George 16 months old Blog: Exploring with Mamma & Granddad 23.11.2017

George 16 months old Blog: Exploring with Mamma & Granddad 23.11.2017


Explore with Mamma & Grandad

Hi George here. Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

I had a good day babysitting Grandad and Mamma last week.

There are lots of mysteries in the world. I learn the reason behind lots of them everyday. The world is not an easy logical place.

Before Sister Freya started school Mamma and Grandad used to come early whilst it was still dark, for Grandparent care day. I used to love it. You should have seen the state of Mamma. Pale face, dark baggy and weary eyes. It was so funny.

At first I used to think she was playing “Act out your favourite scene from a movie” and was acting out being the exhausted Goldie Hawn in the “Overboard” movie as Mamma sat exhausted in the chair muttering “Buh, b…b…buh, buh…”

Mamma is the spit and image of Goldie Hawn and could be taken as her double or stand in especially in that scene.

But since Sister Freya started school Mamma and Grandad have not come until lunchtime and Mamma looks fresh as a daisy. Well, ok, I exaggerate a little, as fresh as a gone to seed daisy, but you know what I mean.

I have been lying in bed a bit in the mornings. Well, I was doing my duty every morning and waking the family at dead on cock crow at 4.30am. But I’ve stopped that, now. They just did not show any appreciation. I put so much effort in, waking them up. So I thought sod you lot. What is the point of me waking you if you do not appreciate it and I started to be a little more selfish and stayed asleep until 6.15am. But even so, that should not mean Mamma and Grandad get to us later.

When they used to come before Sister Freya started school we used to walk into Newark, go around the shops. Go to Costa for 11s. Buy us each a book and a toy, have lunch. Then walk back for tea at the pub.

As you can see all that has gone now it is just me by myself for half a day. Why is that then?

I’ll tell you why. I am the youngest of four grandchildren, that’s why.

You see the first couple of grandchildren, Sister Freya and Cousin Rory get spoilt to death. Being grandparents was new and novel for Mamma and Grandad and they wanted to experience everything to do with grandparenting. They had just retired and money was no object.

By the time they get to me the fourth grandchild and Cousin Ewan the third they’re bored with grandparenting and have lost interest. Done it all before and moved on to the next thing.

So on Wednesday Mamma and Grandad decided to take me to the pub. After all there was nothing else worth doing.

So that’s the reason we ended up going to the pub on a dull, damp afternoon in the middle of November.

Due to the time of day they finally graced me with their company the pub visit didn’t fit in to any mealtime slot. So what was the point? They do take some understanding.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that Mamma and Grandad often used to take me to the pub for food in those heady days before Freya started school. But I never knew what the pub experience was like because I was so bored with it all and ended up sleeping through it all.

Anyway, I was determined my spirits would not be daunted. I’m a bot-bot half full kind of guy and see positive in everything. Although it is hard work at times. I thought this time I’m going to stay awake for the pub. Experience it full on, in your face. Dad loves the pub. Although, I do question his judgement, when he can openly and blatantly support Liverpool Football Club.

It was tough, but I kept my eyes open and made sure I did not fall asleep on the journey.

Once in the pub it was weird and ghostly and no one was around. As it was 2.00pm we were between mealtimes. Mamma and Grandad had a coffee and gave me a biscuit. Big deal!

The only thing worth doing was exploring and there looked a lot of interesting places and things to explore. But Mamma saw me, captured me and put me in a high chair.

I protested so loudly she had to release me. I made straight for the behind the bar area. This area was superb, there was so much to investigate. There were hundreds of bottles, plastic pipes, fluids of every description, buckets, water, containers, millions of packets of crisps and nuts and shelves to climb up, even lots of glasses to chinkle. Wow, have you ever seen such an amazing adventure playground. No wonder my Dad loves to come to the pub. And when I was younger I stupidly slept through pub visits thinking they were boring.

I, George Reed was about to have the time of my life. Where was Cousin Ewan when you needed him?

But I reached out for the first bottle and disaster struck.

Mamma scooped me up. She strode across the room, from nowhere. Scooped me up, then, manhandled me into the pushchair. She forcibly tied me in. I protested loudly. She rudely ignored me.

We left the pub and picked Sister Freya up from school. My day completely spoilt.

On Saturday, Mamma and Grandad went to Sister Frey’s swimming lesson. They don’t come to my swimming lessons, but I don’t mind I know my place, it’s obvious, it’s because I’m fourth in line.

I clung to Grandad all through the lesson. I was determined he was going nowhere without me and that he would make a fuss of me. Not Freya, but me.

When we came out of swimming, I had to leave him. Apparently there was a car seat in Mamma’s car for Sister Freya but not one for me so I had to go in Mum’s car.

Mamma is hopeless at finding her way around and got lost on the way to our house which resulted in her and Grandad taking Sister Frey to Toys R Us at Lincoln. ..And many other toy shops and for lunch.

So, why not take me, too? Ageism – that’s why. Sexism – that’s why. Favouritism – that’s why. And because I am not 1st in line or 2nd or even 3rd, I am 4th in line. I know my place.

But look at this face does it look bovered? Of course not. I’m made of tougher stuff than that.

Well, I think I’ve wrote enough for you to get a very vivid picture on how badly treated I am.

So, until the next time, Bye Bye.

Does this face look bovered?