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Hi, George here.

Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

If there’s anything worse than your sister having a joint birthday party with her best friend it’s…


No, I thought so, there isn’t anything worse.

Or if there is I have not experienced it in my extensive far reaching almost three years of life. And believe me I have experienced about everything in life. Well, that an almost three year old can experience.

I suppose I’ve not experienced setting foot on the moon, yet. But most three year olds haven’t. My Dad even hasn’t, the big loser.

Back to my main issue.

As you know my Sister Freya’s birthday was Christmas Eve. That was 24th December 2018.

Yes, you do know because I told you in previous posts. If you do not know you were not concentrating.

But, get this, she cannot manage just having her birthday followed by Christmas Day. One month later she has to have her Birthday Party and we have to go through the whole sickly routine one more time.

Do you know the song “It’s Not My Party But I’ll Still Cry If I Want To”? That’s me

It was yet another day that is all about Sister Freya and not me. Where she is centre of attention and has lots and lots ants of ridiculous presents that do not include even one car or a book or DVD about cars.

This whole extravaganza was shared with her friend Enya whose birthday is yet to come on 31st January. The party does not affect Enya’s little brother because she doesn’t have one. She just has a Big Sister who is automatically given the ability to understand the party rather than me a Little Brother.

The party was at Coddington Village Hall. A very extravagant affair. But they’d forgotten to invite someone special to give it a theme, you know give it a point. Rory had Spiderman go to his birthday party. You can see the point to that party.

Ewan had Lightning McQueen go to his party. You definitely see the point of that party.

Ageism usually comes into play for my birthday party. Mum and Dad say “George is too young to understand so we won’t bother, this year”. So, I not only do not have Christmas when it’s my birthday, I often don’t get a party (the day I was born I didn’t and when I was one I didn’t). Mum and Dad say unfortunately we can’t afford it this year we need to save money for a rainy day.

Why do you need extra money when it rains?

I am doing them a slight injustice. They did organise me a party for my second birthday at Ed and Molly’s Playbarn. But they could not be bothered to engage a Superhero to make it special, magical and magnificent.

The Playbarn was very good with “Disabled access”, to accommodate Grandad. There is a “Cafe” with “Breastfeeding facilities”. That is not top priority to me now but I can remember the days in the not too distant past when it was a must, a No.1 on my checklist.

And finally, the all important “Party Area”. But sadly no Superhero.

Sister Freya and Friend Enya’s party was a VIP party, a Superstars party. But I saw no Superstars.

Apparently it was a ‘red carpet’ event. Does the colour of the carpet you walk on interest you? Would you get excited by a carpet colour? No and neither would I.

Mamma is the only person in the world  I know who gets excited about carpet colours. I think you have to be that old for carpet colours to feature in your life. You see at her age there is not a lot to get excited about so the colour of carpets are light relief.

When I do get excited about the carpet is when it is one of my road lay out carpets. They are so good I have two.

Do you know what the best thing in the world, ever is? Cars and trucks…

…and Spiderman and Lightning McQueen and Bing and Paw Patrol and dogs and Twirlywoos and definitely not Disney Princesses but Thomas the Tank Engine and Mater and Zoo animals and Cousin Rory and Cousin Ewan and Cousin Finley and Cousin Erin and the TV and Sister Freya’s tablet and Grandad’s phone.

But I do have a great many toy cars and trucks. When I last counted them I had ninety one trillion five hundred and twenty four thousand and one two seven cars and trucks.

So you know what I am thinking? All the money that Mum and Dad and Enya’s Mum and Dad invested in Freya and Enya’s party location could have been more wisely spent. All they needed to do was instead of wasting the valuable space at Coddington Village Hall with red carpet and a disco bouncy castle they should have carpeted it throughout with road carpet. Then they should have let me take all my cars and trucks and we could have all played at cars. Everyone would have had a much better time, particularly me.

At party time Spiderman should have drove up in Lightning McQueen and brought a Spiderman birthday cake and with six candles on it.

You could tell my Mum had organised the cake. It was fantastic but cheapskate due to her ‘Saving for a rainy day’. Poor Freya and Enya had to have one cake between them. And even worse just one candle instead of six. But that one candle showed promise gushing out sparkling fire like a Bonfire Night firework. I was so excited and waited for the huge explosion at the end. But it just fizzled out. Cut price, Mum’s Rainy Day again.

Lightning McQueen could have driven inside the Village Hall really easily. There are two doors to open and a massive wide corridor.

You see that is how to organise a birthday party. My Mum has all the gear but no idea.

Cars are my life. I live cars, I watch cars on the TV and the tablet. I ride in cars, and I look at cars. I even eat cars or would do if Mum made me a car birthday cake.

I am very fortunate I have always lived in a world where there has Lightning McQueen and Cars movies. Cars was created a good 10 years before I was born. There have been three films:

Cars    (2006)        Budget   $120 million         Box office             $462.2 million

Cars 2 (2011)       Budget   $200 million         Box office             $562.1 million

Cars 3 (2017)       Budget   $175 million         Box office             $383.9 million

Grandad is so old that he was born before Pixar created cars. That really is old. Just imagine living in a world without Lightning McQueen. I do not know how he managed to survive.

But one good thing Spiderman has always been around even when Grandad was born. But poor old Grandad has had 69 birthdays and Spiderman has never been to his birthday party. Nor Lightning McQueen.

Just like me. They’ve never been to my birthday’s either.

What is the common factor between me and Granddad, I wonder, that is stopping us having Lightning McQueen and Spiderman at our Birthday Party?

Erm, to be honest I can only think of one common factor and that is my Mum, It must be her who is blocking it.

Just my luck.

Ah, well, not to worry. I’ve always got my cars to play with. I’ve not played with them for at least five minutes. Best get back to them. They’ll be missing me.

Bye Bye, George


Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. – Zig Ziglar


Happiness is…Lightning McQueen & Spiderman


I have seas without water, coasts without sand, towns without people, and mountains without land. What am I?

Answer: A map.


Love is… the little things


It’s My Party – Lesley Gore

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