George here, welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?


I see I am falling behind again. Ewan’s Blog has been promoted from “Ewan’s Blog Aged 3 years old” to “Ewan’s Blog Aged 4 years old”. Meanwhile I’m still stuck at “George’s Blog Aged 2 years old”.




That means Ewan has grown two years older than me overnight. Does that make sense? Just look at him and then take a look at me. There doesn’t look two years difference, does there?


Ok, you may not be able to see us but can’t you tell by reading our blogs. Reading Ewan’s Blog and then reading mine does not seem like we are two years apart, either from what we do or what we write about.


I complained to Grandad, bitterly complained but he says I have to wait until the 8th May before my promotion. Coincidentally that is also my birthday but I do not think he knows that. I will keep quiet about it. But it is two months away. People will be reading my blog and getting the wrong idea and think a baby is writing it.


They say we’re young and we don’t know, we won’t find out until we grow. Well I don’t know if all that’s true but I do know the grownup world is a strange place and very illogical. At best it must only be understood by grownups. Don’t take me seriously on that because I do not think even grownups understand it.


I have spent a lifetime and I have to stress that is almost three years not two years as you may think from my blog heading. That’s right three whole years training myself not to paint, crayon, colour, write, stick paper or in any other way perform art projects or mess with the walls in our house.


I don’t expect a medal for it, but it deserves something because temptation has been huge. But my parents have made it clear such things are just not acceptable.


Fair enough, but I don’t understand why I can’t.


Most of the laws parents create I can’t understand the reasons for.


But then on Saturday there was another quirky twist to the Wall art situation.


Uncle Danny turned  up and spent all day putting gallons and gallons of paint on the kitchen walls and doors. He even reached up to the ceiling and splattered loads up there. After that he stuck stacks and stacks and even more stacks of paper on the kitchen wall.


I thought he is so going to get told off, so, so much. He will be in for big, major time out. I have to say although I feared for him I was feeling a little smug. Usually the only person in the whole wide world naughtier than me is Grandad, But this guy had managed to pull it off.


Me and Sister Freya knew it was real bad because we were kept out of the kitchen. Mum and Dad did not want us to see the mess Uncle Danny was making in case we got ideas. But we knew. We were not born yesterday.


I sat waiting for the explosion when Mum and Dad saw it. But would you believe it it went on all day and Mum and Dad didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t stop him.


They were all smiles and pleased and said what a good job he’d done. Can you believe that? No, I can’t either.


Uncle Danny has some hold over Mum or Dad or both of them, he must have.


They even gave him money and you know how valuable money is to grownups. To be honest though I think that was to stop him doing it in every other room of the house.


The mess on the walls was so bad Mum even got Mamma to come and look at it on Sunday. I was a little disturbed that Grandad did not come with her. But I think Mamma was worried Grandad might get the wrong idea and think he can do the same thing on her walls at home.


But it obviously didn’t work. On Wednesdays as you know I always babysit Mamma and Grandad. This week Grandad did not come. Just Mamma by herself. I have never, ever known that before and it really upset me.

I’m not sure but I gleaned from listening to the grownup talk that the same thing had happened to Mamma’s hall and staircase as in our kitchen.


I know how naughty Grandad is, so putting one and one together (even though I am almost three I’m not sure what one and one make) I suspect he had heard about the mess made on our kitchen walls and did the same on Mamma’s hall and staircase.


Mamma must have got so annoyed with him that she put him in time out.


I bet she said: “That is so naughty Grandad. Sit there and think about what you have done and say you are sorry. And you have been so naughty I am going to go and see George and Freya by myself today and leave you home alone.”


Whatever had happened I heard Mamma say to Mum that a man had had to come to paint the hall and staircase. That’s Mamma talk for cleaning it up.


So, when will I see Grandad, again, precious moments? I know not when in this crazy land of grownup nonsense.


The problem with only doing my Blog once every two weeks and being limited to 1,000 words and living a life as full as mine is that lots happen that I do not have room or time to tell you about. And that’s a shame because you’d love it all.


For example February has gone and it is March already. (Another month nearer being 3 years old.)


What was hot in February?


The week before half term I had an extra day off nursery to babysit Mamma and Grandad. I decided to take Grandad for a walk around Linby & Papplewick. He needs the exercise. But it is so boring. To cope with it I decided to catch up on my sleep. Time well spent.


When we got back I tried to get him to put Spiderman on TV but he’s such a cantankerous old bugger he wouldn’t and insisted on a DVD from his prized collection. To get him back I insisted he laid them all out on the floor. Then I chose the first one he’d got out anyway, “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”. My most favourite DVD in the world. It’s a true story you know. A documentary film.


The following Sunday I went to Cousin Ewan’s 4th birthday party. That was cool. Although it was hot really as me and Cousin Ewan ran and ran round the tables and chased one another for hours and hours. Tables are just amazing for running round.  Oh the adrenalin rush as you just miss bumping into one. We then jumped in the ball pool to cool off followed by a feast of birthday party food. I then learned what my Dad means when he says he was s*** faced.


This had taken us in to Half Term Holiday week.


That opened up a bit of skull duggery of an ageism nature on the Tuesday of Half Term Week.


It had been decided that the two older children Cousin Rory and Sister Freya should go to the cinema to see The Lego Movie 2. The two younger ones (that was me and Cousin Ewan) should stay at Cousin Ewan’s house, babysitting Mamma and Grandad and playing with his 4th birthday presents instead, because we were considered too young for The Lego Movie 2.


I was devastated. Unadulterated full blown ageism was that. Only two teachers could come up with such a plan!


But surprisingly that was a brilliant plan, far better than going to see The Lego Movie 2. Cousin Ewan had had some amazing presents and we got to play with them without interruption from parents or older siblings. How often does that happen in life?


He had an Angry Bird game where you catapult piggies and A Playmobile Aquarium which you play with full of water, splashing it all over everything until you are soaking wet. Brilliant!


Oh dear, Grandad says I have to finish here. I’ve gone over words quota and it will make my post too long.


But I’ve not told everyone about Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby. And going to the Space Station at Leicester and going to the moon. And I’ve not written about…




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