Germany. When he died in 1965, he was given a state funeral usually reserved for royalty. It was one of the largest gatherings of statesmen in the world ever. It then cost around $258,000, which is about $4.2 million today.






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