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This week’s Non-fiction Book of the Week is Tiger Shark by Robin Twiddy

All four of my grandchildren are obsessed with sharks. Were my two daughters traumatised by Jaws whilst pregnant? Who knows? Any one of the BookLife four books in the “Teeth to Tale” series about different shark species would have excited them but for some reason all four have a thing about the tiger shark.

All four of my grandchildren aged 3 to 7 years old could not put this book down. They all went through the amazing pages of wonderful photographs again and again, with many excited and emotional screams and shouts.

They are gluttons for facts and cannot get enough which they soak up like a sponge. And there are a lot of them in this book. Then, they love to keep telling you the facts they’ve learned.

A brilliant book but let’s see what George Aged 3 (oh, and an ½) thinks.



Hi, welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in?

George here, aged 3½ and the book we’ve chosen for this week’s Non-fiction book of the Week is Tiger Shark by Robin Twiddy published by BookLife.

Wow, what a book this is. An amazing treasure trove made up of 24 pages with superb full-page, full colour photographs of Tiger Sharks. Of the many things I love about the book one of the best is that the photographs are so brilliant that the sharks look as though they are about to swim off the page and bite your nose off or take a chunk out of your leg.

The age range given for this book is 5-7 years. I am 3½ which is nearly 5 but half of 7 (Grandad says) but this book is spot on for me. The age range is the best age for you to take the book away yourself and read it and look at the photographs quietly without adult interference. Like Sister Freya who is 6 and nearly 7 and Cousin Rory aged 7 have done and loved it. I can’t wait until I can do that.

What I can do by myself, even though I’m only 3½ years, is take the book away and sit and scare myself with the pictures.

Aren’t sharks particularly tiger sharks brilliant. I love them even more now.

What is good about this book as with all BookLife books, is that you and Grandad go through it together. It doesn’t have to be Grandad any older person will do, even an older brother, sister, cousin or friend.

As we turn each page the pictures send that exciting shiver down my backbone. The feeling that I love and gives me a quick shake all over. Grandad reads the words on each page. It doesn’t take long. There are only about thirty words per page making under 600 in total in the book.

But every word is so carefully chosen and used throughout the book that it tells you so much about the tiger shark.

After reading the page I look again at the picture and me and Grandad talk about it and what the words have told us.

Page 5 has loads of information. The book tells us the tiger shark is the fourth largest shark after the whale shark, the basking shark and the great white shark. Male sharks grow up to 4.25 metres long and females 5 metres. That is big. Grandad says if I lie on the floor it is as long as four of me.

Mum says she couldn’t cope with four of me.

Page 7 has an awesome photograph. One of the most awesome I have ever seen. The picture is of a tiger shark with its mouth, wide open. It is massive. You feel as though you are being drawn into the mouth which shows how easy it is to get eaten by a tiger shark.

Page 6 shows a close up of their teeth which are serrated, Grandad says. That means they are all jiggered to make it easy to chomp you up or anything else they choose to eat. That is why as it says on Page 7 the teeth can even chomp up turtle shells.

Because their teeth are so efficient at chomping it means tiger sharks will eat anything that comes their way. That is even my Thomas the Tank Engine and Lightning Mcqueen car. If I gave him a book, he would eat it instead of reading it.

I like swimming, I have had lessons since I was 6 months old. But if I swum near him, he would eat me too. But with the mouth picture it looks big enough to swim into and live in there. The same as Jonah did in the whale. But the Tiger shark’s teeth are so awesome, he can’t resist using them for what they are meant for and would chomp me up.

The book is so well laid out. Each two pages covers a different part of the tiger shark in depth: teeth, nose, skin, skeleton, eyes tail, and food chain.

On Page 19 we are told tiger sharks usually swim at 4 or 5 kph which is approximately 3 mph. That’s about as fast as Grandad walks. My swimming speed is slightly slower than that. So, a tiger shark would win if we had a swimming race. Because I couldn’t swim faster than the shark to get away from him he’d probably eat me first.

He can even move as fast as 20 mph in short bursts. Not even my Dad can run or swim that fast. Which shows how cool the tiger shark is.

This is an amazing book full of amazing photographs and amazing facts about the amazing tiger shark. I look at the book from time to time to remind me of this great creature. And it’s great to randomly open a page of the book and get that shudder of fear down my backbone before I jump into the comfort of my bed at night.

See you soon,



Tiger Shark: Teeth to Tail by Robin Twiddy (Author)

Hardcover:            24 pages

Age Range:          5-7 years

Publisher:              BookLife Publishing


ISBN-10: 1786376148

ISBN-13: 978-1786376145


How many teeth does a great white shark have Why is the hammerhead shark’s head shaped like that How long is the whale shark And what does the tiger shark eat. Learn all about the fascinating world of the shark in these engaging books. Explore the shark from Tooth To Tail and all the bits in between as this series dives deep into the anatomy of four different sharks the great white shark the hammerhead shark the tiger shark and the whale shark.



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