GEORGE AGED 3½ REVIEWS   – CHINA by Steffi Cavell-Clarke

GEORGE AGED 3½ REVIEWS   – CHINA by Steffi Cavell-Clarke

Non-fiction Book of the Week


 Our Non-fiction Book of the Week China – World Adventures by Steffi Cavell-Clarke and published by BookLife has been particularly chosen because we have close ties with China as George will explain in his Review.

All four of my grandchildren aged 3½ to 7 years old are familiar with China as they meet up with JoJo from China probably once a year. This book gives them a wonderful insight into the country where she lives. There are excellent illustrations mainly by way of great photographs so that they can see how the country differs from ours. Then there are the small noggins of facts that helps them comprehend the differences.

But enough of what I think let me hand the review to George to continue



Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

Yes, of course, it is George aged 3½ doing the Non-fiction Book of the Week review. And this week it’s not my world I’m particularly welcoming you into but China in a book by Steffi Cavell-Clarke and published by BookLife.

This is a brilliant book about the amazing world of my cousin JoJo.

JoJo is not my direct cousin. She is the daughter of my mum’s cousin and the relationship starts to get a bit complicated even though I understand everything in life because I am now 3½ years old.

My Mum’s cousin went to work in China teaching English to the Chinese people after he graduated from university. He has since married a Chinese girl and they had JoJo, so, China is now his permanent home.

I usually get to see JoJo for a few hours once a year. She is 6 years old a similar age to Sister Freya.

I am always being told JoJo lives in China. But that didn’t mean a lot to me. She could have lived on the moon, or may be she does do and that’s why Mum and Dad don’t take me to see her.

Anyway, this book China helped me understand because on Page 4 is a simple picture of the earth. Grandad says it is a map. He showed me the UK, Great Britain and England. Then he showed me China. China is loads bigger than England. JoJo must be proud of that.

England is green on the map which we all know England is green with trees, grass and hedgerows. But the first difference I noticed about China is that it is all red in the book. I assumed all their trees, plants and hedgerows must be red. Weird, but great. My favourite colour is red. But if my favourite red car was driving through a field with my favourite red tractor and a red bus came along, you wouldn’t be able to see them. They would blend in with background.

But Grandad says it is only the book’s excellent way of showing me where China is in the world and also showing me how huge it is. It certainly does that.

Then, on Page 5 there is a great picture of Beijing, their capital city like London is ours. Cousin JoJo has been there, and she’s been to London too but I’ve been to neither, not even London.

In the picture there are so many cars on the road all in a massive traffic jam.

Grandad read the bottom of the page to me it reads: “The population of China is more than one billion. China has the highest population in the world.”

Wow. A billion people is a lot. I can count to 10 and up to 20 with help. Grandad says he can count to a billion, but I’ve never heard him, and I know he does exaggerate sometimes.

Grandad checked on the internet and it says it would take approximately 31 years, 251 days, 7 hours, 46 minutes, and 40 seconds to count to 1 billion.

This is why the author of this China book is to be congratulated on her dedication to the book. She must have invested all that time into researching the book counting the population of China.

Yes, the book really is that good with such an eye for detail.

In the wonderful photograph of Beijing all the buildings are really, really high. You can see that so clearly, but Grandad says you’d need it with so many people living there. I bet it’s difficult to get a screen to play games on at McDonalds with so many people.

Grandad always has to speak to everyone he meets in the street. He’d never get home in China speaking to all those people.

Although JoJo lives high up in the sky in a building like those in the photograph, she does not live in Beijing. But she has a beautiful home. I’ve seen photographs.

On Page 9 there is a photograph of two little girls looking just like Cousin JoJo, They are dressed in the Chinese traditional dress and on Page 10 & 11 there are photographs of Chinese New Year.

The Chinese don’t get to celebrate Christmas much (although Cousin JoJo does, she gets the best of both countries) but the book tells us that Chinese New Year in January lasts 15 days. That is just something else, I’d love that.

On Page 12 there are pictures of delicious Chinese food that look so good you could eat it.

We have a Chinese take away quite often. I love it. I always have just chips, Mum, Dad, Mamma, Grandad, Uncle Ian and Auntie JuJu have real Chinese food. But I do like my chips best as do Sister Freya and my cousins.

On Page 13 there is a photograph of chopsticks. The Chinese use these to eat with instead of knives and forks. They are weird. Why not use knives forks and spoons.

I can’t eat with chopsticks, but Dad can. He is so good. Cousin JoJo is so clevertoo, she can use chopsticks or knives and forks. She can speak, read and write both English and Chinese fluently. Page 18 shows Chinese schooling. The book says the children don’t start school until they are 6 years old.

I can only speak English and I will be able to only read and write English. I so want to learn Chinese. I blame my Dad and my Mum for not teaching me Chinese. If my Dad can learn to eat with chopsticks why not be able to speak Chinese?

On Page 22 is a photograph of the Great Wall of China. It is the biggest wall you have ever seen and stretches 13,170 miles. Grandad says he would love to walk it. He can walk 18 miles a day. That would take him 2 years 2 days continuous walking, unless it is next year which is a leap year then it would only take 2 years 1 day. Good look Grandad.

Grandad thinks they built it to stop the kids from neighbouring countries scrumping their apples. I bet they still climb over the wall, though. I would. The book says you can see the wall from space. Wow!

On Page 18 it says, “In China, Grandparents are treated with respect” and there is a photo of a grandad and a grandma is on page 19. That is something both England and China have so much in common.

That is one of so many facts about China, Cousin JoJo’s country, I have learned from this wonderful book. I now feel I know Cousin JoJo so much better. That just shows how much an excellent book, which this is, gives you.

See you soon, Bye Bye, George



China World Adventures by Steffi Cavell-Clarke (Author)

Hardcover:            24 pages

AGE RANGE:      5-8 years old

Publisher:              BookLife Publishing

Travel through the countries of the world and learn about weather landscapes and everyday life. This exciting series explores aspects of human and physical geography via accessible text and engaging images that support National Curriculum requirements.